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According to the requirements stipulated by the Town Planning Code, several documents are required to obtain a permit for the construction of an individual residential building. If you skip this stage, then in the future there may be problems with the construction of the building and the commissioning of the property. The paper confirms the conformity of the sections of the project documentation of the facility to the plan of the site and land surveying. If a permit is issued in accordance with the Town Planning Code, the developer is entitled to legally carry out the construction or reconstruction of buildings.

What is a building permit?

In the field of construction, taking into account individual residential, the main document is the Town Planning Code. These norms are guided by the construction of all buildings and structures. According to established urban standards, construction requires permission. It is a paper, where the authority confirms the compliance of the design documentation for the construction of the building with the site planning project and the land surveying project (during the construction or reconstruction of a linear facility).

Who issues

According to Article 51 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation, the specified building permit is issued by the executive body of local self-government at the location of the indicated land, including a summer cottage. There are some exceptions:

  • during construction work using mineral resources – by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation;
  • when used at an atomic energy facility – by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision;
  • during construction work within the boundaries of historical settlements – the executive authority of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation authorized in the field of protection of cultural heritage objects;
  • during the construction of the space infrastructure facility – by the State Space Corporation Roscosmos.

Why is it necessary

The main purpose of the permit is to reflect that the architectural design of the building was carried out without deviations from the established building codes. This is necessary to confirm that the future home meets the requirements for safe living, to eliminate the risks of damage to the environment or infrastructure, which are located in the construction zone. The documentation must be checked for compliance:

  • requirements of the Town Planning Code;
  • sanitary and epidemiological standards;
  • building codes;
  • fire safety requirements;
  • technical supervision standards.

Houses and cranes on a construction plan

What is fraught with the lack of permits

A house, whether it is a cottage, a summer residence or a private residential building for which there are no permits for construction, is considered to be erected outside the law. Such an object cannot be connected to utilities, and in the worst case, it is threatened with forced demolition. The developer cannot prevent this, otherwise he will be held administratively liable. It occurs upon detection of non-compliance with hygiene standards during the construction of a building.

A house built without state approval will not register BTI. An individual who has committed unauthorized construction is not entitled to:

  • sale;
  • renting out;
  • giving.

How to get a building permit

To obtain approval for the construction of the building, it is required to professionally develop the entire project. In this case, it is better to contact the specialized organization of any city, be it Moscow or smaller points. She can provide existing projects or develop a new one. Otherwise, you will have to independently assemble a complete set of architectural, construction and engineering documentation. They are attached to the application and submitted to the appropriate federal authority, through a representative or a multifunctional center.

Art. 51 Town Planning Code

Details about the authorities, the procedure for issuing permits, legal acts necessary for this documentation, including design documentation, and the procedure for obtaining it are described in article 51 of the Town Planning Code. It contains 23 points. In addition to the order of receipt and documentation, the article says about how and by whom the paper will be checked, what decision the self-government body can take and the reasons in case of refusal. It also contains information regarding the validity period, restoration upon expiration and transfer in case of sale.

In which cases permission is not required

There are a number of cases where the issuance of special permits for the construction of an object is not required. They are described in paragraph 17 of Article 51 of the Town Planning Code. These cases include the construction of:

  • a garage on a land plot provided for non-commercial use;
  • a compact non-capital structure, such as a kiosk, a gazebo, a pavilion, a summer kitchen, a canopy, a bathhouse, a barn, a cellar, a well;
  • an auxiliary object for connecting to an engineering network or laying its communications;
  • intra-channel system connections.

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Obtaining permission for the construction of individual housing construction

To obtain permits for individual housing construction is carried out on the same principle as in the case of capital construction. Only here the package of documents is slightly smaller, since these buildings are considered less complex due to the smaller number of requirements for them. It is also necessary to contact the multifunctional center at the location of the proposed construction site.

Features of urban planning regulations

The owner of the land can register only one residential building, for which they receive permits. The guest house can be classified as utility and other auxiliary buildings. For this reason, they do not require a permit. The attic and balconies are attached to an existing residential building. They require permission.

An individual residential building cannot be higher than 3 floors. To build above, another package of documents is already required. The regulated limit values ​​of the main parameters of a residential building are as follows:

  • at least one living room – 12 sq.m. living room or 8 sq.m. bedroom;
  • separate bathroom – width from 1.5 m for the bathroom and from 0.8 for the toilet;
  • kitchen – 6-8 sq.m .;
  • corridors – width from 0.85 m.

What objects fall under the category

According to the legislation, the object of individual housing construction (IZHS) is a detached house with a height of not more than 3 floors, designed for one family to live in. For such objects, it is not necessary to collect project documentation. Plots for these objects from each other and from territories intended for general use are separated by red lines. The minimum distance from them to the erected structure must be observed during the design. Without this condition, a building permit is not issued.

Submission of an application from the developer to local authorities

The application for a developer to issue a permit is received through a multifunctional center, which is engaged in the provision of public services. Waiting in line should take no more than 15 minutes. Self-government bodies are required to register the application within 1 business day. In case of individual development using subsoil, a document confirming the right to them is required. In the case of the erection of the building within the boundaries of the historical settlement, it is necessary to attach a description of the external appearance of the object in text and graphic forms, including:

  • basic parameters of the facility;
  • color options;
  • planned building materials;
  • facades.

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Accompanying documents for obtaining a building permit

When answering the question, what documents are needed for a building permit, you can use the Town Planning Code. The process will take a lot of time. According to article 51, the following are required:

  • title documents;
  • project documentation;
  • identity documents of the applicant;
  • a statement that is written in the local government on the model already when applying.

Title Documents

The first documents in the list of documents are title documents. The main in this case is the certificate of state registration of law. Instead, there may be a will, gift or sale agreement. The first document is obtained through the portal of state and municipal services or in person visiting the Rosreestr. To obtain a certificate you will need a certain package of documents:

  • Confirming the identity of each party to the transaction;
  • certificate of inheritance, court decision or other document serving as the basis for registration of property rights;
  • loan agreement when buying an object in a mortgage;
  • previously obtained certificate of registration;
  • state duty payment document;
  • cadastral passport of an object, if it had not previously been submitted to the Rosreestr;
  • registration application.

Project documentation

The second step in collecting all the necessary papers for permission will be the preparation of project documentation. According to part 7, article 51 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, it includes:

  • explanatory note;
  • a copy of the layout of the land plot where the construction is planned, indicating the location of the capital construction object, walkways and entrances to it;
  • a copy of the planning scheme of the land plot with the red lines;
  • architectural decisions;
  • project for the organization of dismantling or demolition work;
  • master plan of engineering and technical support, on which the connection points are marked;
  • construction organization project;
  • description of accessibility for the disabled to a social facility;
  • conclusion of the examination of design documentation;
  • permission to reject some parameters;
  • consent of copyright holders for reconstruction.

This applies to capital construction projects. Their developer draws up on their own or addresses special organizations that will do this for a fee. To obtain permission for individual housing construction, from the project documentation you will only need:

  • urban development plan of the land plot, issued during the last three years before the day of writing the application for permission;
  • scheme of the planning organization of the land plot, on which the locations of IZHS objects are indicated;
  • a description of how the object will look externally if the construction is supposed to be in the field of historical settlements.

Project documentation

State expert opinion

One of the required documents is the positive conclusion of the state examination of project documentation. It is carried out by local executive authorities, even in the case of a country house. It is necessary to apply there with the package of design documentation indicated above. Non-state examination can be carried out in any region, but together with the conclusion, then you will need to provide a copy of the certificate of accreditation of the legal entity that issued the paper.

Urban plan of the site

This document must be issued no earlier than 3 years before the day when the developer submits the required papers for permission. The plan can be taken in the Department of Urban Development and Architecture of the City Administration. The deadline is 3 months (according to article 46 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). No fee is charged for such a service. To obtain a plan, the following documents are required:

  • topographic survey of the site with a mark of underground, surface and above-ground structures;
  • confirming the identity of the applicant;
  • application written by the developer for the issuance of the plan;
  • Cadastral and technical passport of an object.

Terms for issuing permits

From the moment of filing the documents, it is allowed to issue a permit within no more than 7 working days. So it is said in part 11 of article 51 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The issuance of a permit for an object of capital construction that is not linear, or for the erection of a building in the territory that is a historical settlement, has already taken 30 days, but no more than the terms specified in the Town Planning Code.

What to do in case of failure

The measures to be taken depend on the reason for the refusal. In general, it is necessary to eliminate the disadvantages. They will be indicated in the response that the organization gave to the application for permission. Then you can again try to get it. Another option is to appeal the decision of the authorized organization in court, filing a lawsuit in the existing form. It should include information on:

  • the addressee of the court where the lawsuit is filed;
  • the applicant’s full name with a number and other contact details;
  • the person concerned with the name of the authority whose actions are being appealed;
  • explanation of the situation;
  • a request to declare a decision of a certain authority unlawful;
  • applications with a minimum package of documents – copies of a passport, application, documentation confirming the applicant’s arguments and a copy of the refusal.

Reasons for refusal

According to article 51 of the Town Planning Code, there are several situations that serve as the basis for refusing to issue a permit. The main thing is the lack of even one document from the list required for a positive decision. The reason for the refusal is the non-compliance of the materials submitted with the building codes in force at the time of issue. Cannot get the document:

  • if it is planned to build in specially protected areas;
  • if the site is reserved for state needs;
  • in the absence of title documents for land;
  • if within 10 days information on the number of floors, height and area of ​​the building or structure being designed has not been transmitted to the authorized body, a copy of the design documentation and engineering surveys, information on engineering networks.

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Validity of a building permit

An authorization document for construction is maintained throughout the entire time indicated by the organization’s project. Validity is 10 years. During this time, you can continue to build a house. Before the expiration of the specified validity period, the facility must be put into operation. The body that issued the document can also extend it if necessary, or issue them at certain stages of construction.

How to renew

To extend the permit to the developer no later than 60 days before the expiration date, it is necessary to file an application with the same authority that issued the paper earlier. A refusal may be received if, before the end of the deadline for the submission of this application, the construction, reconstruction or overhaul of the facility has not yet begun. In case of shared construction, an additional contract will be required, which reflects the guarantee of the bank, confirming the proper fulfillment by the developer of the obligations related to the transfer of housing to citizens whose funds were raised.

How much is a permit to build a private house

The permit document itself, according to part 15 of article 51 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, is issued by the relevant authority without charging a fee. Costs can only be associated with the preparation and approval of documentation. Specialized companies, which developers often turn to, offer their services at a price of 10-45 thousand rubles. It all depends on the complexity and speed of work. When preparing documentation in a short time, you have to pay extra for urgency. In addition, each region has its own tariffs and duties..

Pros and Cons of IZHS

Owners of land plots intended for individual housing construction have several advantages. These include:

  1. Land for private housing can be participants in any government support programs.
  2. If there is no common ownership of the land, then its owner will not face dependence on other owners.
  3. Due to registration on the site, its owner has the opportunity to use all social institutions.
  4. On the site under IZHS, you can build any house, regardless of the issues of transferring land to another category.

Even with so many advantages, IZHS has a number of disadvantages. The building cannot be higher than 3 floors, and only one family has the right to reside in it. In addition, the construction of variable-rise residential buildings and townhouses is prohibited on the site. In most cases, this does not affect the activities of developers, because a private residential building is often represented by a one- or two-story building, which is only one on the site.

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