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Now there are a lot of dance styles, periodically new styles of choreography appear. They are taught in schools and in group classes in the gym, and training video lessons also exist. Almost all taught styles today meet the latest trends. For example, in almost every school, twerk is taught, because it is at the peak of popularity, it has a lot of enthusiastic reviews, and the number of people who want to learn it only increases.

What is twerk

To answer this question, you should turn to the translation of the word. From English, twerking or twerking is a buttock dance. Indeed, while dancing, the girls make very rhythmic and quick movements with their buttocks to dance, fiery, windup music. But the main techniques apply not only to the buttocks, but also to the entire lower region of the body: thighs, buttocks, legs and lower abdomen.

The dance has some similarities with the movements of African dances. Therefore, it is logical that twerk originated at the end of the last century in West Africa, and only subsequently began to spread, popularize in the United States. This word sounded in the texts of rap artists, twerk elements were reproduced in the clips. But the dance style began to gain true fame thanks to a group of Twerk team girls, their twerking pleased the audience, the direction began to gain popularity.

What is the difference between twerk and booty dance

Twerk is another name for booty dance. To date, twerk and booty dance mean the same dance style. But a slight difference is still noticed. Twerk, if you look at the literal translation, means “shake the booty”, but booty dance already translates as “dance the booty”. So, twerk is one of the elements of buty dance – a dance in which both the movements of the booty and the movements of the legs, hips and abdomen are involved.

Girl dancing


Twerk – what is it? Many have heard about this dance, but not everyone immediately understands what its main feature is, in addition to quick movements of the pelvis. The first thing to remember when wanting to learn twerk is physical fitness. Without it, it will be difficult due to the frequent loads from the dance. In addition, for correct and clear movements, you need developed muscles of the legs and buttocks, which can always be pumped up before starting twerk training.

Any training, but-dance here will not be an exception, you need to start with a warm-up. It is important to prepare the ligaments and joints for intensive strength training. Then there is no risk of injuries, sprains. The muscles will prepare, and the movements will be effective. To warm up thoroughly, we well stretch the muscles, ligaments of the legs, buttocks, press. Finish the training should not be a warm-up, but already stretching.

After the warm-up, there is the practice of dance movements. This should include the following components: vibration of the buttocks, their shaking (“shake”), hips, rotation of the hips and lower back (“hip-roll”), drawing of the “eights” by the hips. Also, do not forget about the correct setting of the legs – widely spaced and bent at the knees. These movements are the basis, some basics. Without their knowledge, it will be very difficult to continue honing skills.

Benefit and harm

Physical activity entails benefits for the body. Dance training and twerk have a positive effect on our body, our health. Here are the benefits of twerk:

  • improvement of blood supply to internal organs;
  • the disappearance of difficulties with digestion;
  • strengthening the cardiovascular system thanks to such large cardio loads;
  • weakening of pain during menstruation;
  • getting rid of cellulite due to the specificity of the movements themselves: shake, rotation;
  • improved blood circulation in the hip joint;
  • subcutaneous fat burning due to regular blood flow.

No harm from buti-dance was found. On the contrary, with all the advantages, he also raises the mood. Such a dance will definitely not be able to catch up with melancholy because of its vivacity, energy and unusual movements. In addition, twerking helps to raise one’s own self-esteem, strengthens the love of one’s own body, because it is an incredibly sexy, frank style. So this process just gives pleasure.

Professional Twerk

Pursuing this dance style at a professional level, girls participate in competitions and competitions. There mastery is higher than that of amateur booties. In addition to the basic twerk, a professional dancer must master other complex and interesting tricks, tricks. Dancers become one step higher in their dance development if they can alternately move their right and left buttocks or twerk in twine.

A professional twerk in amateur dancing, in addition to increasing the complexity of the elements performed, is distinguished by the important role of the external data of the buty dance performer. Since the dance came from Africa, the main movements are related to the pelvis and hips, it is important for the professional to have a good ass for this dance. If for your pleasure girls of absolutely any bodily constitution can do this, for a professional level, the above-mentioned appearance feature is important.

Dance group

How to learn to dance

The main thing in this matter is the focus on fruitful twerk classes, the desire to learn how to dance correctly and beautifully. What recommendations can be given here? Here are some of them:

  • It is important to initially create the right surroundings. Therefore, due attention should be paid to the selection of comfortable, beautiful, sportswear. Still need rhythmic, peppy, energetic music.
  • An indispensable attribute of learning is a large full-length mirror. The key to success is to see all your movements in order to understand what is already being achieved, and what you should definitely work on.
  • Start by taking the right posture: legs should be firmly on the ground shoulder width apart and knees must be bent. Ass needs to be set back, hands to lean on legs, back straight.
  • You can start by doing basic elements. This is shaking with buttocks, in which the pelvis is pulled forward, then returns to its original position; rotation (movement) of the buttocks and hips from side to side; deflections in the lower back with the lifting of the tailbone up.
  • In the twerk, you should definitely watch the upper body, that is, the chest, arms, shoulders. In the correct version, the top and bottom do not repeat the direction of movement. Therefore, from the very first lessons you need to pay attention to this moment and correctly use the upper body.

Dance Tips

In order to correctly perform all the elements of the twerk, it is important to follow these simple recommendations:

  • The first basic condition is to set your feet shoulder width apart. They should not be located narrower or wider, otherwise the execution of the elements will be incorrect.
  • Before performing twerk, we knead muscles, ligaments, so that the body is prepared for physical activity, and the work is fruitful.
  • Preference should be given to short shorts – they will help to see how the muscles of the legs and buttocks work, to monitor the correct execution of movements. In extreme cases, you can wear leggings.
  • Hair should be collected during training, because nothing should distract from the continuous performance of the dance.
  • A good solution would be to buy knee pads to avoid injury. This is especially true for beginners..
  • At home, training is conducted on video lessons with the mandatory development of elements.
  • When you start working out some of the ligaments near the wall, you should follow the hands that ensure our stability. They must stand firmly on the floor, preventing our eventual fall..

People in the Twerk class

Execution methods

There are several ways to perform booty dance. Twerk dance style consists of legs, buttocks, these movements can be performed by various methods. There are three methods that are most popular. This is the execution of elements in a classic squat, the twerk opposite the wall, the execution when the hands are fixed on the ground. These methods are well combined in a single dance, but it is possible to give preference to only one, to use only it in the final version.

It is worth describing in more detail each of the methods. So, twerk with bent legs. The most important thing here is the correct and stable setting of the legs. They should be located shoulder width apart, toes deployed. The knees do not extend beyond the socks, parallel to the hips, which guarantees the stability of the posture to a greater extent, including due to the ability to put your hands on your hips. The movements themselves are performed: shaking the buttocks back and forth, right-left, hips rotation. It is important, as already indicated, to monitor the mismatch of the movements of the upper body and the bottom.

The next view is the twerk against the wall. Initially, we stand at a distance of about half a meter from the wall, turning our backs to it. Then firmly place your palms on the floor, you need to completely rest on them, and first lift one, then the other leg up, touching only with socks. Already lifting both up, we arrange them, bend at the knees. This method of execution is not suitable for beginners due to increased physical activity. Among other things, you should take into account the strength and fitness of the hands, the general physical condition of the muscles of the upper body.

And finally, twerk, when legs, arms are located on the ground. The first position is to stand so that the legs are parallel to each other, are shoulder width apart. The next step is to put your hands on the floor. If you can’t put your palm in full, you can even touch it with your fingertips. The implementation of the twerk elements will differ from the standard position on the floor in that here the movements of the buttocks and hips occur due to flexion, extension of the legs, and not deflection of the lower back.

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