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An integral part of the life of any tenants of apartments or owners of houses and other housing is utility bills, which many understand as paying off rent arrears. However, the payment for a communal apartment may include hidden items of expenses that are not indicated by the representative of the service company, so you need to carefully study the documents in order to know what to pay for.

What are utility bills?

Paying for housing is a very broad concept. When tenants or owners of a share from an apartment pay utility bills, this means that they pay both for the maintenance of life support systems and the overhaul of the facility in which they live, the improvement of playgrounds, lawns, and the arrangement of proper street lighting. In addition, payments for utilities may include preventive and overhaul of boiler rooms, water and gas pipelines, supporting structural elements of the structure.

What is included in utility bills

If you look at the paycheck that comes to each tenant or owner at the end of the month, you can see that the calculation of utility bills and rents is carried out for the use of benefits, a list of which is listed:

  • hot and / or cold water (water supply) is charged according to the standards or indications of metering devices;
  • sewage (indicated as wastewater);
  • electricity
  • gas supply systems (including gas in cylinders, if the homeowner does not purchase it himself, but orders from a company providing public services for housing);
  • heating of an apartment or house, including coal or other solid fuel, if supplied by a service organization.

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Utility Cost

From July 1, 2016, according to a statement by the Moscow city government, utility tariffs remain at the same level, without increasing, so that all categories of citizens, including the poor, have the opportunity to pay utility bills in full. Their price is shown in the following table:

Type of service provided

unit of measurement

Price, rubles.

Gas supply



Heating (average)



Cold / hot water


33.02 / 163.24







Calculation of utility bills

The rules established in 2012 by the Housing Code and legislation, according to which the calculation of housing and communal services is calculated, state that a person himself can determine the cost of services for the billing period by the numbers on the meters, if they are installed. If there are no metering devices, then the accepted standards influence the calculations, based on the square of the room and the number of people registered in it. For the convenience of citizens of Moscow and the region, the Moscow Government website has a special program with which utility bills are calculated easily and simply – you just need to enter your details.

Payment of utility services

There are many different ways in which utility payments are made. Gone are the days when housing and communal services could be paid only by standing a huge queue at the post office in cities or towns. Now any landlord or tenant living in an apartment building or cottage can pay for housing services in the most convenient way for them through the Internet, ATM, payment terminal or operator of any bank.

Pay utility bills online with a credit card

If you have a credit or debit card of any bank, you can pay the rent from a bank card via the Internet. To do this, you need to have a certain amount on your account, know your personal account number and details of service providers, and once you make a payment, you can create a template that will be used to make payments to these accounts in the future. This method of payment significantly saves time, unlike the traditional one, however, you need to check all the data so as not to make a mistake and not send money to someone else’s address.

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How to pay utilities through Sberbank Online

If there is a stable Internet connection, an account with Sberbank and a reluctance to spend time queuing for an operator, then payment of housing and communal services through Sberbank Online will become a godsend for homeowners or tenants. In order to pay in this way every month, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Connect the service. To do this, you first need to make “Mobile Bank” available, which will link the phone number you specified to the Sberbank Online ID, allowing you to receive messages about any movements in your accounts in order to prevent fraud.
  2. After Sberbank Online is connected, you can enter the service, and in the “Payments and Transfers” section, select the desired button from the list of “Quarter Pay”, “Homeowners Association, Housing and Utility Services”, “Electricity”.
  3. Next, picking the TIN of the housing and communal services provider, you can find the organization you need from the list.
  4. Then, in the appeared field for filling in the details, enter the personal account number, payment period, meter readings and the amount to be paid.
  5. After that, the system will ask you to confirm payment by SMS message. A code is sent to your phone number, indicating which in a special field, you confirm the payment.
  6. That’s all, you can print a check, if necessary, or create a template for this utility provider.

Utility payments through your account

An easy way to pay utility bills is to make utility payments through your account. To do this, you must contact the company that serves the house where you live, with the appropriate request. After establishing your identity and filling out all the papers, you will be given the details of your personal account, in which you can easily pay for utilities.

Payment of housing and communal services on a personal account

The provider of certain services assigns you a unique number, which is always tied to a personal account in the name of the subscriber. Payment of an apartment in a personal account can be carried out both in the traditional way – through a mail or bank operator, or by numerous methods with the participation of Internet services for receiving payments. Everywhere you need to indicate this multi-digit number so that the service provider knows exactly where the money came from.

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Where can I pay utility bills without commission

A significant advantage for people receiving huge utility bills is the ability to pay rent without a fee and reduce the amount of payment. There can be several such options:

  • if the company serving the house has a corresponding agreement with a bank;
  • on the sites of public utilities – service providers;
  • if the payer is a Beeline subscriber with the connection of the corresponding tariff;
  • when connecting Sberbank Online or the “Auto payment” function;
  • by the QR code, which is on each payment in the upper left. To do this, you need to install a special program on the smartphone to read such codes.

Settlement Center for Utility Payments

You can pay bills for housing and communal services through a single settlement center for utility bills. This is an electronic service through which the subscriber can use any suitable method — through an ATM, terminal, and the URC’s website — to pay the bills of almost two thousand organizations that are part of this payment system. This method helps to pay not only standard bills, but also cable television, any receipts for fees and taxes, loans, training.

Utility Payments Site

Residents of Moscow and the region can pay a communal apartment on the main site of utility bills. To do this, the following procedure is required:

  • enter the payer ID (top right on the receipt);
  • purpose of payment;
  • indicate whether the payment is current, or whether it is a payment of debts;
  • billing period.

The main site operates free of charge, without charging fees, if the payer has a VTB-24 bank card. For debit or credit cards of other banks, the amount of the commission charged is up to 0.8% of the payment amount. Money is transferred from the population to the accounts of suppliers companies one day, but in fact – almost immediately after payment is confirmed by smartphone.

Rent arrears

Using a personal account, without specifying the recipient code of utility services, you can find out the amount and number of debts for a communal apartment only in the service of the supplier company. If there is a recipient code for housing and communal services, indicated at the top right on the personal account, then it is not difficult to find out the debt for housing and communal services. There are three ways to do this:

  • using the official website of the Bank of Moscow, having ordered viewing of your payments for the last 6 months;
  • count in Yandex.Money calculator;
  • when the Sberbank Online service is activated, you can find out the share of debt or overpayment for your household.

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Utility Allocation

If the house or apartment has water meter or gas company meters, then there will be no recalculation for utility services. Cost recovery is carried out only when payments for housing services are made in accordance with applicable standards. A tenant may qualify for recalculation if he proves that he was absent for more than five consecutive days. The documents that are accepted by the service provider are as follows:

  • travel letter with the seals of the organization where the person works;
  • sick leave or hospital certificate;
  • train or plane tickets coupled with bills from hotels or hostels;
  • a certificate from the company that guards the building about the absence of a tenant;
  • any other valid documents or certificates.

Sample utility recalculation application

To make a recalculation, it is necessary to write an application in each supplier company. The form of sample applications for recalculation of utilities is identical for all suppliers and includes:

  • surname, name, address of registration or temporary registration of the recipient of the service;
  • an indication of the type of utility service for which recalculation is necessary;
  • period of absence of a tenant at the place of rental or permanent residence;
  • evidence of absence, on the basis of which recalculation should be carried out (the original or a certified copy of which must be attached to the application).
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