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In the spoken language often appear new terms, the sound of which for the opponent may seem unfamiliar, meaningless. It is not very convenient to question the interlocutor, and I would also not want to show my incompetence in public. Therefore, it is recommended to learn new words of colloquial speech, to find out their meaning.

What is validation?

This is one of the thematic terms, which is difficult for a simple layman to explain, it is even more difficult to understand the exact definition in a scientific language. The primary sources provide an interpretation difficult to understand, so it is better to use simple, accessible examples from life. So, there is the concept of validation – what is it in simple words? Having studied the scientific explanation, we can conclude. This unfamiliar word is close in meaning to such a concept as certification, which means a global check of the product against all parameters set initially by the customer.

For example, if we are talking about a mountain bike, this vehicle is considered valid if the customer traveled on it, and was pleased with the speed, quality of work performed, functions, design and other parameters originally agreed upon by the project. Simply put, this is a verification test so that the user personally sees the result of a really profitable purchase.

Man rides a bicycle

Validation in civil law

This word can mean the validity of a document, often found in general civil law. In simple terms, this is legalization, adoption as a norm, approval. For example, a document upon the expiration of a specified period comes into legal force, becomes valid in the legal sphere, jurisprudence. So, validation confirms the final decision of the judge, and the appeal is no longer possible.

Validation in system programming

In this area, the meaning of the word is associated with the receipt, processing, verification and transmission of data. Validation is relevant for any user of the account, as it confirms and officially proves the correctness of the action. To understand what this word means in an accessible language, you can give a good example about satisfying customer requirements:

  • Copywriting man selling his articles.
  • Before the sale, he checks the data for errors and plagiarism using various systems online.
  • If according to the results of the article it turned out to be unique, and the spelling complies with the requirements of the Russian language, the publication is valid. The verification service account itself is referred to as a validator.

Girl at the laptop

Production process validation

Thinking about the pharmaceutical industry or industry, it is easy to see that the word validation means that the product meets all the requirements of the manufacturer so as not to undermine its impeccable reputation in the market of services and goods. Simply put, the company is responsible for the high quality and accuracy of the manufacture of products that must meet the declared standards:

  • For example, a car is released after checking all components, in accordance with international requirements.
  • The validator confirms the declared technical specifications, personal data, and the passed testing makes the car valid.
  • The buyer, carrier or intermediary in case of discrepancy of parameters can make a claim to the validator. Then additional testing of the goods in production.

Men in a car factory

What is the difference between verification and validation?

In simple words, both terms have a similar meaning, are synonyms. Many simple examples can be given on this subject, but there is still a significant difference. If validation is a comprehensive check of the goods, then verification focuses more on adhering to the technological process and the consistent implementation of all stages of production. When the finished product does not satisfy the person in terms of quality, the word verification to the expressed claim does not matter.

As for revalidation, this is the introduction of changes to the finished product, the use of other technical characteristics. The technological effectiveness of the process and the sequence of actions are violated, but in jurisprudence and in production, such innovations and innovations cannot be ruled out either. From now on, there are no problems with interpretation: if a person hears the word validation – that these are simple words, you can find the right answer in all areas of life.

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