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Due to the increased accumulation of gases in the intestines, the baby has problems with stools, which make him capricious and irritable. To quickly and safely eliminate colic, constipation and bloating, you need a vent pipe for children. This valuable infant product is sold in the pharmacy, and is rectal..

What is a vent pipe for newborns

In fact, it is a silicone tube with central and side holes of the required length, according to WHO. It is carefully inserted into the anus, painlessly moves along the rectum, provides a productive elimination of excess air, which accidentally entered the child’s digestive organs – with another portion of breast milk. The vent pipe for babies is a real help in bowel movements, and for parents it is a great opportunity to sleep peacefully at night. However, adults should use it for its intended purpose only for medical reasons.


Before buying a gas vent, you need to decide on a specific model, while taking into account the age category of the small patient. An important selection criterion for adults is the diameter of the tube itself, to which a certain number is assigned. For example, for babies in their first week of life, it is better to purchase a gas vent 16 sizes, and infants 18 are more suitable.

You can carefully study and determine all existing types of gas vents for newborns according to the manufacturer’s rating. For example, among young mothers, the Windi brand has established itself in modern pediatrics with the mass production of such medical devices for single use. Vent tubes can replace an enema, even if the newborn is prone to chronic constipation.

Rectal tube for newborns

What does a gas pipe look for newborns

Externally, the exhaust pipe resembles an element of a dropper, while it has a central hole for venting excess air. Windy’s more advanced products consist of two segments – the tube itself and the tip for eliminating gazikov. Each parent knows how gas pipes look for newborns, but with an individual size it is important not to miss when making a purchase. To save some money, to make such a device to eliminate increased gas production is real and at home without unnecessary financial costs.

How often can I bet

It is important to clarify that the tube from gas for newborns is an emergency measure on how to quickly eliminate intestinal colic and normalize the unstable digestive tract. It is not recommended to use it daily, moreover, by holding it in the rectum for a long time, you can weaken a characteristic muscle group and cause a serious health problem. To drive this kind of device is allowed with an interval of 4 hours, while not leaving it in the children’s intestines for longer than 15 minutes. Other features of the vent pipe application are outlined below..


Vent pipe for newborns – instructions

If the local pediatrician has recommended this method of monitoring children’s digestion, it is necessary to find out in detail and detail how to use the vent pipe in practice. Nothing complicated, but you will additionally need petroleum jelly, baby cream or vegetable oil, a gauze napkin. The sequence of actions of parents is detailed below:

  1. If this is a small child up to a year, it is required to lay him on his back, throw his legs back, choosing a position comfortable for him.
  2. Pre-lubricate the tip of the vent tube with petroleum jelly or baby oil to avoid injury to the rectum..
  3. When an older child (from 6 months and older) suffers from increased gas formation, it must be laid on one side, while holding both legs.
  4. The vent pipe is inserted to a depth of 5 cm, while it is recommended to keep it in the rectum until the exhaustion of the gaziks is complete, but no more than 15 minutes.
  5. After completing the procedure, slowly remove the tube, rinse (if it is a reusable device) until the next setting.
  6. You can use disposable devices of a well-known company Windy in a similar way, but first read the instructions in the package.

Doctors reviews

Modern pediatricians, with the correct implementation of this method, position it as effective, reliable, safe. There are no harmful components, and the risk to children’s health is minimal if the vent tube is removed from the rectum in time. Its use is appropriate only at the insistence of the pediatrician, otherwise ignorance can complicate the work of the digestive tract, injuring the rectum. Doctors’ feedback on the vent tube for newborns is positive, especially regarding Windy products with detailed instructions.

Mom with baby


Most parents with newborns are equally concerned about the price of the issue. A purchase at a pharmacy will be somewhat more expensive, therefore, before choosing this device, it is advisable to carefully consider virtual directories. On such thematic sites you can find out the prices of not only gas vents, but also catheters, syringes, probes, cotton balls not only from Windy. If you order and buy in the online store, it will turn out inexpensively.

If you are specifically interested in how much a gas tube costs for newborns, the price depends on the manufacturer. For example, the cost of Windi products varies within 1,000 rubles per pack with 10 disposable tubes for rectal administration and instructions. Domestic pharmacological devices are much cheaper – will cost the buyer within 100-200 rubles.

How to replace a gas outlet to a newborn

Some short-sighted parents, not understanding the severity of the consequences, instead of a gas pipe decide to introduce a new thermometer (thermometer) into the anal opening of the newborn. In fact, a dubious replacement, which with inaccurate actions and rectal use can provoke signs of intoxication of the newborn.

It is better to remove the gases with a cotton swab or a regular syringe, which must first be boiled. You can buy a small enema, while helping the baby with massage movements of the abdomen. In any case, you should not experiment with children’s health, especially since a gas vent for babies is an ideal option for the described intestinal problems.

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