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Not just view photos or videos, but completely immerse yourself in the game world due to the three-dimensional picture – for this you need to buy virtual reality glasses for the computer, which are used for games or watching movies. Prices for such devices can reach several hundred rubles, but there are budget models. This means that augmented reality is now available to everyone, the main thing is to choose through what you will get into it..

What are virtual reality glasses

Helmets, virtual reality headsets, and their analogues for modern smartphones – glasses – these are devices with which you can enjoy augmented reality. Externally, the devices look like boxes with lenses, have a screen with a partition and a plastic case. Full-fledged virtual helmets are used for PCs, but they are also sometimes called glasses. They make it possible to watch 3D movies, videos, share photos or play games of various genres.

A guy with virtual reality glasses plays a computer game.

Principle of operation

The main element of glasses for smartphones is aspherical lenses. They are not responsible for the picture quality, the parameter depends on the original image quality, screen resolution and color rendition. Special lenses are designed to focus the user’s eyes on the smartphone screen. Gadgets that work in conjunction with a PC, or independent devices with a processor, have their own built-in display, which displays images.

For positioning in space, special primary and secondary sensors are used. In glasses for a smartphone, they are built-in – on-board. In devices to a PC, sensors are connected to the computer via a USB cable. The device reads the indicators from them and displays the image on the screen at the desired angle. This is perceived as a complete immersion in another reality, since the sensors constantly monitor the movements of the user.

All elements of augmented reality glasses are protected by a housing that also performs the function of fastening. The case is made of high quality cardboard or plastic. Components of some models are printed on 3D printers. To connect the smartphone to the glasses, you need to use special applications. For the same purpose, programs are used for PC.

Virtual Reality Glasses Review

Devices for a smartphone are convenient and compact, for a computer – more, but also more powerful. In conjunction with computers, you can:

  • completely immerse yourself in the world of games (+ a powerful gaming computer supports the most advanced games);

  • enjoy the 3D effect when watching videos;
  • to travel directly from the couch;
  • watch and share 3D pictures with friends.

The disadvantage of these features: they are available only in conjunction with personal computers, that is, they are tied to one place. With a smartphone, you can enjoy virtual space anywhere. On the contrary, headsets with all the equipment for game consoles are the most cumbersome (laptop, for example, easier to transfer), but allow you to use all the features of high technology in the world of games.

Oculus rift

Virtual augmented reality glasses for computer. In addition, OculusRift helmets are used in rides:

  • Title: OculusRift CV1

  • Price: 37 900 rubles.
  • Features: display image (1200×1080 for each eye)
  • Pros: built-in headphones, convenient controllers
  • Cons: image quality, lenses are sensitive to scratches.

A side effect of OculusRift helmets is seasickness, especially when using the device for the first time. In later models, there is a built-in tester that is designed to smooth this effect:

  • Title: OculusRift DK2

  • Cost: 33 000 r. (-22% discount)
  • Description: helmet for PC, with its own screen (960×1080 resolution for each eye), viewing angle – 100 °.
  • Advantages: there is a set of free games, a good immersion effect.
  • Disadvantages: very eye-strain, small viewing angle, system requirements.

Virtual Reality Glasses Oculus Rift CV1

Playstation VR

This device from Sony works together with the PlayStation4 game console. Over 100 games, including exclusive ones, are already available for him, and new ones are also being developed:

  • Title: SonyPlayStation VR

  • Cost: 31 990 r.
  • Description: suitable for consoles, has a 1920×1080 display, included headphones.
  • Advantages: accurate tracking, convenient mount, wireless connectivity, looks like a futuristic mask.
  • Disadvantages: the image on the screen is blurred at the edges, not all games have good graphics.

Sony PlayStation VR virtual reality glasses

HTC Vive

If you want to buy virtual reality glasses for your PC, one option is to purchase HTC Vive. This is a helmet that connects via USB and HDMI cables, and has laser tracking:

  • Title: HTC Vive

  • Price: 69 490 r.
  • Features: shows an image on its own screen with a resolution of 1200×1080 for each eye, included headphones, motion controller and position sensor.
  • Pros: full immersion, good equipment.
  • Cons: complicated setup, high cost, high system requirements.

Virtual Reality Glasses HTC Vive


This experimental device, working in conjunction with a smartphone, is called GoogleCardboard (“Google Cardboard”). The basis is a helmet that is assembled from any improvised materials. You can make it yourself according to the scheme or buy it already assembled (sale on the official website or in online stores):

  • Title: GoogleCardboard

  • Cost: 890 p. (stock, full price 1190 p.), if you collect it yourself – within 100-200 p.
  • Description: cardboard glasses with two lenses and Velcro mount for smartphone.
  • Advantages: a way to buy augmented reality helmet cheaply, ease of construction
  • Disadvantages: requires a good smartphone for acceptable picture quality, unreliable housing.

Google Cardboard Augmented Reality Glasses

Gear VR

Glasses from Samsung that work with a smartphone. Compatible with Android operating system:

  • Title: SamsungGear VR

  • Price: 8 500 r.
  • Features: viewing angle of 101 °, there is a focus adjustment, a connector for a charger.
  • Pros: comfortable, good immersion.
  • Cons: low resolution, image blur.

Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Glasses

Microsoft hololens

Mixed reality glasses work on the WindowsGolographic operating system as a standalone device. Relate to expensive models. Controlled by gesture, voice, clicker or traditional button press. Oriented to business and developers, used for product presentation, training of medical students:

  • Title: MicrosoftHololens

  • Cost: 289 000 r. (sale -15%)
  • Features: 2 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal, built-in display, processor, microphone, cameras, built-in headphones.
  • Advantages: fully self-contained device, great business opportunities.
  • Disadvantages: price.

MicrosoftHololens Virtual Reality Glasses

How to choose virtual reality glasses for a computer

You can order virtual reality glasses in the online store by arranging delivery by mail or pickup. Although residents of Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation have this opportunity, make sure to protect your personal data and to check the goods before payment before purchasing. When choosing a helmet or glasses, consider the following criteria:

  1. Price. Cheap models are made of cardboard. Although they provide minimal features, they are suitable for the first acquaintance with augmented reality..

  2. Viewing angle. The widest – 360 °, common – 100. 100 ° is enough for a realistic dive, in addition, from 360 ° the head starts to hurt quickly.
  3. Scope of use. Glasses for PCs and consoles are really needed only by developers or gamers. For smartphones, devices are more convenient, more mobile, and you can also watch movies and play games on them..
  4. Compatibility. Take into account the PC / phone system requirements, including the gadget model.
  5. Control. If you are not ready for futuristic voice control, choose models with standard buttons.
  6. Design. You have to pay extra for it, sometimes it makes no sense. Why pay more if you can save?
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