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VR (virtual reality) devices have been introduced to the life of gamers and ordinary users quite recently, many have not had time to try this new technology due to the high cost of equipment. The main detail of the entire system is the helmet of complete immersion in virtual reality. In the market you can find many variants of this product with different prices..

What is a virtual reality helmet for a computer

This device is an intermediate link between a person and a non-existent world into which the user can be transported. Helmet for PC mainly affects vision and hearing, immersing a person in a certain atmosphere. To do this, use headphones that fit snugly to the head and shield the user from external noise as much as possible. To interact with vision, there are two screens inside the helmet (as in the binoculars of the lens) that “collect” the whole picture. They receive a video signal from a computer in the device.

Virtual reality helmet

You should distinguish between a VR helmet for a PC and video glasses and augmented reality glasses. The latter have little relation to a real virtual environment. Their way of working is that through the lenses you see the world around us, and a computer picture on top of the glasses is drawn based on real objects. There was a rumored product called Google Glasses, which was recalled at the last moment before the sale due to complaints of headaches when using them.

Video glasses can be called the “little brother” of helmets. They also use a stereoscopic effect and a 3D image. As a rule, the desired result is achieved by separating the image from the display using a system of diopters and lenses. The device is designed to watch movies, videos with attractions, but glasses do not provide full immersion in virtual reality.

Universal VR helmet for PC

This is one of the options for the device, which is designed not only for watching videos, but also for use in games. Few global manufacturers would develop models exclusively for one direction, so most modern helmet models for PCs are universal, for example:

  • OSVR
  • AntVR Kit;
  • HTC Vive
  • Samsung Gear.

Separately, it should be said about Oculus Rift, because the developers called their functionality useful not only for gamers and moviegoers, but also for the training sector, the military. The creators are trying to implement the most versatile version of the VR device, which could be used for any purpose. This is one of the reasons why this product received the most powerful PR campaign, which is why everyone is hearing.

Game helmet

This category includes devices that are designed to interact with consoles and computers. The most popular helmet for games is Sony Morpheus, it can only be connected to the PS4 console (PlayStation 4). The main difference between a universal and a gaming helmet is the level of detail, the speed of the “response”, which affects how comfortable the user will play. For example, the gaming category of helmets should have an ideal interaction speed, which is not required when watching movies.

Virtual reality helmet for games

How does a virtual reality helmet work

The main task of the virtual reality helmet for the PC is to create a feeling of the presence of the user inside the game. To transmit the image, two OLED displays are used, which are located a few centimeters from the human eye. Through a cord from a computer or set-top box, small-offset images are transmitted to the screens. In front of the displays, image-distorting lenses are installed that combine the image and create a three-dimensional effect..

Sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope) are integrated in the helmet case for the PC, which track turns, head movements in space and immediately shift the picture in the lenses. Separately, a tracker with infrared LEDs is installed in the room, it should be opposite the person, fixing his position in space. This is important in those games where the user has the ability to move in space. To control using special or universal joysticks.

What is visible in the helmet of virtual reality

How to choose a virtual helmet for PC

If you decide to buy a virtual reality helmet for your PC in the online store, you should carefully approach the time of choice. The purchase can not be called inexpensive, these technologies have just arrived on the market and they are kept at a consistently high price. Until recently, a PC helmet could only be ordered from America, but this year they hit the shelves of the CIS countries. What you should pay attention to when choosing a product from the catalog:

  1. Sound quality. The VR helmet focuses on the visual component, but when transmitting a terrible two-dimensional sound, which is no different from ordinary speakers, the perception of virtual reality will be greatly spoiled. The best in this regard are the Avegant Glyph models, which many publications call “personal home theater”. This device initially combines headphones and a helmet in one single device. A good simulation of different sound sources is provided by the Sony Morpheus gadget. Developers say that their headphones can recognize up to 60 points of sound.
  2. Viewing angle, picture quality. The higher this indicator, the more comfortable the picture will be in a virtual reality environment. Many manufacturers claim that their devices will have a viewing angle of 100 degrees, but during the tests, values ​​of 90 degrees were noted. The quality of the picture is affected by the screen resolution. For example, 1080p from Ocuclus Rift will clearly outperform the AntVR Kit, which has 720p quality.
  3. Motion sensors, weight. A very important indicator for gamers, without them, the device simply will not be able to track head movement or movement in the player’s space. There are devices on the market that lack an accelerometer and a gyroscope. Virtual reality will not adapt to your movements and there will be no sense of presence within the environment. The weight of the product matters, because sitting with 1-2 kg on the head for a long time will be difficult even for a trained athlete. Such a permanent effect on the cervical spine can adversely affect human health..

Features of the choice of helmet

The price of a virtual reality helmet for PC

The first thing that interests everyone who is interested in VR technology – how much does a virtual reality helmet cost? Much depends on the brand of the manufacturer, the technologies that the model uses, and the functionality of the device. If desired, a person can create their own virtual reality glasses using a smartphone with a diagonal of 4 to 6 inches instead of a computer. If you want to play comfortably at your computer, then pay attention to such flagships in this industry:

Oculus Rift:

This option has a very powerful advertising campaign, for several years now developers have been working with prototypes of the device, which indicates the production of content for the gadget (there will be something to play). Now it is compatible with popular shooters: DOOM, Team Fortress 2 and several other games. The price of a virtual reality helmet is 39,000 rubles. Technical characteristics of this device:

  • resolution – 960×1080;
  • viewing angle – 110 degrees;
  • refresh rate – 75 Hz;
  • response – 2-3 seconds;
  • weight – 440 g.

Sony Morpheus:

This gadget is designed to work with PS4, the console and its gamepads are used to control and transfer images. The first game to claim support for this helmet is EVE’s Space Flight Simulator: Valkyrie. The system has excellent headphones that accept up to 60 sound sources. The price of a virtual reality helmet has not yet been announced by the manufacturer. The device has the following characteristics:

  • resolution – 1920×1080;
  • screen size – 5.7 inches;
  • viewing angle – 100 degrees;
  • screen refresh rate – pseudo 120 Hz (60 Hz + reprojection system).

PC helmet cost

AntVR Kit:

This is a product from a Chinese manufacturer who promised that he would become the “killer” of the Oculus Rift. The parameters of the device are really in no way inferior to this hyped helmet of virtual reality. However, the first tests of the device showed that what is written on the box is very different from what it turns out in the end. The price for a virtual reality helmet is 17,500 rubles, which greatly pleased many people who were going to buy a device. The manufacturer claims the following parameters:

  • resolution – 1920×1080;
  • weight – 380 g;
  • viewing angle – 100 degrees.

Valve HTC Vive:

Another product with a powerful advertising campaign. The main feature of this option is the screen refresh rate of 90 frames per second. The helmet is distributed immediately with the controllers, the manufacturer indicates that you can use it not only for games, but also with content from partners: Google, HBO, Lionsgate. Very high accuracy of head tracking, which is guaranteed by a high-quality accelerometer, gyroscope and laser sensor. It will be possible to buy a helmet for 52,000 rubles. Main characteristics:

  • screen refresh rate – 90 frames per second;
  • resolution – 1200×1080;
  • viewing angle – 110 degrees.
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