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Trying to understand youth slang and the worldview of modern adolescents, it is interesting to find out what exactly is subscription. The fashion of big cities is rapidly addictive, therefore progressive young people are striving for emancipation in every possible way, are in search of their inner self, and are glad to communicate with their own kind, so to speak. This is where it comes in handy to understand the meaning of the word subscript, to be even a little closer to the younger generation. The question immediately arises of who they enter and where.

What is the word vpisk

The adult generation is not familiar with youth slang, it’s time to expand their horizons and learn a lot. Vpiska is a place where you can always spend the night for free, meet like-minded people. At a certain address, for example, in an apartment, young people of interest gather in large numbers, discuss topical issues and share their impressions, personal experiences. Holding parties of such a plan cheers up, helps to make new friends, relax after a long journey without alcohol.

Young people

Tradition list

Such a progressive movement appeared in the Soviet Union, when hippies who did not have a permanent residence and wandered around the country were considered to be a popular youth destination. They looked for places and suitable rooms where they could stop for overnight and chat with new people. For them, it was one of the safest types of recreation in the circle of like-minded people. Such an opportunity to spend the night and arrange a meeting of “friends in mind” is provided to young people and in everyday life, the tradition of lists is preserved.

What is youth subscription

Groups of people who gather together with like-minded people and walk until morning, take part in the registration, as if they “fit” them into the new company. This is an opportunity to see a new world, to be in an unusual environment. As a subscription, you can choose a cottage, an apartment, an abandoned house, a dorm room or other types of housing. You can’t invite a girl to a romantic date here, but it’s really really unforgettable to spend time with friends with jokes, music and songs. Simply put, an admission is when you can go to friends of friends, where to find a temporary refuge.

Types of lists

Like-minded people can be found on the Internet, for example, VKontakte or other social networks, sites. It is quite possible to stick to unfamiliar companies or become a member of a chance meeting. In modern society, there are different types of lists, but this youth term has a standard meaning for the younger generation. One way or another, a novice will have to be in a strange apartment.


This is the most simplified variant of joining when it comes to a small party with like-minded people. At such events, it is always noisy and fun, and small companies always have something to talk about, what to discuss, how to have fun. “Flat” in translation from English means “apartment”, and young people gather mainly to listen to music. They communicate even if they are strangers to each other. A party for the simplest people, however, according to informals – this is a tough party without rules. So the explanations are very contradictory.


This is the safest type of vacation, because you can meet with good friends and old friends in the same company. A prerequisite for such a social event is an equal number of guys and girls who listen to music, communicate, share emotions and experiences, play games. The Legion gets bored very soon, and young people choose already unsafe types of meetings to find new friends.

Young people


Each host prepares for such a long event in advance, stocking up with a lot of food and alcohol. Finding out what an intrigue is about youth slang, it’s worth immediately clarifying that young people in a “submarine” gather in remote places, disappear from civilization for several days, turn off their mobile phones to rest and relax. There are several overnight stays, beginners are faced with an unusual environment. The most interesting – dancing, drinking, chatting at night.


This is a noisy party with a huge number of strangers in an apartment where there is nowhere for the “apple to fall.” The apartment is unsuitable for living, but you can have a bite to eat, spend the night, have fun. This is an unsafe venue for parties, because under certain life situations and circumstances, a police outfit may knock on the door at night, receiving a complaint from dissatisfied neighbors.

Road party

Young people in this case gather together, traveling to an unfamiliar city. The meeting place can be a train car, a ship’s cabin, and other types of public transport. The purpose of the registration is to search for like-minded companions, new friends, determining the place of temporary residence. This kind of travelers belongs to a separate community, they will find a temporary refuge in any country in the world..

What do you do on subscriptions?

If especially active teenagers organize such large-scale events, then in order to chat and have fun. You can also live for free in a strange city, meet new people, make useful contacts and create an accurate list where you can always spend the night for free. So often, young people who do not get along with their parents, children from their yard, do so. The desire to stand out from the crowd and express themselves makes the party especially popular among the masses. This extraordinary tradition has been living for many decades and continues to live..

How to get on subscription

The task of the organizers is not only to find a free apartment and a secluded place, but also to provide progressive youth with exciting leisure, unforgettable fun, and for themselves – a good reputation, new friends. Practicing subscription in almost every city, only appearances and passwords are hidden from the public. Such meetings of “friends” are accompanied by a secret, and you can get to this kind of event through friends. Other options for finding out about a subscription are presented below:

  • through social networks, groups, VK applications;
  • with the help of youth sites, World Wide Web forums;
  • by conversations of advanced peers;
  • from well-known party people from a personal environment.


How to behave on subscriptions

If you decide to attend such a traditional party, you need to find out all the existing rules so as not to accidentally offend the owner of this event. If the global question of what youth’s introspection is, it is no longer difficult to answer, then not all newcomers, good guys are familiar with the basic party rules. Here’s what you need to know before you agree to such an extraordinary pastime with like-minded people:

  1. The host of registration even before the beginning of the evening announces the basic rules, which must be observed by all those gathered. For example, a dress code can be entered, or a fascinating check of guests at the entrance to the apartment is prepared.
  2. Courtesy and cleanliness is the main task of all invited guests, who should respect the owner’s dwelling. So, wash the dishes yourself, take out the trash in a timely manner and collect the bed.
  3. Other things cannot be taken out of the apartment, moreover, without prior permission they should not even be touched. Otherwise, you can anger the owner and stay homeless at night because of a violation of the basic rules.
  4. You can’t use landlines in the owner’s apartment, and if you really need to, you need to ask his permission. There can be no talk of international and long distance calls.
  5. You have to sleep more often on the floor, and use the bathroom and kitchen only with permission. Do not occupy such public places for long, do not abuse the hospitality of the owner of the residence.

How to arrange a subscription

If you decide to organize a party yourself, the first thing you need to decide on its kind. For the simplest, “Flat” is ideal, and lovers of extreme types of relaxation will like it more on a “submarine”. It is important to clearly understand what contingent is designed for a particular event. Other recommendations are presented below:

  • choose a room according to the number of people (presumably);
  • stop choosing in secluded and remote places where there will be no evil neighbors;
  • to distribute a contact telephone among the masses so that newcomers can use it.
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