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Modern top-end smartphone – the gadget is expensive and requires adequate protection. Dust resistance and water resistance as a standard were introduced long ago, but it was required to increase the level of safety. Fans of extreme sports, workers in difficult conditions needed a smartphone that could easily endure accidental complete immersion in water and preferably strokes. Some companies created brutal specialized waterproof gadgets, while others sought to maintain an elegant appearance with maximum protection..

What is a waterproof phone?

Smartphone manufacturers dive protection has been introduced for 15-20 years. Advertising companies of some models of Sony, iPhone, Samsung and others were built specifically on the ability of devices to work under water. Manufacturers like DeWalt and CAT released devices that looked like terminators and could even survive the passage of a car..

Most consumers do not need a smartphone that can survive a nuclear explosion in everyday use. Modern devices of even the middle price segment are reliably protected from dust and moisture, and flagship models can take off under water for a long time or withstand a drop from a decent height. When choosing a smartphone, depending on the conditions in which it will be used, you should pay attention to the security class of the device. Modern waterproof gadgets for the most part comply with the following IP (Ingress Protection) standards:

  • IP56 – partial protection against dust, protection against accidental ingress of water onto the device (moisture-proof smartphones);
  • IP57 – partial dust protection, preservation of functionality during short-term immersion of the phone in water to a depth of 1 meter;
  • IP67 – complete dust tightness and protection against water during short-term immersion up to 1 meter;
  • IP68 full protection against dust and water during prolonged stay of the smartphone at a depth of 1 meter or more (the manufacturer separately indicates the permissible immersion).

What do these numbers mean? According to the proposed IP classification, the first digit indicates the possibility of dirt and dust entering the device. The second is the level of protection against liquid or moisture. The complete security table for smartphones and phones ranges from IP00 to IP69 (the latter withstand pressure of 100 bar and a water temperature of 80 degrees Celsius). Waterproof devices for the modern user, for the most part, fit the IPx7 standard.

Impermeability is achieved by setting up a special membrane around the electronic filling. The holes for the connectors are blocked by plugs or sealed (each company decides this issue differently). Shock-resistant devices from CAT and similar companies have a multilayer case with overlapping seams, which prevents moisture from getting inside.

The best waterproof smartphones

Each manufacturer, to the best of their desire or ability, tries to create a secure smartphone without losing performance. Someone succeeds, someone became a pioneer in this direction, but after that he remained behind the competitors. The network has many tops of the best waterproof smartphones, but often these are reviews from either one manufacturer, or a comparison of an incomparable one. Below are examples of protected waterproof gadgets from most of the well-known companies on the market..

Best waterproof gadgets


Waterproof class IP67 appeared in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The company abandoned the headphone jack, the HOME function button has become a touch. During testing, the iPhone withstood immersion by 1.5 meters and a depth limit of 10 m. According to the application, this model can be under water and guaranteed to work for half an hour, but you should not check this. The factory warranty does not apply to contact with the liquid, and repairs in alternative centers may amount to up to 2/3 of the cost of a new device.

  • model name: iPhone 7 32 Gb;
  • price: from 43 990 r .;
  • characteristics: screen size – 4.7 inches; number of SIM cards – 1, internal memory – 32 GB, RAM – 2 GB, main camera – 12 MP;
  • Pros: IP67 security level (first in the series), fast operation of iOS 10, excellent video and photo shooting quality;
  • cons: the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack, the inability to charge the phone and listen to music at the same time, the standard design for Apple.

Model iPhone 7 32 Gb


The Korean company Samsung regularly began to introduce the IP68 standard in top-end smartphones. Galaxy A Series has proven to be excellently protected waterproof gadgets that can work quietly in the water for a while. The leaders were A5 and A7, which had better performance and cameras than A3. They had the opportunity to connect a second SIM card, but there was a standard problem for such devices – a fragile display.

  • model name: Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017);
  • price: from 29 990 r .;
  • characteristics: screen diagonal – 5.5 inches; the number of SIMs is 2 nano, the internal memory is 16 GB (available to the user – 12 GB), RAM is 3 GB, the main camera is 13 MP;
  • pluses: excellent large screen and high-quality resolution, fast charging, autofocus, 4G support, fingerprint scanner, body made of pleasant-to-touch aluminum;
  • cons: obsolete version of Android 5.1.1.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)

The flagships from the Samsung S-series turned out to be in the IP67 security class, which is surprising, since the lineup A was one level higher in this indicator. S7 EDGE perfectly removes under water without loss of quality, but even the manufacturer does not recommend this. The rest of the smartphone is fully consistent with its price and advertising company: high-quality, reliable, expensive.

  • model name: Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE 32 Gb (2017);
  • price: from 22 990 r .;
  • characteristics: screen diagonal – 5.5 inches; the number of SIMs is 2 nano, the internal memory is 32 GB, the RAM is 4 GB, the main camera is 12 MP;
  • pluses: excellent large screen without side edges, fast charging, some of the best cameras among analogues, a powerful battery, contactless payment and wireless charging, full waterproof, large memory capacity;
  • cons: easily soiled back surface (there are scratches, fingerprints), long updates, performance at the level of 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE 32 Gb (2017)


Alcatel company once shone in the market, but in modern realities can not compete with titans like Sony or Samsung. Its main direction is smartphones of medium and low price category with decent content for its value. As a rule, models are focused on the younger generation: bright, shockproof, moisture resistant.

  • model name: Alcatel OneTouch Go Play 7048x;
  • price: from 10 990 r .;
  • characteristics: screen diagonal – 5 inches; the number of SIMs is 1, the internal memory is 8 GB, the RAM is 1 GB, the main camera is 8 MP;
  • pluses: large screen, embossed case, good camera, immune to sea water. stainless steel housing (in some versions);
  • cons: long power-on, self-restarting, the sensor freezes, low internal memory, is susceptible to low temperatures, warms up in the camera.

Alcatel OneTouch Go Play 7048x


Sony Corporation was actually the first to run an advertising company to protect its models from water. Smartphones swam in aquariums, rang in full glasses, played music in the shower. At one time this was a breakthrough, but in modern realities the manufacturer is significantly behind. Many buyers complain that the declared safety classes do not correspond to the real characteristics of waterproof models. This problem is present even in the flagship.

  • model name: Sony Xperia XZ Premium Dual Black;
  • price: 54 990 rubles;
  • characteristics: screen diagonal – 5.5 inches; number of SIMs – 2 nano, internal memory – 64 GB, RAM – 8 GB, main camera – 19 MP;
  • pluses: top-end front camera – 13 MP, the latest Android 7.1, a metal case, a varying processor power indicator (GHz), several shooting modes, maximum resolution pictures (similar to professional ones);
  • Cons: easily soiled body, heavy mastering the function of slow motion video, heavy weight.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Dual Black


The manufacturer introduced the BV line a few years ago. Smartphones were positioned as “protected by army standards.” Total protection against water and dust. The case resembles military equipment: iron with rubber bumpers, sharp corners. Blackview BV9000 Pro 2019 release adheres to a kind of brutal “armored” style. At the same time, the flagship is approaching in price to the new iPhone models, but in the sense of security, it is far ahead of apple products.

  • model name: Blackview BV9000 Pro (2017);
  • price: 75 000 rubles;
  • characteristics: screen diagonal – 5.7 inches; number of SIMs – 1 microSIM + 1 nano (or memory card), internal memory – 64 GB, RAM – 6 GB, main camera – 16 MP;
  • pluses: dual main camera, powerful processor, 5000 mAh capacious battery, the device is not afraid of drops and water, built-in sensors necessary for hiking and survival, screen sharing function;
  • cons: heavy weight, high cost, the camera sometimes frankly does not work well, the frame around the screen does not always protect when falling flat, weak connection with bluetooth.

Blackview BV9000 Pro (2017)


Phones from CAT, like the BV series from Blackview, are designed for fans of extreme sports, tourism and those whose equipment can be damaged at any time. Absolutely all models are positioned as maximally protected from dust, dirt, water. Waterproof smartphones are practical, have all the features that are characteristic of modern gadgets. Some models with the declared IP68 protection class easily passed into the IP69 category during testing.

  • model name: CAT S41 IP68 (2017);
  • price: 36 500 r .;
  • characteristics: screen diagonal – 5 inches; number of SIMs – 2 nano, internal memory – 32 GB, RAM – 3 GB, main camera – 13 MP;
  • pluses: one and a half days of active work, shooting at a depth of up to 2 meters for 1 hour, the ability to use as a Powerbank (external battery), withstands falling onto concrete from a height of 2 meters;
  • cons: heavy weight – 218 grams, high cost, SIM cards only according to US standards, does not tolerate frost.

CAT S41 IP68 (2017)


The manufacturer in the recent past was widely popular in our country. Almost everyone knew the recognizable jingle “Hello, Moto!”, And many dreamed of buying a Razr V3. The company lost ground, but returned to the market under the old brand. Motorola actually refused high security in the middle price segment of smartphones (flagships are the main area). Still, some waterproof models with a high IP class remain on the market..

  • model name: Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen);
  • price: 15 000 rubles;
  • characteristics: screen diagonal – 5 inches; the number of SIMs is 1, the internal memory is 16 GB, the RAM is 2 GB, the main camera is 13 MP;
  • pluses: high-quality camera, “clean” operating system, high speed, removable rear panels;
  • cons: the back cover ceases to be tightly fixed over time, the high price with relatively small amounts of memory, the paint from the side buttons quickly erases, plastic lends itself to corrosion from soap.

Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen)


Chinese manufacturers were previously treated with caution, but modern realities have shown the opposite. Oukitel offers budget waterproof smartphones, which are checked at a decent level. With common equal parameters with titanium Sony or Samung, Chinese devices significantly win in price. Oukitel produced waterproof gadgets, but an analogue of products from CAT appeared on the market.

  • model name: Oukitel K10000 IP68 Black;
  • price: 14,270 rubles;
  • characteristics: screen diagonal – 5.5 inches; number of SIMs – 1 microSIM + 1 nano (or memory card), internal memory – 32 GB, RAM – 3 GB, main camera – 16 MP;
  • pluses: shock resistance, reading data from a USB flash drive with direct connection, fingerprint scanner, 10,000 mah battery, power saving, latest Android 7.1N;
  • Cons: a rare appearance in the domestic market (it is easier to order through the online store and buy a waterproof smartphone), long delivery by mail from China, poor main camera performance, low performance with CPU load.

Oukitel K10000 IP68 Black


This manufacturer has a strange story with waterproof smartphones. At the same price as competitors, some models lack the usual functions like a flash or a flashlight (a660 model). In addition, many users note an abundance of common minor flaws for Lenovo: loosening the charging socket, weak port plugs. One cannot refuse one of these dual SIM phones: the glass for the monitor is really durable. Even in a broken and jagged state, the sensor will work.

  • model name: Lenovo A660;
  • price: 6 000 rubles;
  • characteristics: screen diagonal – 4 inches; the number of SIMs is 2, the internal memory is 4 GB, the RAM is 512 MB, the main camera is 5 MP;
  • pluses: scratch-resistant glass, fast processor, tight assembly, good color rendering;
  • cons: lack of flash and flashlight, poor performance for modern programs, low memory, pixels fade.

Lenovo A660

How to choose a waterproof smartphone

Before buying a smartphone with a high class IP, you need to understand for yourself in what conditions it will be operated. If the user prefers outdoor activities or work is associated with the constant use of the gadget in extreme conditions, then it is better to stop at specialized manufacturers like CAT. For urban residents, fashionistas who care about design and quality photos, there is a huge selection from Samsung, Sony, Moto and other famous manufacturers. In any case, it is desirable that the IP class be at least 57 (the risk of drowning the gadget will be minimal).

Shockproof and waterproof

The so-called indestructible smartphones with protection against water are qualitatively produced by companies that work exclusively in this direction. Giants like Sony or Samsung sometimes try to produce models in this direction, but rarely achieve a positive result. On the web, you can see live tests of shockproof waterproof smartphones (they are waterproof all). It is worth paying attention to the companies CAT, HOMTOM, TeXet, Senseit, Hummer.


Waterproof phone with a good camera

If you want to shoot high-quality photos or videos under water, you should focus on flagships or pre-top (flagship models of the previous generation) waterproof smartphones. On the example of the Samsung Galaxy A5, it can be seen that the sales leaders are trying to combine the security of a waterproof gadget with top cameras. The only thing that can fail is the software, but here you already need to focus on user reviews (as was the case with Sony Xperia).

Also, a waterproof phone with a good camera does not mean shockproof. They are relatively fragile and protected only from moisture and dust. Therefore, it is worth buying protective bumpers. They spoil the original design a little, but protect them from light drops and bumps. In this sense, covers in the form factor of a book with a magnetic lock showed themselves best. In this case, the screen is additionally protected..

Samsung Galaxy A5

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