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Now banking organizations are required to check the credit history of potential borrowers (CI) before approving the loan. If the person in question has a bad reputation, he is refused. How to improve a credit history if it is damaged, and is it possible to do it for free or with low cash costs? Read on in the article..

Causes of Bad Credit

In order to figure out whether it is possible to correct the credit history and choose the best way for this, you need to know about the reasons why the borrower received unscrupulous status. Each bank examines the creditworthiness of customers, guided by various factors. However, unwanted records that spoil CI can be classified according to the severity of the violation:

  1. Small delays in payments for up to 5 days. For most organizations, this is considered the norm, but some banks are able to refuse to grant a loan even with such a minor violation.
  2. Repeated delinquency of loan installments or a single delay of 5 to 35 days. This is considered an average violation that may affect the bank’s decision..
  3. Partial or full non-repayment of a loan is a gross violation. If it comes to collecting debt through the courts, the borrower receives the status of a malicious deadbeat and loses the opportunity to take new loans.

The above described applies only to those cases when CI is damaged due to the fault of the borrower. However, negative marks in the personal file of the borrower appear through the fault of the bank. This occurs if the payer paid the money on time, but the bank delayed the payment, for example, for technical reasons. Even honest and decent borrowers are not protected from problems, because of which in the future they will need to correct their credit history..

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How to check your history in BKI

Information about loans is stored in credit history databases (BKI). It reflects information about ever borrowed loans, their payment and past due delinquencies. To clear your credit history, you need to find out what adverse information about arrears or debts recorded there. To obtain a documentary report on the history of loans, there are several ways:

  1. Fill out an application through the BKI Internet service and confirm your identity by sending a telegram to the bureau’s mailing address or by contacting the organization’s office in person.
  2. Send a notarized application for a credit history to the postal address of BKI.
  3. Send a telegram with a statement certified by the postal service operator to the postal address of BKI.
  4. Contact the BKI office in person.

By law, every citizen has the right 1 time per year to receive a report from the BCI for free. If the borrower does not know in which bureau his business is stored, then first he will have to make a request to the CCCH (Central Catalog of CI). He is sent through the BCI, bank, post office or notary. If the process of issuing CIs needs to be accelerated, it is better to apply for a paid service of obtaining a credit report to any bank or reliable agency that cooperates with BKI. However, this will cost from 300 to 700 rubles.

Consultation in BKI

How to challenge CI

If erroneous information is reflected in the report received from the BCI, the borrower has the right to challenge it. To do this, submit an official application to the bank, through the fault of which incorrect information was entered in the history of the borrower, as well as send a request to the BCI. Based on the results of the audit, the bureau must correct the entries or remove from them inaccurate marks. If BKI refuses to delete unwanted data, it will be possible to change the credit history only through the court.

Ways to fix a bad credit history

How can credit history be improved if it is damaged due to the fault of the borrower? The only way is to convince creditors of their readiness to fulfill financial obligations by restoring their status of a bona fide customer. To do this, it is necessary for CI to have marks on timely payments on loans. This can only be achieved by the proper payment of all subsequent loans..

Credit brokers immediately call several ways to take a loan with a bad CI. However, before embarking on an active action to update your debt history, you need to deal with existing delays. Taking new loans without repaying the previous ones is a direct way to creating an excessive financial burden. In addition, it is much more difficult for a borrower who has several past due debts to recover his reputation..

Pay off existing debts

It is not possible to restore credit history with outstanding debts. You can’t hide from creditors or ignore their claims. So you only worsen your reputation and provoke banks to decisive actions to collect debts. Credit experts recommend borrowers with long delays in loans to act according to the following scheme:

  1. Pay off the smallest loans – microloans, credit card debt or overdraft. Such debts are characterized by the highest interest rates and fines, and banks often transfer them to collectors.
  2. Seek restructuring of outstanding loans. This should be done even if there is a delay. Even if the bank refuses to restructure the debt, the borrower will have documentary evidence that he conscientiously tried to solve the problem, that is, he is a victim of circumstances, and not a maliciously evading non-payer.
  3. Try to reduce the amount of debt. If the delay has arisen a long time ago, the loan amount could increase significantly due to interest and fines. Having such a debt structure, it would be wiser to turn to a lawyer specializing in credit matters. The specialist will analyze the situation and help partially or completely reset the penalty set by the bank.
  4. When recovering a debt in court, ask the court for a deferment or installment plan. Having the opportunity to repay the debt in installments on a convenient schedule or gaining time, it will be easier to cope with loan obligations.

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Open a deposit account in a bank

If you plan to apply for a loan in a particular bank, but are not yet a reliable client, it would be wise to open a deposit account in this bank. A potential borrower who has a constantly replenishing deposit can rely on a more loyal attitude of the credit organization serving him. The larger the deposit amount, the more confidence the bank can count on.

Get a microloan

Microfinance institutions (MFIs) are encouraged to contact those who need a quick cleaning of their credit history. A microloan is also suitable for those to whom other types of lenders refuse to provide even small loans. A negative feature of such organizations is high interest rates, due to which the cost of updating the credit history may become too high. But many MFIs do not test CI and are ready to issue small urgent loans even to poorly rated borrowers.

Getting a microloan

Take a commodity loan for a small amount

Many borrowers do not know how to improve their credit history if it is spoiled, because when trying to take a loan they constantly face refusals. However, it is not necessary to apply directly to the bank for a loan. It can also be obtained for the purchase of any product – furniture or expensive household appliances, by filling out directly in the store. Commodity loan data is also recorded in loan history..

Apply for a credit card

Studying the question of how to fix a credit history, you can come across recommendations on opening a credit card. Indeed, in many banks it is easy to issue a plastic card with a small credit limit even with a negative CI. However, it is important to find out if the contract provides for a period of interest-free use of the card. During this period, money can be used absolutely free of charge, that is, such a card is an opportunity to receive, albeit a small, but interest-free loan.

Purse to bank cards

If credit card payments are received on time, its owner will be able to create the image of a creditworthy and trustworthy borrower. When you need to clear your credit history in a very short time, you can draw up several cards at once, the main thing is to return all the money spent on time. In this case, it is highly desirable to choose banks that use the data of one BKI.

You can find out if the bank in question uses the services of a specific BKI on the bureau’s website – this information is often freely available. Having received credit cards in banks using one BKI, it is easier to organize a renewal of CI and create a more attractive rating for a creditworthy client, since it will not be documented as separate reports from different bureaus, but as a single document from one BKI.

Video tutorial: how to restore a damaged credit history

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