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Excess funds will never hurt, and many people think about the possibility of generating additional income. In terms of financial need, any type of business (online or offline) is becoming important, so the question for many will be what can be sold to earn at least some money. There are so many options for this..

How to make money on sales

No need to go far – typing in the search engine the phrase “make money on sales”, you will get a long list of links to specialized sites and videos. You can sell profitably a lot – from jewelry and accessories of Chinese manufacturers from the site of Aliexpress to slag concrete blocks. At the same time, it is not necessary that material objects become the object of trade – you can very successfully trade in intellectual property or offer domestic services (walking animals, looking after children, “Husband for an hour”).

Banknotes fall on a man

Starting your own business

Becoming a businessman, you get great opportunities for generating income, and this can be not only profit earned on the “buy-sell” type, but also products of your own production.

For example, selling soft drinks or cotton candy brings good seasonal returns. This is the right approach for those who are looking for the answer to the question “What can I sell to earn?” This option will provide the entrepreneur with the highest margin, but at the same time require initial investments for the purchase of equipment.

Organizing a business in the field of trade is a less risky enterprise. But at the same time, your income in most cases will consist only of the trade margin for the product, and the manufacturer will also have its own “markup”. Schematically, this can be expressed as the formula CT = CT + M = CT + NP + TH, where:

  • CT – the price of the goods for the buyer;
  • ST – the cost of goods;
  • M – margin, which can be decomposed into two components (NP + VT);
  • NP – manufacturer’s wrapping, providing its income;
  • TN – seller’s margin.

Internet sales

Due to the virtual nature of the work that the online store has, the seller can do without retail space, therefore:

  • there is no need to pay high rents;
  • customers can be offered an unlimited range of products.

From the point of view of initial investments, this is a very profitable direction in the field of trade, which makes it possible to earn large sums without serious investments and flexibly change the assortment depending on demand. In this case, it will be important to find a supplier with a minimum selling price – direct deliveries or resale of everyday goods from Aliexpress or other Internet sites are a good option..

What can be quickly sold

The sale of goods on the Internet does not necessarily imply the opening of a store. At first, a good income can be obtained by selling liquid goods on the Avito website. At low speeds, this will be a more acceptable option than its own Internet resource, the advertisement of which will also require investments. And in the case of Avito (or a popular bulletin board) you get trading space on a site with high traffic, where much more visitors will pay attention to your offer.

Avito logo and money in hand


The specificity of jewelry is that in many cases you want to touch and measure earrings or a ring. The organization of a salon of jewelry made of precious metals requires large amounts of investment, so it is not affordable for the average businessman. But if we talk about jewelry of the middle category (up to 1,000 rubles), then it can be effectively sold on the Internet.

The most popular categories of goods are bracelets and pendants, on which you can wind up the price up to 120%, so that having invested 10,000 rubles, in a month the net income (after paying commission and postage) will be about 10,500 rubles.


Specialization in antiquity implies the presence of experience that helps to find profitable offers even in “flea markets”. Therefore, if you are thinking that you can sell antique to earn money, then study several specialized sites to be “in the subject”. The pre-revolutionary bust of Peter I or Catherine II of Kasli casting can easily be sold for 20-25 thousand rubles. With the advent of vintage fashion, old jewelry is very popular – brooches and pendants, the price of which can also be several thousand rubles.

If you want to make money on objects of art, then along with Avito, two more options are suitable for you:

  • commission shops and antique salons – although the percentage for services here is high (up to 15% or more), they have a regular clientele, tourists and foreigners often go there, so you can sell the goods displayed very quickly;
  • foreign Internet resources (eBay, etc.) – many novice users are afraid to access their services due to their lack of knowledge of foreign languages, but these sites are notable for their quick sale, generating revenue in foreign currency.

Rare books

Second-hand book rarities also fit well into the category of “What You Can Sell to Make Good Money,” but here you also need to imagine which books are in high demand. Often it all depends on the circulation and the artistic value of the publication (for example, the price of the 1982 Soviet mini-book “Alice in Wonderland” in 1982 can reach 8,000 rubles).

With large volumes, selling books is best done on specialized sites (Alib, Libex, etc.), where there is very high demand dynamics. Bibliophiles know that here you can find a lot of interesting things, unlike state libraries, so they look here to replenish their collections. By paying for registration, you get the opportunity to put your books up for sale, deducting a percentage of the site’s sales.

What can I sell from home?

Have you ever thought that your apartment also hides many potential opportunities to help you earn extra money? For example, when buying a new microwave oven, you automatically need to decide what to do with the old one. The Internet again comes to the rescue, which will help to sell and earn money with the help of ads on specialized sites or on social networks.

Used home appliances at the stand


Used refrigerators and washing machines occupy one of the first places in the list of “What can I sell to earn.” If we study the dynamics of demand, it is clear that new household appliances are being acquired very actively today, while the previous one does not have time to develop a resource. The sale of used equipment, even at half or a third of the cost (12-15 thousand rubles per refrigerator), has only “pluses”, freeing up space and bringing extra money. At the same time, you can only sell equipment from time to time, so this method cannot be regarded as a constant income.

Mobile Phones & Gadgets

The situation is symmetrical to the previous point. This is not to say that used smartphones are in high demand among buyers, but this is a very liquid product. When selling through the Internet (or through social networks), the availability of documentation will be a fundamental factor that increases the price of this category of goods, and you can sell your Samsung Galaxy S8 for 75% of the cost (~ 25,000 rubles). If you need money urgently, then cell phones and gadgets can be quickly sold through mobile stalls, but then the ceiling for the price, in any case, will be limited to a few thousand rubles.

Decor Elements

Inspecting a house in search of what you can sell to earn money, your look will certainly come across decor items. Here we include everything that is used for interior decoration – from modern figurines and floor vases to carpets and curtains. It is best to sell such products over the Internet, or through a thrift store – in the first case, be sure to consider that the buyer can bargain, and by losing part of the amount to him, you will reduce your income.

Clothing, shoes and wardrobe items

This is a popular product category in the secondary market and the main product in any “flea market”. Clothing and shoes are sold new and “slightly used”, and these jackets and boots are sold not only because of the need for money, but also for other reasons (I did not like the color, the child grew up, etc.). The dynamics of demand for such things is seasonal, but by setting the price at 40-50% of the original, you can quickly sell out an extra wardrobe. Be sure to keep in mind that the buyer wants to try on shoes or jeans, so he should have such an opportunity at your meeting.

Car and real estate

Sales of this kind are distinguished not only by the large size of the transaction, but also by the fact that they are often resolved in the most extreme cases (in the first place is the need to repay the loan taken). Apartments and cars are very liquid goods (it is not for nothing that banks accept them as collateral), so selling is not difficult. As a rule, urgent sale reduces the cost to 50-70% – for a 1-room apartment in the VDNH area you can get 4.5 million rubles instead of the prescribed 6 million. That’s why make every effort so that the evaluation and search of the buyer are done.

What can I sell and earn

Selling for the purpose of earning goods of own manufacture is somewhat different from selling “home stocks”, and this type of business requires a certain organization of the process. This does not imply complex market research, but you need to know what is now in demand among buyers in order to earn as much money as possible. The skills you possess are also important..

Art objects

For those who own a brush or pencil, the first thing that you can sell to earn a little money is hand-painted paintings. “Natural” painting always finds connoisseurs and can be sold at an expensive price. Landscapes for tourists are readily acquired in memory of the trip, so a medium-sized picture (30×40 cm) with an image of the Novodevichy Convent will find a buyer for 20-25 thousand rubles. At the same time, it will take no more than 3-4 thousand rubles on canvas, frame and paints, and the seller’s commission will be 10-15%.

Hand-made products

Carried away by embroidery, beads or scrapbooking, you can make a small business out of your hobby, when handmade products bring not only pleasure, but also real money. Rationally, he will be engaged only in the manufacture of crafts, shifting the implementation to art salons or Internet resources (“Fair Masters”, etc.). A simple bookmark made of beads with a runic pattern can be sold for 350-400 rubles, while the cost of materials will be 10 times less. It is also good to sell handmade notebooks a la Moleskin – the price of them can reach 1200-1500 rubles.

Own services

In addition to the most predictable options like a loader or a furniture collector, there are many other opportunities for a steady income. With small initial skills you can:

  • offer the services of an on-site hairdresser or stylist (from 400 rubles / departure, for regular customers – discounts);
  • engage in tutoring (from 600 rubles / hour);
  • install software, configure computers (from 600 rubles / visit);
  • engage in consulting and resolving legal issues (resolving a client’s question in court – from 3,000 rubles).

Intellectual Property

As a specialist in a certain field of knowledge, you can develop and sell information products. For example, it can be educational video courses on writing articles or website promotion. Selling at a special price (250-300 rubles), you will create a constant flow of buyers, earning income from 15-20 thousand per month only due to a large turnover. This also includes cybersquatting when suitable domain names are registered in advance and then sold to interested consumers (for example, at the end of 2015, impulse.ru was sold at auction for $ 19,355).

What can you buy and sell profitably

Continuing to further work out the question of what can be sold to make good money, many people come to the option of doing business on the resale of goods, if you buy them at a bargain price and add your mark-up. It can be cosmetics, hygiene products or collectibles – knowing the amount of the initial investment, you can calculate the income that you can get.

A man makes calculations using a calculator

Imported goods from foreign sites

If you are interested in what it is possible to sell expensively with small investments, then products from Aliexpress and similar sites are the right decision. Already today, single-page landing pages offer customers from different parts of Russia products at a cost many times higher than the costs incurred by the seller. We give two examples confirming this fact:

  • AMST watches sold at a special price of 1,999 rubles can be found on sale on foreign sites for 600-700 rubles;
  • seasonal mushroom picker goods are put up for sale at a price of over 1,500 rubles, despite the fact that the seller paid 70-80 rubles for it.

Domestic products

Joint procurement is also a lucrative idea. Having cooperated, the participants acquire the goods they need, receiving a discount due to the large volume of the order. Having taken the responsibility of raising funds, paying the supplier, receiving and distributing the goods, you can claim 10-15% of the total amount of the wholesale, which can be a good additional income, bringing up to 10 thousand rubles a month. The following products are very popular in such purchases:

  • toys and children’s accessories;
  • clothes for children and adults;
  • Perfumes and cosmetics;
  • jewelry and jewelry.


Collectibles also relate to goods that can be sold on the Internet with profit. Even Russian coins in circulation today have their collectible value (for example, they sell ten-ruble coins with the emblem of the Perm Territory on the Internet at a price of 2,000 rubles), and issued in previous years can be even more expensive. Given that many people have become interested in postcrossing, trading in original postcards can also bring good income, making it possible to sell a unit of goods for 50-70 rubles, at a cost of 10-15 p.

How to make money on affiliate programs

Having their own well-developed Internet resource, many are trying to earn money on referral programs. In this case, payment is not charged for viewing ads, but for purchases through links from your site or for attracting new members. All that is needed for the second option is to create a massive flow of interested people. Vktarget offers 15% of the funds earned by referrals (there is much higher, for example, payeer.com – up to 40%), allowing you to make 10-15 thousand per month from almost nothing.

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