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The appreciation of the first cryptographic bitcoin currency against the background of a decrease in the cost of traditional investment objects encourages many people, even skeptical about cryptocurrencies, to become interested in this topic. To understand how to earn bitcoins without investing in mining equipment, you should consider ways to set up automatic Satoshi earnings from crane sites on the Internet. Satoshi is one hundred millionth part of bitcoin, a kind of “cent cue ball”.

What are bitcoins and how to earn them

The word “currency” means a product that can fulfill the function of money when buying and selling in the domestic or international market. The value of traditional currencies previously depended on the gold reserves of the issuing countries, now – on the limits provided by the US Federal Reserve. The first-born of currencies based on other principles of independence, blockchain and cryptography – bitcoin, was created in 2009 by a group of programmers led by the Japanese Satoshi Nakamoto.

The advantages of the new cryptographic currency were estimated, and in 2019 the cost of 1 btc exceeded 3,000 USD. Its mining, or mining, is available in several ways, among which:

  • the ability to create mining farms using computer processors, video cards;
  • application of powerful special ASIC modules;
  • cloud mining;
  • Satoshi collection on crane sites on the Internet;
  • stock trading.

Bitcoin Icon Coins

Free Bitcoins

Using cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges, they are trying to attract a large number of investors with attractive offers and free distribution of Satoshi. To popularize electronic currencies, Internet portals are created with easy registration and the ability, when performing a simple task, to get a small piece of bitcoin – a small amount of satoshi. For the same purpose, computer games are created, in which Satoshi serve as prizes..

Bitcoin mining

The openness of the cryptographic code bitcoin has provided everyone with the opportunity to generate this crypto. For this purpose, at first, the usual power of the computer was used, then the creation of farms from several processors or video cards was required. The increasing complexity of mining with each new block has led to the creation of programmable FPGAs, special ASIC processors.

Creating farms using this expensive equipment requires huge financial costs. The solution to this problem was to unite miners from different countries into pools and create on this basis cloud services that provide the opportunity for any Internet user to connect to the collective mining of bitcoin. Cloud mining is available even when using the power of a conventional computer.

Earn Bitcoins without attachments

The number of people who want to mine cryptocurrency is constantly growing. The Internet offers several types of additional bitcoin earnings without investments:

  • Crane sites attract new users to their pages with the free distribution of Satoshi. They offer easy tasks or tests in order to delay a visitor for longer and force him to click on an advertising banner or link. First you need to create a bitcoin wallet .
  • Crane site bots automatically sort through sites, log in to them, complete tasks, solve captcha, click on the cryptocurrency receive button.
  • Bitcoin game generators work on the principle of a casino or roulette, in which free satoshi are offered as a down payment.
  • Solo mining using the processing power of a farm or a personal computer.
  • Cloud mining and bitcoin pools organize mining by combining a large number of scattered miners with various mining capacities.

Where can I get Satoshi for free

Registration on crane sites is simplified; you need to enter an email address, password, and bitcoin wallet address. The TOPs in the list of 2019 cranes are special services:

  • BonusBitcoin – gives away free Satoshi every 15 minutes, with a 5% daily bonus for the remainder. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10,000 Satoshi. A lot of advertising.
  • FieldofBitcoin is a bitcoin receiving crane that provides an opportunity to collect Satoshi every 10 minutes. The client has 3 attempts to choose a prize. Withdrawal threshold – 10,000 Satoshi, pays directly.
  • FrogFaucet – every 10 minutes you choose a prize, jumping with a toad in the swamp until you eat a crocodile. The minimum for withdrawing funds is 25,000 satoshi;
  • CoinCollecting – in order to see your prize, complete an easy task, then enter the captcha and get Satoshi.

FrogFaucet website crane on a computer screen

What are bitcoin faucets

Internet businessmen seek to maximize income using the interest of a large number of people in bitcoins. For this purpose, advertising sites are created that offer free Satoshi in the amount of 10 to 200 pieces in 10-15 minutes of being on this portal. Passing a simple registration on such a site, the client indicates his email address, password, enters the address of the bitcoin wallet. The site crane makes a profit from viewing ads by its customers, from clicking on sponsored links or banners.

Having done the simplest tasks, the client clicks on advertising banners or links. For each transition, the owner of the site receives money from advertisers, and the first Satoshi are credited to the client. The withdrawal limit is set from 10 to 30 thousand satoshi. However, collecting such an amount is not easy, many leave the site, while all of their winnings are returned to the owner. Cranes provide quick money-saving earnings for starting a business with virtual currencies.


The scheme of work of bitcoin cranes is based on generating income from advertising and paying part of it to those who wish to earn in the form of Satoshi. These sites will not enrich customers either intellectually or financially. The simple tasks offered by these resources, besides keeping you on the portal, can contain trivial offers to click on an advertising banner, follow a link, register for a newsletter or like advertising on social networks.

Crane Profitability

The use of cranes can show a relatively good profitability when using bots. It should be understood that no site will pay customers more than their advertising revenue. Therefore, it makes no sense to look for new slightly untwisted cranes – they will have to wait a long time for serious revenues. Popular Satoshi cranes in 2019 include:

  • ClaimBTC – a good crane, paying out coins three times within 1 hour, without overlays;
  • TakeFreeBitcoin – income may be 2-3USD per day.
  • BonusBitcoin – a famous Satoshi distribution crane with a 5% bonus on the daily balance;
  • Bitcoinker – a site that gives a 25% bonus for using the Haro wallet;
  • Welovefaucets – a crane where many collect Satoshi, with a good design and a profitable jackpot.

How to get bitcoins for free in games

Many game services use the popularity of bitcoin in their games, lotteries:

  • PocketDice – the world’s best service for playing dice for bitcoins, an intuitive interface, tangible bonuses of 1000 satoshi every 10 minutes, completely honest games, all bets, hashes for any game are public.
  • CoinBrawl – create a character with the goal of taking coins from an opponent.
  • MyBitMine – is a gold mine.

How to earn bitcoins

With a serious attitude to bitcoin mining, it is worth preparing for large investments. The creation of relatively inexpensive farms on processors or video cards does not solve the issue of mining cue ball. These techniques and tools are suitable for other cryptocurrencies. For the cue ball, earnings remain possible only when using less energy-intensive specialized ASIC processors.

ASIC cryptocurrency mining processor

Solo cryptocurrency mining

The options for earning bitcoin alone through mining are practically reduced to single attempts. It is not cost-effective to carry out this work in a systematic way – costs will block profits. Some interest in solo mining is fueled by the growth of the bitcoin exchange rate, which was estimated at 3200 USD on August 6, 2019. According to the innovative ideas of specialists involved in the extraction of digital currencies, it is possible to create new methods of earning, if you combine a large number of computers into a special bitcoin mining network.

Bitcoin mining in the pool

The extraction of new units of bitcoin is possible by joint efforts by combining the capacities of several miners in a pool. Each participant, registering in the pool, downloads a special program, indicates the power of their equipment and automatically receives tasks for loading their equipment. After solving the problem, the reward is distributed among the pool participants in proportion to the declared capacity.

Cloud mining

It is possible to connect the capacities of your equipment or home computer to the pools of electronic currency miners through cloud services. These platforms combine both mining and financial resources of users for the optimal ratio of their spent and rented power. The results, as in the pools, are distributed in accordance with the investments of each of the participants in the system minus the service fee. The most popular are:

  • Hashflare – reliable and profitable cloud mining; rent power for SHA-256, Scrypt and Ethereum mining;
  • Hashing24.com – a reliable service, it is possible to really make money, is a partner of BitFury, in the cryptocurrency market since 2012;
  • Coinomia – a profitable cloud mining of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin Earnings

The most popular cryptocurrency attracts the attention of a large number of people. Many are looking for ways to make money on bitcoins. It is worthwhile to realize that collecting free satoshi from cranes, gambling with cryptocurrency are not a serious business. To create a business with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a certain amount of money will be required.

Electronic money has existed for only a few years and it is likely that new processes and ways to get them will appear. Improving computer technology, creating quantum computers will lead to the creation of new types of earnings on bitcoin. Many countries already recognize it as a serious currency. The Chinese government included it in the list of reserve currencies for their country. The growth in trade for electronic currencies will only increase, spurring the creation of new and strengthening the role of already known digital money.

Bitcoin coins and packs of dollars

Mining investments

Creating cryptocurrency mining farms is booming, is the most popular way to earn cryptocurrency. The most popular video cards used to build farms have become a big deficit in Russia and many countries of Western Europe. Such farms allow you to earn income on the mining of various cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin mining by small farms, with the current difficulty of mining and block prices, is possible with participation in pools. Solo Bitcoin mining is not profitable now.

Certain prospects in this direction are mining using central processors. This type of production will be able to compete with other methods, as the leaders in the production of computer equipment will strive to improve the performance of their components. In this, the interests of producers and miners of cryptocurrencies coincide. The latest AMD Ryzen 1700X processor has 8 cores and operates at a frequency of 4 GHz. With low power consumption and low cost, it is able to compete with mining on video cards.

Cryptocurrency trading

The appearance of a large number of forks, altcoins, and other cryptocurrencies after the crypto led to the creation of cryptocurrency exchanges. To work on it, you need to register, in which the client creates wallets for all cryptocurrencies traded on the exchange, wallets of the dollar, euro or ruble. Putting your money into the cryptocurrency exchange is free. To exchange your currency for another, you form an order order indicating the amount of crypto required and the desired rate. After a counter order appears with your conditions, a currency exchange takes place.

There is the possibility of withdrawing from the exchange both cryptocurrencies and fiat money to bank cards or electronic payment systems. Most exchanges operate on cryptocurrency rates for bitcoin, the rate of which against the dollar is also constantly changing. Almost every week, the Yobit exchange conducts an initial public offering (ICO) of new cryptocurrencies issued by different companies. Having a good understanding of this process, it is possible to make money on new forks, and then exchange them for bitcoin. There is an opportunity to sell bitcoins, both on the exchange and on exchanges.

Arbitration between exchanges

Cryptocurrency rates on different exchanges may vary. The difference in time zones or regions gives a gap of 5-10%. Buying cryptocurrency on one exchange and selling on another is called cryptocurrency arbitrage. For its profitability, it is necessary to track cryptocurrency rates on major exchanges, monitor fees for deposit and withdrawal of fiat money. The main crypto exchanges are:

  • BTC-e – the most popular Russian-speaking exchange, there are BTC-e codes;
  • EXMO – the exchange with the highest trading volume and fast execution of orders;
  • YoBit – the largest set of cryptocurrencies, many types of earnings, there is Russian.

EXMO Bitcoin exchange logo

Selling goods and services for bitcoins

The first cue-sale transaction took place in 2011. Now, with the help of this cryptocurrency, a large number of settlements are carried out when trading. Many online stores trade for bitcoins. Everyone who has the opportunity to get a cue ball is buying goods and services for this currency. Sellers who set prices for goods for bitcoins need to monitor its price, due to the high volatility of the exchange rate..

The absence of a center for controlling operations with cue ball makes more serious demands on the reliability of suppliers selling goods with it. Returning transactions and transfers is almost impossible, so carefully select and check sellers of goods and services. On the Internet there are specialized sites indicating wallets and scam sites.

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