Ways to make money on Instagram – the most profitable, the rules for working and posting photos on a social network

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Each of the users of social networks at least once thought about how to make money on instagram, get real money for likes, subscribers, advertising. This article will tell you about the possibilities, methods of earning, without investing your personal funds, how to live a fun and carefree life and earn decent money on it, without making much effort.

Is it possible to make money on instagram

You can make a profit very simply if you are a popular user of this social network. The most effective, real way to make good money on Instagram is through advertising. Fill the feed with beautiful news photos of various products, while you don’t need to search for these posts or solicit a source of income, as advertisers themselves offer owners of popular blogs to collaborate.

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What is the profit from an account on a social network

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have long ceased to serve only for communication, but have become an opportunity for earnings or business. Having your account, regularly throwing interesting and exciting videos there, or posting photos from your life, you can get more subscriptions, likes, thereby earning simply on your page and not making any effort, but sharing your emotions that are interesting to people.

How many followers on instagram to earn

It is clear that the more of them the better, but do not forget that advertisers quickly and easily calculate account holders with “wound” bots subscribers, so no one will come up with offers to really make money. An important fact is the status of the user. If this is a popular person: a model, singer, photographer, designer, etc., then even with 50 thousand subscribers, you can get at least 10 000 rubles for a post. If an account has more than a million subscribers, the minimum amount for a post starts at thirty and reaches up to fifty thousand.

How much can you earn

The amount of earnings differs and depends on the popularity of the person who maintains the account, on the number of real subscribers. For example, if a blogger has more than 100,000 followers, then the price for a post can reach $ 800. If there are less than one thousand people – the price per post will be $ 100, this is at best. Advertising promotion costs also vary, on average, the price is about $ 300.

Ways to make money on instagram

There are several effective options for making money:

  1. Sell ​​your services. This method is used by photographers, trainers, psychologists, programmers, designers, beauty salons, entertainment and sports complexes, shops.
  2. Sell ​​other people’s services and goods. It is simple, profitable. It is necessary to find the necessary product, receive interest for its promotion. The most common product is a watch. Their sale occurs through CPA networks. Examples of CPA where many products are located: admitad.com; kma.biz; ad1.ru. The commission for selling through such networks is only 600 rubles, but if you advertise goods through the regular program, the commission will increase significantly.
  3. Sell ​​your product. This is how online stores or hand-made makers earn money. For example, lovers of certain products or major brands will be very pleased to become followers of store accounts on Instagram in order to monitor product updates, promotions or sales.
  4. Make money on advertising. Good earnings of popular stars from advertising photos or commercials, sometimes exceeding reasonable prices, even by placing one photo with a description you can get a couple of thousand rubles for it.
  5. Promotion of accounts for money. This method of promotion allows you to get a good profit. Many large companies employ Instagram managers who draw up company profiles, create content (collect an audience), use account promotion methods, and conduct various advertising campaigns. You can learn this in a couple of months, they will pay you up to 20,000 rubles, and if you deal with several companies at the same time, then more.
  6. A way that even suits a student. Putting likes (each like will cost 1 ruble), commenting on photos, subscribing to active users, you can also earn an average of 200 rubles a day. Examples of such sites: Qcomment.ru, Vktarget.ru, Prospero.ru. they have not only tasks for instagram users, but also other social networks.

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Earnings on services

Using the services listed below, users can easily earn money. Active Instagram users need to know about popular exchanges (presented in the table):

Exchange for earnings on Instagram



Earnings per day


Socialtools – leave reviews, ads, and make a profit on social networks Vkontakte, Instagram.

Up to 100 r.


Qcomment is a comment exchange. Payments via webmoney.

100 r.


Roboliker – subscribers, likes, promotion groups

Up to 200 r.



200 r.



500 r.

Ad revenue

How to earn real money from advertising on Instagram? Very simple. The main thing is not to set goals to sell advertising quickly. Your job is to collect the target audience – real and potential buyers, followers, active accounts. If you give people high-quality content, then they will get used to interesting information, and they will also understand advertising posts with understanding. Your page must also have contacts, put links to pages from other social networks so that people are comfortable contacting you.

Doing Business

Before creating a business through Instagram, learn the distinguishing features of a business account. Next, you need to create and beautifully design the page so that it is convenient for the client to choose. Give interesting information to the customer, use all kinds of contests and promotions to lure new subscribers. Use special programs and services, such as: online services for Instagram, auto-posting, insta-tools for marketing, programs for creating and processing videos.

Account Promotion

It is necessary to engage in the promotion of a profile in order to reach a larger number of young people who can become buyers or consumers. Professional account promotion helps promote your personal page or brand at a fast pace. This is easy to do with:

  • bright, beautiful photo reports using hashtags;
  • information graphics that connect information with a picture;
  • different videos or collages;
  • faux wrap.

Instagram page on a computer screen

How to make money on instagram without attachments

The social network is very convenient for passive earnings. Investments for this are not required, you just need to lead an active life, share it with others. You need to upload interesting videos and your own photos, the use of hashtags. Subscribers will be added, leave your likes and comments, and you will receive your interest from this.


There are small rules for a successful blog and extra income:

  1. Pay attention to the statistics of the pictures, which of them gain a large number of likes.
  2. Please note that you like, is interested in demand from other users, attracts.
  3. Follow the plan. Stylish Instagram is a planned blog that is targeted at targeted audiences. You can take a picture right away, and then upload the photo at a certain interval, this secret works to attract new users, and also helps you save time. The picture must be of high quality.
  4. Use the same processing to post photos. The same filters make your photos recognizable to others..
  5. Do not publish something that does not fit into your topic.

Earnings on Instagram on subscribers

Oddly enough, to earn decent, real money, you need not a large number of subscribers, but their qualitative percentage, which means that 2000 active users are much cooler than several walls of thousands of bots, which are gray mass. How to make money on Instagram on advertising posts, new comments, profit from advertisers? The answer is simple: you need to keep an interesting blog, accompanied by high-quality photos and content.

Likes and comments

Almost every blogger knows how to make money on Instagram using likes or comments. A very large number of people are interested in winding up a large number of likes of posts – they are willing to pay for it. Such users are the employers. Advertisers are ready to pay about 50 kopecks for one like, and 1 ruble for each subscriber.

Photo upload

Special rules to follow when posting a photo if you don’t know how to make money on Instagram:

  • The posted photos should be interesting to people, photo reports from your yard will not bring a lot of likes or comments, and even more money.
  • Before you start making real money on your photos, you need to carefully study fashion trends, how different styles are popular.
  • Before the post, study the popular profiles of bloggers, their topics and techniques for creating projects.

How to make money on Instagram on advertising

The main point is to find advertisers. There are many resellers who are ready to provide excellent platforms for fair purchases and sales. In order not to puzzle how or where to make money through advertising, you can use special exchanges. The exchange helps to get good income from individual blogs or directly from advertisers.

Search for advertisers on Instagram

Advertising exchanges

Rating of popular exchanges with the help of which it’s realistic to put into practice how to make money on Instagram:


Stock exchange

Post Cost
















Partnership programs

Rating of affiliate programs and popular applications (Internet resource)

  1. INSTAMAXI – designed to automatically promote instagram networks.
  2. ADSTAMER – represents the exchange of advertising.
  3. SOCLIKE – an affiliate program that helps promote social networks.
  4. DEALWAY – helps to buy or sell ads.
  5. LABELUP – unites owners of advertising platforms with advertisers.

Brand Offers

Successful brands fill ribbons with beautiful and colorful shots of popular products. Top offers:

  1. VARDA brand – beautiful and sexy models of dresses, swimwear and body that emphasize beauty and femininity, hiding flaws and attract a large audience.
  2. IREN VARTIK – fashionable and high-quality shoes, the photo of which does not look defiant, which attracts the audience.
  3. Yumbaker Cafe – a paradise for the sweet tooth.
  4. Rock_ma_vie – stylish jewelry.
  5. Natura Siberica – face or body care, cosmetics based on herbal ingredients.

How do bloggers earn on Instagram

A blogger earns money based on the promotion of advertising posts, subscriptions, likes, comments, sales of his own services or other people’s goods. You can work remotely, promoting other people’s pages. On advertising, you can easily earn from 500 rubles per post. But for advertising it is necessary to have interesting and unique content, then the employer will find you and offer you cooperation.

Getting income from doing business

How to make money in an instagram from business: this is real if the business is interesting, for example, the accounts of professional photographers, photo studios, manicures, stylists, makeup artists, beauty salons, entertainment complexes, etc. In general, everything is interesting to people. Such topics as buying equipment or performing repair or construction work are unlikely to give a positive result, even if you have your own website.

Sale of own services and goods

Here, the income depends only on you how interesting and attractive the photos of your profile will be for others. This is very profitable, especially if you are interested and you are putting your energy into moving things forward. Answering the question, “how to make big money on Instagram”, you can use the following ideas:

  • sell goods that are made by yourself;
  • the provision of manicure or pedicure services;
  • services of a cosmetologist, nutritionist or personal trainer.

Hand Made Products

Income from intermediary services

You can earn on instagram using special exchanges and affiliate links that are involved in your promotion (accounts, photos, publicity, advertising). With the help of such intermediary services, you can get additional income in a short time, but before resorting to their help, you must carefully examine what percentage a particular exchange will take for its services.

Online stores

Instagram is a great helper for promoting your own online store. How to make real money on Instagram:

  • You need to determine the type of goods that users are interested in and start trading.
  • Do not be too lazy to visit successful online stores to delve into the features of the service, explore the functionality, assortment, etc..
  • It’s best to put the logo of your store on the avatar, post only high-quality pictures of the goods and be sure to describe them, in which case the sale will increase significantly.
  • Then it’s up to the advertisement, gain the number of subscribers, be active and everything will turn out.
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