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January is the coldest month of the year, which the inhabitants of Russia look forward to because of the many holidays, fortune-telling evenings, cognitive signs. So that the weather for January 2018 does not spoil the New Year and Christmas days, you need to be prepared for its changes. An accurate weather forecast for January 2018 provided by the Hydrometeorological Center can help in this..

What winter is expected

Forecasters say that the winter of 2017-2018 will be snowy, but not very cold. The weather for the month of January 2018, which will be established in Russia, is expected and will not differ much from previous winters over 8 years. The southern part of the country will be limited to small frosts, the north will overwinter with severe frosts. Climate change will affect the eastern regions of the country, there may be noticeable fluctuations. Unexpected changes can also “sweep” throughout the territory in the first and last days of the first month of the year.

January weather forecast

Russia occupy a large territory not only from west to east, but also north to south, so the weather forecast of one part of the country will be significantly different from the forecast of weather forecasters of another. The weather in January 2018 from the Hydrometeorological Center in different parts of the Russian Federation will be as follows:

  • The central part of Russia will experience a slight frost of 7-10 degrees Celsius for the first week of the year. New Year and Christmas holidays will be comfortable. At night, the mercury column may drop to 14 degrees below zero. At Epiphany in the region, a noticeable cooling is expected to reach 25 °. At the end of the month, the frost will begin to decrease, everything will return to the regime that was observed in the first days of the new year.
  • More severe colds are expected on the Country Server. To residents of this region, the Hydrometeorological Center predicts heavy snowfalls and blizzards. Stock up on warm clothes and dress as warmly as possible. The thermometer outside the window will show 26-28 degrees for a month. The Urals and Siberia should not expect sharp changes in climatic conditions.
  • Residents of the southern regions will celebrate New Year in a warm “atmosphere”. The mercury column of the thermometer will not fall 5-7 degrees below zero.
  • In the east, meteorologists predict climate anomalies. Residents of the European part of the country should expect sharp temperature drops. A thaw may be observed outside the window in the morning, and Siberian frosts in the evening.

Snowy street

1 to 10

You should not expect unpleasant surprises from the climate for the New Year holidays. Holidays will be held without noticeable incidents. Residents of the middle part of the country are waiting for short-term rainfall in the form of snowfall up to 40 mm per month. The maximum wind force will be here 8 m / s. Forecasters promise a lot of sunny frosty days without noticeable temperature differences.

11 to 20

The middle of the frosty month will be remembered by the Russians with sharp cooling over the entire territory of the country, which is typical for Epiphany days. In the north of the country, a thermometer column these days will show a record low average temperature to -35 °. In the central part, the air temperature will be -10-15 degrees, in the south – 5-10 degrees below zero. Short snow precipitation expected.

21 to 31

At the end of the month, Russians should expect warming. Climatic conditions will be similar to the temperature regime that was established at the beginning of the month. Epiphany frosts after the 23rd will no longer bother the citizens of the country. Short-term warming up to 0 degrees Celsius can sweep in the east. Be careful, icing is possible due to sudden changes in temperature.

Frost and sun

New Year’s weather

The New Year and Christmas holidays will go well – the weather for January 2018 will not spoil the mood these days. If you are planning to visit Moscow or the northern capital of St. Petersburg for a vacation, then you need to study the January weather forecast that will prevail in these parts. Fortunately, children and adults will not have to stock up on a large amount of warm clothing..

In Moscow

For the new year everyone is waiting for miracles from Santa Claus, snow and sunny days. Will he give a good mood and great snow days? Weather forecasters say: yes, Muscovites and guests of the capital will spend these New Year’s days comfortably, they will not have to freeze. The weather in Moscow for January 2018 is as follows: the temperature outside the window will not exceed 6 degrees of frost, at night – up to -12 °. As for the festive white snowdrifts, then on New Year’s Day a little snow is expected, which will cover the earth by 10-12 cm. No ice is expected.

In St. Petersburg

As for the northern capital of Russia, here on New Year’s Eve the Hydrometeorological Center advises preparing umbrellas, since, according to all forecasts, St. Petersburg residents will celebrate New Year in a light rain. An additional unpleasant bonus will be the wind, which residents of St. Petersburg can’t get used to. A slight frost will appear 3 numbers. Do not be upset: Christmas will be sunny and snowy.

Winter in St. Petersburg

January weather signs

Recently, the confidence of Russians in weather forecasts is decreasing. Perhaps the time has come to recall the folk signs? Ancestors say:

  • The warm beginning of last year is the cooler beginning of this year..
  • Light airy snow speaks of dry summer.
  • The mole woke up – wait for the cold May.
  • The colder the frost, the less hail in the summer.
  • Dry, cold start of winter – to early warming.
  • If the beginning of the year is rich in icicles, then there will be a good harvest.
  • Snowstorms in winter – rains in summer.
  • If the sunny midwinter – wait for a good crop, cloudy weather – the crop will be bad.
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