What date and what time does the clock change to daylight saving time?

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Shifting the arrow by the cherished 60 minutes ahead for many becomes a holiday. Of course, you can sleep more, but in spring, few people are happy with the summer time, because you have to get up early in the morning. When the transition was first established, how much, and why it should be done?


Since the 18th century, Europe has been promoting the idea of ​​changing the time for lighter periods of the year (spring, summer), its essence is a huge saving of money spent on candles. But then this idea was satirically accepted and ridiculed in every way. Soon this idea was already picked up by other countries in Europe, but it remained an impossible theory. At the beginning of the 20th century, to save coal, the time was first translated, and the Germans moved their arrows.

The use of morning sunlight, according to the trends of Europe, haunted the Soviet government. Due to the crisis after the collapse of the Russian Empire, the full translation was not immediately possible. Since 1917, for the first time, indicators began to change tentatively, in 1918-1921. this practice was carried out, but so far in no hurry to become orderly. It got to the point that the figures no longer reflect the real daily indices, therefore, until 1981, people did not ask the question: “When does the clock change to daylight saving time?”.

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When does the clock change?

Today, many countries maintain a balance of time, so you need to translate home and community walkers every year. So, since 2007, throughout America, daylight saving time has been changing every spring night on the 2nd Sunday of March, and the arrows return back on the 1st Sunday of November. All changes occur at 2:00 a.m. If you live in this part of the world, the answer is “when will the clock be translated?” understandable to you. In Russia, before 2011, it was necessary to switch to new cycles every year, at 3:00 on the final Sunday of March, October.

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Do I need to change the watch in 2019

From 2011 to 2014, Russia lived in constant daylight saving time. After numerous studies, they decided to switch it to winter for the last time in October 2014. Now the question of how many hours are moved back and forth is asked only by residents of post-Soviet countries such as Transnistria, Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova, Estonia, Lithuania. Recent perturbations with “walkers” were organized for some regions of the Russian Federation. These areas completed their last watch transfer in 2019..

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Time change in Russia

The feasibility of an annual time change has been proven, but numerous studies have also been presented on the deteriorating health of Russian citizens after they had to switch the clock. After October 2014, the question “when do you switch the clock to summer time” became irrelevant, but the problem remained unresolved – the multipurpose of our country. There can be no general indicator of “walkers,” some regions have to be “adjusted” to the real time zone, forcing some residents to turn arrows.

You need to be ready for the last time to rebuild your regime and adjust sleep to state changes. In some regions, summer time in Russia will be subject to a one-time calibration, not only for the sake of economy, but to improve the well-being of citizens. About when the clock is set to daylight saving time specifically in your area, you will definitely be informed if such a transition occurs at all.

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