What happens to the soul on the 9th and 40th day of death – why the deceased is remembered and traditions

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After the funeral, a restless soul is between heaven and earth; many relatives, close people of the deceased ask the main question, what happens to the soul on the 9th and 40th day of death. This is an important period for a deceased person, because it is decided where he will go next, where he will spend the rest of eternity in oblivion. The Holy Scriptures say that 9 and 40 days after death is the beginning and end of the heavenly path, loved ones must help so that the soul goes to heaven, finds eternal rest.

Where does the soul dwell after death

According to believers, the souls of the deceased are immortal, and their afterlife depend on perfect deeds on earth during life – good or bad. In Orthodoxy, it is believed that the soul of a deceased does not immediately ascend to heaven, but at first it remains in those places where the body used to live. She will have to stand before God’s Court, and while there is time to see her family and friends, to say goodbye to them forever, to get used to the idea of ​​her own death.

Where is the soul of the deceased until 9 days

The body is buried in a cemetery, but the soul of a deceased person is immortal. The Christian Church established that the first day after death, the soul is in a state of confusion, it cannot realize what is happening, it is frightened of separation from the body. On the second day, she wanders around her native places, recalls the best moments of her life, observes the process of burial of her own body. There are many places where the soul is located after death, but they are all once native, close to the heart.

On the third day, she is ascended by angels to heaven, where the gates of paradise open. The soul is shown paradise, the opportunity to find eternal peace, a state of complete peace. On the fourth day she is lowered underground and hell is shown, where all the sins of the deceased and the payment for their commission during life are well known. The soul sees what is happening, awaits the final judgment, which begins on the ninth and ends on the fortieth day.

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What happens to the soul on day 9

The question why they celebrate 9 days after death has a well-reasoned answer. On this day, counted from the moment of death, the soul confronts God’s judgment, where only the Most High will decide whether it will continue to spend eternity in heaven or hell. Therefore, relatives and close people go to the cemetery, commemorate the deceased, pray for his penetration into paradise.

How to remember

Knowing what happens on the 9th day after death, relatives must remember the deceased, and only the best, brightest, to remember his life and deeds. Church commemoration will not be superfluous, for example, you can order a magpie in the temple for the repose, a requiem or other Christian rites. This is only good, plus the sincere faith of Orthodox Christians. God gives torment to sinners, and relatives and close people should not be greatly killed by the deceased. To remember correctly, it is required:

  • talking about the dead is only good;
  • set a modest table, exclude alcohol;
  • remember only the good;
  • Do not laugh, do not have fun, do not rejoice;
  • behave modestly, restrained.

What happens to the soul after 9 days

After 9 days, the soul goes to hell, can clearly see all the torments of sinners, sincerely repent. She must remember all her wrong actions, obey, recognize the wrongness of her own actions and thoughts. This is a difficult stage, so all relatives should only support the deceased in prayers, church rites, thoughts, and memories. To reliably determine what happens to the deceased soul on the 9th and 40th day of death, it is necessary to resort to scripture.

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Where is the soul of the deceased until 40 days

Many do not understand why they commemorate for 9 and 40 days. The answer is simple – this is the beginning and end of God’s path that the soul makes before receiving its place – in hell or paradise. It turns out that until the fortieth day after the death of the deceased, she is between heaven and earth, experiencing all the pain, longing for relatives, close people. Therefore, do not grieve much, otherwise it will be even harder for a dead person to find eternal peace.

Why celebrate 40 days after death

This is a funeral day. Means farewell to a restless soul. On this day, she acquires her place in eternity, finds peace, experiences humility. The soul until forty days after death is fragile and vulnerable, susceptible to other people’s thoughts, insults, and slander. It is tearing from the inside from pain, but by the 40th day deep calm comes – awareness of one’s place in eternity. Then nothing happens, only oblivion, pleasant memories of life lived.

How to remember

Knowing what happens to the soul on the ninth and fortieth day of death, loved ones should be compassionate and relieve its torment. To do this, do not greatly kill the deceased, rush to the chest of the deceased and jump into the grave at the funeral. From such actions the soul will only get worse, and it experiences acute mental anguish. It is better to grieve in thoughts, to pray more and wish her “Earth, which will become a fluff.” We must try to cope with emotions. From relatives only bright thoughts and complete humility are required, that God so ordered, nothing can be changed.

It is necessary to correctly remember the deceased on day 9, 40, every year on the day of his sudden death. This is an unpleasant event for the whole family, which should take place according to all the rules. So:

  1. Memorial days are counted from the moment a person dies (until midnight). The 9th and 40th day of death signifies the beginning and end of God’s path, when the future fate of the deceased is determined.
  2. Relatives should remember the deceased, and on the modest table the presence of a blessed kutya is desirable. It is required to eat it at least on a spoon.
  3. It is not recommended to remember alcohol (God is not allowed), and the table should be modest, the feast more silent, thoughtful.
  4. It is forbidden to recall the poor qualities of a dead person, to swear and swear, if there are no good words, it’s better to remain silent about everything that happens..

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Where is the soul after 40 days

After the specified period, the soul of the deceased 40 days ago, a person finds peace, forever removed to heaven for eternity. It is possible that she goes to hell for eternal torment for her deeds. In any case, everything that happens to her next is unknown to the living person, and all that remains is to believe in the best, hope for the will of God, the highest mercy.

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