What is a credit vacation at the bank – conditions for the provision and execution

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A bank product credit vacation is a deferment of a monthly payment due to financial problems, which the bank draws up at the request of the borrower, for a certain time. The debtor may ask for a break for loan payments for various reasons: a sudden loss of a job, a serious illness, moving, and other obligations in a person’s life. Vacations are salvation in emergency and difficult life situations.

What is a bank loan vacation?

Credit holidays – deferred payments when paying off a bank loan. They receive it on certain conditions that the bank provides, in most cases for loan terms from one month to one year. There may be two options for credit holidays: “debt freezing” in full or in part. A full delay is granted to a person with a very good credit history, during which you can completely stop paying the loan.

To obtain a deferment, you must contact the bank and provide evidence of a life situation and temporary financial problems. For example, if a person has lost his job, you can register with the state employment service, bring an extract to creditors that you really do not have a job. Partial deferment (the debtor pays only a percentage) – the organization provides those who have a positive credit history. This method allows you to reduce the financial burden on the borrower..

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In what cases are provided

Today, most banks that provide loans provide an opportunity to arrange a vacation on a mortgage, thereby providing the borrower with the opportunity to decide whether to take a partial pause or a full one. This does not mean that you can arrange a deferment at any time. Credit organizations prescribe by what programs or conditions you can take a deferment.

The provision of accrual services is not on a voluntary basis, but paid. The amount of payment is different, depending on the specific conditions of the bank and the conditions under which a loan was taken, the approximate amount is 1000 rubles. After the end of the vacation period, the amount of the loan product will increase: when using the full vacation there will be a recalculation of the amounts of regular payments further. Be prepared to increase amounts and change your monthly payment schedule.

Credit leave is granted for:

  • job loss;
  • serious illness of the borrower;
  • lack of funds for students studying on a contract (while studying);
  • lack of funds for mothers, at birth, maternity leave;
  • lack of funds for borrowers who bought goods by installments.

Terms of receipt

Based on the sanctions or penalties that are accrued for a loan overdue, the amount of additional interest for applying for a deferral service is a penny. Financial holidays are an opportunity to move the payment, they are processed the same way in all banks: the client contacts the department, writes a statement, then waits for a decision for about a week, then a delay is granted. Basic requirements for reducing credit load:

  • there should be no late payments, both for this bank and for other banking organizations;
  • credit should not be restructured;
  • so that there are at least three required payments until the full repayment of the initial loan.

When a bank may refuse a deferred payment

The bank does not always take the client’s side and gives a loan deferral, there are times when the applicant receives refusals:

  • If such manipulation is impossible. The loan agreement does not provide for vacation (for example, urgent loans or for a short period).
  • If the initial loan was issued relatively recently, all banks have their own minimum period, but on average it is about three months, which means that if you have made two obligatory payments (2 months in advance), you need to make a third and then ask deferment.
  • If the borrower has an overdue payment or bad credit history, the bank will refuse. Therefore, do not allow delays, and at the first difficulties, contact a bank employee and clarify about a credit vacation.

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Bank holidays on credit

There are three types of credit holidays:

  1. Deferred payment in full. This is the so-called break between payments. The debtor does not pay monthly installments for a certain period for which a statement is drawn up and approved by the bank. This type of deferral is possible only for a very good reason (for which confirmation is necessary). An example is a serious illness (a certificate from a medical institution is provided) or a job loss.
  2. Deferral of part of the amount (partial). A new contract is being drawn up at the time of the credit vacation, with new amounts to be fully repaid. For example, customers pay half of the initial amount of the debt or only the interest rate, and after the end of the grace period, the balance is recounted and new debts are paid monthly.
  3. Currency change loan. Temporarily changing the currency on payments is beneficial if the dollar falls (and the loan is taken in rubles), or vice versa.

Deferred payment

Deferred lending is very convenient, provided by most financial institutions to help in difficult financial situations. Who can use the service:

  • Contract students (for deferral of study periods).
  • Mortgage borrowers (full or partial change in payments during the repair).
  • Young families with small children have the right to defer a mortgage loan for a couple of years.
  • Customers who purchased goods by installments (shares of banking institutions – holidays are offered at the request of a person or during his vacation).

Partially deferred

Partial deferred loan – convenient. You do not save up funds for payments for later (as with a full delay), but continue to make payments on a monthly basis, but with a more comfortable amount. It can only be an interest rate or a percentage with a portion of the debt. All conditions for repayments and maturities are decided on an individual basis; there is no general scheme for repaying a debt with a partial delay..

Recalculation of the size of payments with a change in the currency of payment

An unstable exchange rate is reflected on customers, especially those whose income currency differs from credit. Income decreases – debt growth increases. Earlier, when there was a sharp jump in the dollar due to the ruble depreciation, replacing it was profitable, now the situation is different and the course is stable, there are no prerequisites for the growth of the currency. Result – change of currency is not profitable.

By changing the currency, you thereby increase the size of the monthly payment, while the conversion procedure itself will not be cheap. After such a step, you will have to conclude a new debt agreement, pay a commission for opening a new credit card. To refinance a loan, new solvency documents will be needed. Before you recalculate with a change in currency, you need to weigh all the pros and cons, take into account the exchange rate for a given period, calculate the percentage, and then determine the feasibility of the transition.

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How to get a credit vacation

It is necessary to contact the bank branch immediately when problems arise, and not reluctantly delay the monthly payment. If the terms of the contract stipulate holidays, it is necessary to determine the type (partial or full) and provide the bank with documentation that confirms the fact and causes of temporary disability (certificate of serious illness, an extract from the employment service, etc.). After submitting the application, it takes from 3 to 5 days, through which you will receive a response on approval or refusal.

Rules for registration

Many banks issue an installment plan only after providing documents on the financial situation of the client at the moment, but some provide this service and simply at the request of the borrower, at the same time conclude the necessary additional agreements and pay commissions. The exact rules are indicated by the loan agreement, but more often the registration takes place according to this pattern:

  1. The borrower informs the bank’s loan manager about the desire to get a vacation.
  2. Necessary additional documents are collected.
  3. An application and original documents are submitted to the bank.
  4. Upon approval, a loan agreement and a bank card are drawn up, the schedule of payments and the maturity of the debt are agreed.
  5. After the entry into the new conditions of the contract, the client is obliged to make payments according to the new repayment schedule..

Vacation Application

The application is submitted in any form, it must be indicated in it:

  • Name, number of the loan agreement and its table of contents;
  • the reason you need a delay;
  • further indicate that you are not refusing to pay a loan, but ask for temporary interruptions in payments (so that late fees are not charged);
  • put date and signature.

Further, the employee accepts the application and enters it into the database with an individual number and a wet seal. You will be given an identical copy, also certified by a seal. Make sure that the application is entered in the registration book and the presence of seals on it, if you refuse to accept the application, demand a written refusal. Prepare for interest rates to rise after credit breaks.

Financial Impairment Documents

To confirm the fact of financial difficulties, you can provide the following documentation:

  • certificate of incapacity for work of a client or a member of his family;
  • accident certificate;
  • birth certificate of children;
  • certificate of parental leave;
  • employment record, where is the dismissal note;
  • order for reduction from the place of work;
  • other references confirming changes in the financial position of the borrower.

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Which banks provide credit holidays

A large number of banks offer credit leave (if initially signing a loan agreement, a deferral clause was included) in a short time. The list of the largest banks that provide vacations: Promsvyazbank, Alfa Bank, Vostochny Express Bank, Sberbank of Russia, VTB Bank, Raiffeisenbank.

Credit vacation at Sberbank

The organization provides deferred payments, which act as debt restructuring in order to reduce the amount of monthly payments. The service is provided only if there are supporting documents about the difficult financial situation. Deferrals are made out only to customers who have no debts not only in Sberbank, but also in other banks. The maximum period for which debt restructuring can be formalized can be up to 12 months.

Mortgage Holidays from Alfa Bank

Alfa-Bank provides only a partial delay, that is, payments on the main account of the loan are suspended, and interest for use continues to accrue. The maximum service period is one year. To receive, you must submit supporting documents and certificates of absence of debts in other banking institutions. Applications are reviewed throughout
one month.

Deferral of payments at VTB 24

The opportunity to defer a loan can be obtained no more than once every 12 months for 1 or 2 payments. After using the service, payments do not increase, and the loan term is extended. The service is offered to customers only when:

  • positive credit histories at VTB Bank of Moscow or other financial organizations;
  • in the absence of current debts;
  • in the absence of restructuring options during the year.

Advantages and disadvantages of a financial vacation

The terms of financial vacations are selected individually and can last a couple of months or a couple of years. The following advantages of this procedure are distinguished:

  • the opportunity not to become a debtor;
  • not get into the black list of banks;
  • avoid confiscation of property and lawsuits.

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Disadvantages of financial holidays:

  • loan overpayments will increase, as the loan amount will not decrease.
  • interest for using holidays and penalties will go to the bank.
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