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Network companies try to attract customers with various bonuses. Someone arranges grand sales of cosmetics or clothing from past collections, and some stores are introducing a customer loyalty system. Its part consists of discount cards that allow the buyer to receive a discount when purchasing goods for a certain amount. Next, we will consider the pros and cons of such a system.

What is a discount card?

Increasing the profits of an enterprise comes first for any businessman. The discount card system is designed to help achieve this goal:

  1. It helps to increase brand loyalty, sales growth and regularity of purchases..
  2. Customers get a chance to save on large purchases and gain more positive emotions from shopping.
  3. The type of card may vary depending on the outlet where the buyer received it or what is its status (VIP, normal). She can operate in one store or among a network of companies.

Why do I need a discount card?

The first objective of this tool is to expand the target audience through profitable offers for customers. Some enterprises order mass production of cards in anticipation of all kinds of local promotions and sales. The event leaves a good impression with buyers. The introduction of discount cards in the business is necessary to solve the following problems:

  • Establish customer feedback. If you order the production of cards with an identification barcode or magnetic strip, you can get personal information about the buyer.
  • Customer needs analysis to develop tailor-made rewards programs specifically for him.
  • Improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. A variety of videos and flyers will never be able to increase demand and brand loyalty, as well as the opportunity to get a discount on the next purchase of products.

Plastic discount cards

What gives the buyer

The main advantage that holders of discount cards emphasize is the ability to purchase goods and services at a reduced price through the use of discounts. This is especially beneficial for customers making purchases for large sums of money or constantly updating technical devices. The list of other advantages of discount cards for customers is as follows:

  • the ability to accumulate discounts and bonuses;
  • a chance to get any prize as a result of a promotion at a point of sale;
  • the opportunity to accumulate points for buying goods at a substantial discount or getting things for free;
  • receiving information about sales, prize draws and other promotions of the company.

Production of discount cards

It all starts with the development of a strategy for introducing a trading instrument into a selected business. After this stage is completed, they begin to develop a map layout. It is necessary not only to think over the design, but also the technical features of the implementation of the program at the facility, in retail outlets. Each card is assigned a number, which is then entered into the company’s system. After that, the finished layout is sent to the printing house selected for printing.

Manufacturing cost

You can order discount plastic cards at any printing house. The manufacturing price depends on the circulation, material and technical features of the product. Paper cards are cheaper, but applying a magnetic strip to them will be difficult. In addition, customers often lose or spoil them. If you need anonymous inexpensive cards (not registered), then it is better to give preference to cardboard. The average cost of such a product will be 7 rubles. To make plastic cards, you have to spend from 14 rubles per 1 piece.

Printing discount cards in Moscow

The best solution would be to contact the printing house with a long record of work and a proven track record. The organization will not only help with the selection of materials, but will also give some tips on personalizing discount cards. Such services are provided by many Moscow printing houses. Before contacting one of the companies, study the requirements for layouts. Many enterprises do not undertake to print cards if the image resolution is less than 300 dpi.

Discount plastic cards

Where to order

A variety of organizations offer discount card and business card printing. Before contacting one of them, you should check the reviews of real customers. You can order discount cards at a large printing production company or a small printing house. The advantage of the first option is a quick print run, and in the second case, you can get a consultation with the company’s designer regarding product design.

Types of discount cards

The essence of this tool is to encourage the buyer when buying goods. Many people think that discount cards are only plastic, but this is not so. Some of them are issued in the form of a coupon, with the help of which you can save by buying any product. The discount card has its expiration date. When it expires, take advantage of the bonuses will not work. The following types of cards are allocated for discounts:

  • Bonus. Based on the accumulation of points that the owner can spend to pay for services or goods.
  • Club. They are received by the vip-buyer when spending a certain amount of money. The higher the amount, the more benefits the owner receives. Often such club options make it possible to attend company private events.
  • Cumulative. Reduce the amount of the purchase by a certain percentage. All manipulations on such cards in retail outlets are saved, so that over time the size of the discount increases.
  • Fixed. They are issued free of charge. Cards have a validity period after which they become invalid. You can extend them by making a purchase at a boutique or mall..

Also, the cards are divided into local and territorial. The first type is valid only within one or more organizations. Territorial cards are needed to receive a bonus in any part of the country where the network of companies is located. In rare cases, a discount may be valid in foreign branches of organizations located in other countries..

How discount cards work

There are several ways this system functions. In one case, the client receives a benefit from each purchase equal to 5-10% of the value of the goods. Most organizations prefer implementing rollup cards. They give the client financial benefits: the ability to accumulate bonuses and then spend them. The discount system implemented in partnership with other organizations offers the buyer the opportunity to purchase goods at a discount on the network of different brands.

Girl with a plastic card in hand


The interest of customers in these cards is based on the accumulation of money that can be spent on goods or services. A discount plastic card of this type implies special conditions for using bonuses. For example, many companies set payment limits of at most 30% of the amount indicated on the check. In addition, bonuses can burn out if not used..


Each action on such a card is stored in the point of sale / network system. After reaching a certain amount, an increase in the size of the discount occurs. The advantages of cards of this type include the ability to save money when buying any product. After reaching a certain amount, the percentage increases. Such cards act as gift cards in many stores and boutiques. Their pros and cons for trading enterprises are as follows:

  • bind the client to receive bonuses in a particular company;
  • stimulate to periodic purchase, acquisition of new products;
  • demonstrate a high level of loss of income with direct discounts;
  • can be used by competitors;
  • require large financial costs for the introduction of a single discount system.
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