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In order for sex to bring true pleasure and last as long as possible, the genitals of the partners must be moist. The more a woman is aroused, the more natural lubrication her vagina secretes. However, for some reason, the body fluid is not enough, and the participants in the process are uncomfortable. In such cases, you must use a special gel lubricant. What is a lubricant, how to choose the right tool? Find out about it and the delicate problem will be solved..

What is intimate lubrication

Appearance intimate lubrication

Lubricant is a substance that facilitates friction. If natural lubrication is not enough, then you should consider using a good gel. He will make sex much brighter, more enjoyable, longer. Lubricant for sexual intercourse is made on the basis of various substances. Why do I need gel lubricant? Main reasons:

  • Provides better condom gliding in the vagina or anus.
  • Strengthens, maintains abundant lubrication of the genitals. Eliminates the unpleasant sensation of friction, which often occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, after childbirth, with thrush or other inflammatory processes of the vagina.
  • Facilitates the introduction of the penis, which is especially important when a man has an erection disorder.
  • It helps to open new facets in each other, arouse sensuality, enhance excitement, and restore acuity to relationships.

Types of Lubricants

Durex Gel

There are three types of lubricants. Their composition is different: water-based, silicone, oil. The first group of lubricants is the most common. Means are easily washed off, but quickly dry. Minus – can provoke the reproduction of yeast due to the content of glycerol or sugars. Silicone lubricants last longer, but sometimes cause genital irritation. Silicone is difficult to wash with bedding. Oil lubricants often lead to unplanned conception, as they destroy latex condoms. They include vitamin E, petroleum jelly.

At the pharmacy

At this place you can purchase a variety of lubricants. There are lubricants that are also contraceptives. They contain substances with spermicidal and antiseptic effects. If a condom breaks when using this lubricant, the risk of an unwanted pregnancy will be minimized. Before use, find out what lubricants from a pharmacy are, what they are for.

Anal lubrication

Not all girls love anal sex, but the fairer sex, who used a special lubricant, often change their attitude to this type of sexual joy. These greases have a thicker consistency, act as anesthetics. Analgesic components relax the muscles of the anus, psychologically tune in the right way, and help to experience pleasant sensations. The most common gel lubricants in this category:

  • Contex Strong. A water-based lubricant provides good glide, dries for a long time, helps to relax, has a healing property. Disadvantages: no anesthetics or fragrances. Contex includes glycerin, water, aloe vera extract and other excipients. Alcohol free.
  • Durex Play Heat. According to the instructions, the lubricant can be used for vaginal and oral sex. Durex has a warming effect. The composition is based on glycerol. The substance is easily washed off with water, does not destroy the structure of the condom, does not leave spots.
  • Adam & Eve with lidocaine. The lubricant completely suppresses pain. Water-based grease does not contain flavorings, does not have a taste. Provides soft glide and prolong sexual intercourse.

Varieties of anal lubrication

Vaginal lubricant for women moisturizing

Of the inexpensive lubricants, it is worth noting the same Contex and its analogue Durex. Almost all varieties are designed for vaginal intercourse. Contex Wave is a panthenol lubricant that moisturizes and heals small cracks. Another great lubricant is Faberlic in the Brise d’Amour series. It is inexpensive, compatible with latex, and well eliminates vaginal dryness. Active ingredient – glycerin.

An alternative that gynecologists recommend is Montavit Gel. The composition of the lubricant is standard. Gel-grease does not cause irritation and side effects. Some users, seeing glycerol and chlorhexidine in the composition, speak about the harmfulness of Montavit, but in practice this is rarely confirmed. The lubricant is odorless, economically consumed. Montavit gel is available in tubes of 50 g.

Natural lubricants

Vaginal lubricant for women moisturizing

What is a natural lubricant, is it dangerous to health? List of substances that replace pharmacy products and do not harm health:

  • grape seed oil, jojoba, rape, yellow hawthorn – improve the quality of sexual intercourse and even help to get pregnant;
  • egg white (after using it, wash thoroughly);
  • natural yogurt without probiotics and sugar;
  • Coconut oil;
  • Vaseline oil.

How to make intimate lubrication with your own hands

Couple in love

If you are shy or do not want to buy a lubricant, do it yourself. You can use these options only if you are healthy. Here are some great recipes:

  1. Banana grease. Grind the pulp of the fruit in a blender, mix with a little water and 3-5 drops of glycerin. Lubricant relieves dry genital organs, envelops you with a pleasant aroma.
  2. Kissel from starch. Take starch and water in a 1: 1 ratio, cook the mixture over low heat until you get a viscous sliding liquid.
  3. Take any of the above vegetable oils, add a few drops of aphrodisiac to it. An unforgettable experience is provided for you!
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