What is brunch – the history of the term and a sample menu for a family Sunday brunch

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In Russia, the tradition of Sunday and Saturday breakfasts in the family circle only appears. For Europe, a morning trip to a cafe or restaurant on a day off has long been a familiar thing. What is a brunch, what dishes are on the menu, what are its main advantages, thanks to which this ritual does not lose its popularity even after 100 years?

Sunday brunch

The English term “brunch” occurs by merging the two words “breakfast” (breakfast) and “lunch” (lunch). Brunch is a weekend brunch that spills over into an early lunch. Morning meal falls on the interval from 11.00 to 15.00 hours. The difference between a brunch and a traditional lunch is not so much in the preparation of special dishes, but in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere..


The beginning of the emergence of the English term is associated with the writer L. Carroll. As a student, a young dreamer invited teachers and classmates to have breakfast together on a day off outside the university. Friendly gatherings dragged on, and ended with a joint dinner. The term “brunch” came into widespread use in 1896, when the British publication Punch published an article about Sunday food. In the 30s of the twentieth century, the morning ritual of eating was widespread in America, and has since become a mandatory attribute of a weekend.

Family at the table

Brunch in a restaurant

Allocate brunches for special occasions. So, hotels and restaurants around the world serve delicious treats on holidays such as Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day. Late breakfasts are also gaining popularity in Russia, accompanied by entertainment shows and dance programs. Interesting thematic brunches, for example, fish, meat, European, Italian, Asian. Although the main thing in all this action is not food, but a relaxed atmosphere.

Brunch menu

There is no specific dish that must be present on the table during brunch. The diet is no different from a traditional meal. For the UK, brunch has become a good tradition. In restaurants in England, a specific menu for this day has been compiled, which necessarily contains 7 ingredients:

  1. slices of bacon;
  2. fried eggs from 2 eggs;
  3. fried sausages;
  4. halves of tomatoes;
  5. Champignon;
  6. toasts soaked in butter or margarine;
  7. white beans;

An English bottle of delicious ketchup is surely served for breakfast, and at the end – strong tea with milk, toast, pancakes and strawberry jam. All these preparations are designed for 1 person. Other countries offer their own variations of the menu: french fries and sandwiches from McDonald’s (USA); toasts with jam and croissants (France); Baoji steam cakes, fuju or rice porridge, tea (China).

Brunch set table

Family brunch

The Sunday tradition of family meals is held outside the walls of the house to free the hostess from cooking. In addition to traditional breakfasts, salads, fish, meat, potato dishes, fruit puddings are also available. Alcoholic beverages are also not prohibited, for example, “Bloody Mary”, sparkling champagne, “Mimosa”, Irish coffee.


The brunch can serve not only as a family breakfast, but also as an official weekend reception. For entrepreneurs and diplomats, this format allows you to get to know each other and get to know each other better in an informal setting. Each country has its own traditions and etiquette. For example, in China it is considered bad form to come to an invited person to a morning feast without a gift. There are no special requirements for the appearance, the only thing that is inappropriate is makeup, perfumes and jewelry. The approximate composition of the menu for this case:

  • fish;
  • vegetables;
  • sausages;
  • Dessert;
  • bakery products;
  • tea;
  • coffee;
  • juices;
  • cocktails;
  • wine.

Brunch Dishes

For children

The concept of “children’s brunch” is gaining popularity. Not every child will be able to withstand a long meal, so restaurants take over the organization of children’s leisure: animators perform, competitions, performances, performances, master classes are held. In order for the younger generation not to interfere with the rest of adults, a delicious buffet with specially prepared sweets is organized for them..

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