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The use of nitrogen in the liquid state of aggregation is appropriate in modern medicine; this valuable component is extracted from gas. For example, to get 1 dewar vessel (1 liter) of the specified substance, it will be necessary to use about 700 liters of its gaseous analogue. In the modern world, the sale of substances has been established, this component of air is used in many areas of life, including cosmetology. Before visiting a pharmacy, you need to find out why it is needed, what role it plays for a person.

What is liquid nitrogen?

It is an inert gas, which is an integral component of air. Its weight is 14, 0067 a. E. m, the designation in the formulas is N, is in the chemical table of Mendeleev. Liquid nitrogen is an aggregate form of nitrogen, which is characterized by the absence of toxicity, corrosion, explosion hazard under normal conditions, high boiling point. Such a composition will not burn, and when extinguishing a fire, it displaces oxygen, reducing extensive sources of fire. Scientists of more than one generation are actively talking about the properties of a chemical substance.


It is an inert gas, non-combustible, without color and odor. In liquid form, it will burn poorly, while it is prone not only to freezing, but also to freezing, which is especially important for modern medicine. Weighs 14.0067 a. E. m. – light, rises under pressure. At a temperature of 195 degrees, it boils, and freezing occurs at a temperature indicator of 200 degrees Celsius. The properties of nitrogen make it possible to use it in different spheres of life, subject to safety rules. When asked where to buy, the first thing you need to decide on the purpose of acquisition.

How do

The liquid form of this compound can only be obtained under laboratory conditions. The technological process is based on the exothermic decomposition of ammonium nitrite with the release of energy. First, the vessel is brought to a boil, then cooled (crystallization occurs). The second method is the fractional distillation of liquid air in the atmosphere. Repeating such experiments in a home environment is not possible even with the appropriate education – the wrong conditions.

Liquid nitrogen in containers and flowers

Nitrogen application

The liquid form of this chemical element found its application in several directions at once, for example, it is actively involved in the removal of papillomas and warts, a number of surgical procedures, to create spectacular movie stunts in world cinema. You can talk about the use of nitrogen for hours, so the following are the most relevant and sought-after areas:

  • cryotherapy;

  • firefighting;
  • freezing of organic and inorganic materials;
  • cryopreservation of cells;
  • cryogenic cutting;
  • cooling of various machinery and equipment.

In industry

Before ordering such a unique product, it is important to determine the storage conditions. Closed rooms are strictly prohibited as a storage facility, there must be powerful ventilation. Liquid nitrogen should be stored cold in containers that should only occupy an upright position. For domestic purposes, it is appropriate to liquefy a substance in a Chinese ordinary thermos.

The use of nitrogen in industry is relevant when working with equipment that gradually heats up under the influence of a load. The liquid form of said trace element contributes to the natural cooling of the technique. Nitrogen can be used in other areas of production. It:

  • creating an inert tank environment for the upcoming transportation of natural gas;

  • nitrogen fertilizer production, ammonia synthesis;
  • processing of ferrous metals;
  • fire fighting in coal mines;
  • pressure reduction in oil wells.


In cosmetology

The use of this chemical element in modern cosmetology is appropriate due to the high boiling point. It serves to refuel medical equipment, the main direction of which is cryotherapy. In the absence of contraindications, it has tremendous benefits for the health and aesthetic attractiveness of the skin. In cosmetology, the substance is necessary for the rapid and painless excretion of papillomas and warts. It is possible to apply its properties and characteristics in the following directions:

  • elimination of acne and pink acne;

  • increasing the threshold of pain sensitivity for better transfer of cosmetic procedures;
  • elimination of edema after aesthetic and surgical procedures;
  • improved wound healing;
  • elimination of acute skin inflammation;
  • prevention of rapid aging of the dermis;
  • cryoapplication;
  • cryomassage;
  • successful fight against signs of cellulitis.

In medicine

It’s difficult to get a bottle with such an element of the periodic table in a pharmacy; ordering a liquid online is also not always possible. Use is recommended only in a hospital under strict medical supervision. In addition to dermatology, the element is used for other areas, for example, it is part of an anesthetic complex, improves recovery in the postoperative period. The use of nitrogen in medicine provides for other, no less relevant areas:

  • treatment of oily skin, cleansing the face of acne symptoms, acne;

  • providing a stable analgesic effect;
  • normalization of systemic circulation;
  • elimination of ulcers, erosion of the mucous membranes;
  • treatment of severe patients in the field of surgery.

Cryomassage of the face with liquid nitrogen


If you order nitrogen with home delivery, the desired result after the course taken may not be. Obtaining a therapeutic effect is still in doubt, since superficial self-medication is doubtful in relation to the positive dynamics of the disease. Treatment should be fully prescribed after diagnosis by the attending physician, while it will be expensive.

If you buy a substance in a pharmacy, you can take nitrogenium on cotton wool and freeze the wart, but do not touch healthy skin. Learning about such a rapid result, many patients are animatedly interested in how much liquid nitrogen costs in a pharmacy. Injections with the substance not only relieve pain, but also can make the dermis healthy, young, updated.


Before you buy for cosmetology or therapeutic purposes, you need to familiarize yourself with the contraindications (where can we expect a deterioration in overall health). If no restrictions are observed, deliveries of the element are arranged in Moscow, St. Petersburg and not only. The cost depends on the procedure that the patient has to go through. A cryomassage session can be obtained at prices starting from 500 rubles, cauterization of cervical erosion – from 1,000 rubles. Prices are based on the area that requires treatment..

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