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On a train trip, you need to take documents, money, clothes, food, medicines and personal hygiene products. To organize leisure, you need to stock up on crosswords, a book, a player with headphones and toys for children, if they are traveling with you.

List of things to travel

When going on a trip, first make a list of things on the train, and then carefully check it. Think about how important each item brought into it is, whether it will be needed on the road. The most necessary things on the train:

  1. Documents. Without a passport, a birth certificate and tickets to the car will not be allowed.
  2. Money. Cash will come in handy both on the road (for the purchase of food, tea, bedclothes), and upon arrival (to get to the place of residence, pay for housing, if it is rented).
  3. Clothes for the train, shoes. They should be comfortable for moving around the car, sleeping and match the time of year.
  4. Hygiene products. Comb, toothpaste, brush, soap, wet and dry wipes, antiseptics for hands will help to put yourself in order, to protect against infection during travel.
  5. Drinks, food on the train. Home-made products will be cheaper and tastier than in a dining car. The main thing is to bring food that will not go bad. For example, fruits, vegetables, dried cookies, dried fruits and nuts.
  6. Crockery, cutlery. The conductor does not always have enough glasses for tea, and having your own mug, you will always make a drink (soup, porridge). Disposable plates, spoons, forks will be needed for eating, and a knife – for cutting food.
  7. Medicines. On the train, you must take the drugs that you take daily, and essential drugs from the home medicine cabinet.
  8. Baby supplies. For the baby, it is recommended to assemble a separate bag with the same set of things: from removable clothes and hygiene items to toys.
  9. Technical devices. A mobile phone is needed for communication, a tablet, laptop, reader – for leisure or work. The main thing is to take for each of them chargers and an external battery (Power Bank) in case of absence or breakdown of the outlet.
  10. Entertainment. It is advisable to take care of leisure and take a book for reading or crosswords with you on the train, rather than counting on a talkative compartment neighbor.

Checklist of what to take along

Clothes and shoes

Things on the train need to be selected based on the time of year. The branded units have air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter, so the air temperature is comfortable there. Conventional long-distance Russian Railways trains are not equipped with split systems. In winter, they are heated, but often through the windows. To make the trip comfortable, bring along such clothes and shoes:

  • a T-shirt (shirt) made of cotton, shorts (breeches) – for the warm season;
  • a shirt (turtleneck, warm sweater), jeans (comfortable trousers, leggings) or a tracksuit – for the winter;
  • interchangeable underwear, socks (cotton for summer, woolen for winter);
  • slippers (flip flops, sandals);
  • light or warm pajamas for sleeping.

Documents and Gadgets

For valuables, it is recommended that you allocate a small hand luggage, which will be convenient to carry everywhere and can be stored under a pillow. What to put in a bag (purse):

  • passports
  • train tickets;
  • birth certificates of children;
  • school, medical certificates and policies, a power of attorney for the child (if necessary);
  • documents related to the purpose of the trip (if any);
  • money.

In addition, it is advisable to carry a mobile phone and jewelry with you. A lot of cash with you is not recommended. Enough of a small amount to buy something on the train or at the station. The remaining money is best stored on a bank card. If not, divide cash into 2 parts.

Carry one (small) amount with you, along with documents, hide the rest of the money deep into the suitcase.

Modern gadgets are means not only for entertainment, but also for communication, communication. Which of them may be needed on the train:

  • mobile phone (smartphone);
  • headphones;
  • MP3 player
  • PSP box
  • the tablet;
  • a laptop;
  • electronic book;
  • chargers, external battery.

Train Travel Tablet

Personal hygiene products

What basic necessities and personal care products do you need to take with you when planning to travel by train:

  • a comb;
  • a small mirror;
  • toothpaste, brush;
  • deodorant (toilet water);
  • wet and paper towels;
  • toilet paper;
  • bar soap or hand antiseptic;
  • cosmetics, sanitary pads (for women);
  • shaving accessories (for men);
  • towel.

First-aid kit for adults and children

During the trip, often there are health problems, so it is important to have a mini first aid kit on hand. What medications to take with you on the train:

  • painkillers (Pentalgin, Paracetamol, Nimesulide, No-Shpa);
  • antipyretic (Aspirin, Nurofen, Panadol);
  • antiallergenic (Cetrin, Suprastin, Fenistil);
  • antiviral (Kagocel, Viferon);
  • soothing (tincture of motherwort, Valerian);
  • from indigestion, to improve digestion (Smecta, Mezim, Imodium);
  • for the heart (Validol, Corvaluation);
  • from poisoning (Atoxil, Polysorb, activated carbon);
  • for the throat (Lysobact, Strepsils, Hexoral);
  • from a cold (Nazivin, Rinostop);
  • against motion sickness (Dramina, Avia-Sea);
  • bloating (Espumisan);
  • with itching, insect bites (Fenistil gel);
  • against constipation (Dufalac);
  • from ear pain (Otipax);
  • for cuts, wounds (hydrogen peroxide, bandage, patch, iodine, Streptocide).

First Aid Kit

What food to take on the train

Eating food from cafes and canteens at stations is unsafe for health, and eating in a dining car is expensive. Better to bring homemade food with you. In addition to food, it is advisable to stock up with disposable plastic dishes and garbage bags. When compiling the “road” menu, be guided by the following rules:

  • choose products that are stored for a long time without a refrigerator;
  • do not take food with a strong smell, dirty hands, clothes;
  • give preference to food that saturates the body with energy and will be tasty cold.

Packed lunch on the road

Fast food is very popular today. Not all products are good for the body, but on a long journey, such food becomes an excellent alternative to cold snacks. Noodles and mashed potatoes with meat are already sold with cups, containers, so they are easy to prepare on the train. You can take boiling water with you in a thermos or ask the guide. For soups and cereals have to stock up on disposable dishes.

For ardent opponents of fast food, you can take such a snack on the road:

  1. Dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots, prunes). They should be washed well before the trip. Dried fruits saturate well, energize the body.
  2. Nuts (walnuts, peanuts, almonds), sweets (sweets, crackers, gingerbread cookies, waffles, cookies), candied fruits. They are convenient to eat, they well satisfy hunger.
  3. Vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers), fruits (apples, bananas, pears). Food is recommended to take the freshest, without signs of spoilage. Before expensive fruits, vegetables need to be washed and peeled.
  4. Breakfast cereals (corn flakes, rice balls). Such food can be eaten dry or filled with long-term storage milk from small packages (200 ml).
  5. Tea bags, coffee, sugar. Of these, you can always make a hot drink by asking the conductor for boiling water.

Nuts and Sandwiches

Homemade food

Drinks, groceries and home-made meals on the go:

  • chicken (fried without oil or boiled);
  • beef, veal (boiled, baked);
  • jacket baked potatoes;
  • first hot dishes in a thermos;
  • hard-boiled eggs (no cracks);
  • sandwiches from long loaf with cream or hard cheese, smoked sausage (without butter);
  • cakes with dried fruits, cinnamon rolls;
  • sliced ​​bread, pita bread;
  • bottled water, fruit, vegetable juices, unsweetened compote, kvass;
  • salt.

What to take with you in the hot season

In summer, inside the cars it is very hot. From this food spoils faster, it can not be taken even to the nearest station. If there is no cooler bag, some foods will have to be discarded. Food that is not recommended to be taken with you on the train in the summer:

  • chocolate (melts from the heat);
  • boiled sausage;
  • pastries, cakes with cream;
  • fish, meat pastes;
  • dishes with sour cream, mayonnaise;
  • any fish;
  • dairy, dairy products.

Food for travel that you can take with you in the summer:

  • peeled baked potatoes;
  • fried chicken, boiled beef, the first dish – in a thermos for food;
  • boiled eggs;
  • bread rolls;
  • fresh vegetables, fruits;
  • hard cheese, raw smoked sausage (vacuum packaging);
  • breakfast cereals (oatmeal, cornflakes);
  • dried fruits;
  • nuts
  • jam, jam;
  • gingerbread cookies, dry cookies, waffles.

Baked potato with peel and dried fruits

How to keep food on the train

In conditions of lack of air and high temperature inside the cars, food spoils much faster. To protect yourself from poisoning, to preserve the freshness of products longer, it is recommended to take a thermal pack and a source of cold – a battery. It is filled with saline, which freezes at low temperatures..

Before traveling, the battery should be placed for several hours (or all night) inside the freezer, and then transferred to a thermal package with food. The device acts like a refrigerator, so the food will remain fresh for 8-12 hours.

Instead of batteries, you can freeze half-liter plastic bottles with mineral water. Inside thermal packs, they will defrost slowly. So, for 6-8 hours you will be provided with a refrigerator and cool drinking water. It is recommended to wrap the products themselves with parchment paper or foil. Plastic bags do not let air through, food inside them suffocates and deteriorates faster.

What to travel with children

The list of things and accessories for the child depends on the age of the baby. For infants, it is necessary to take diapers, a pacifier, wet wipes, diapers, oilcloth and care products (powder, creams). If the baby is on artificial feeding, you will need bottles and dry infant formula, a thermos with hot water.

The train for children must take comfortable shoes, clothes that are easy to put on or take off. It is advisable to capture home pajamas, so that the baby was as comfortable as possible to sleep in a new place. If the baby still does not know how to go to the toilet himself, it is necessary to take a folding pot and disposable bags for him, wet wipes. It is important not to forget about hygiene products – a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, towel, hand antiseptic.

The brake on the road for the child should be collected at home. It is absolutely impossible to feed babies with food purchased at the stations in a restaurant car. New food can lead to allergies, stale – to poisoning, upset stomach. For a snack, it is advisable to stock up on dryers, crackers, fruits, vegetables, and mashed potatoes. You can also take instant cereals that do not require cooking, but simply dissolve with water or milk.

What to take on vacation at sea with a baby

How to keep a child on the train

If you have a long journey by train (a day or more), you need to take care of the leisure for the child. The choice of entertainment depends on the age, gender and preferences of the baby. What to bring with you to organize fun and train games for children:

  • tablet, laptop, smartphone (for children of preschool, school age);
  • album, coloring, pencils, felt-tip pens;
  • developing game (cubes with pictures, lacing, puzzle, constructor);
  • a new machine for a boy;
  • favorite soft toy;
  • a new doll for the girl;
  • board game (chess, checkers, lotto);
  • aqua doodle;
  • rattle, pyramid (for a small child);
  • a collection of poems and fairy tales by age, a book with stickers;
  • notebook and pen for the game “Tic-tac-toe”, “Sea battle”.
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