What will happen if you do not have sex for a long time: 12 consequences of sexual abstinence

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Intimacy is an important part of a person’s life. Sex is necessary not only for procreation, but also for the normal functioning of the body. Abstinence can cause unpleasant physical and psychological consequences. They not only harm health, but also significantly worsen the quality of human life.

Decreased immunity


Abstinence increases the risk of catching a cold or flu. During sex, the body produces endorphins, which strengthen the immune system. Studies have shown that saliva in people with regular intimacy contains a high concentration of antibodies. Immunoglobulins increase disease resistance.

The problem with self-esteem

A long time without sex leads to the fact that a person loses attractiveness for the opposite sex. Over time, such thoughts, combined with dissatisfaction, cause a decrease in self-esteem. This reduces the chances of a regular intimate life. It turns out a vicious circle. To increase self-esteem, it is important to have sex 2 times a week. This will give a person a sense of self-confidence, security in a relationship.

Harder to control the bladder

Life without sex negatively affects all organs. One of them is the bladder. During intense intercourse, the pelvic floor muscles train. Abstinence or irregular intimacy leads to their weakening. If a person is still not involved in sports, there is a high risk of urinary incontinence.

High blood pressure

How many kilocalories are spent during sex?

Sex life can be attributed to aerobic training. It helps maintain normal blood pressure, which is especially true in the absence of other physical exertion. If a man or woman has abstinence, they need to go in for sports. Swimming or running 2 times a week will help to maintain normal pressure..

Stress and anxiety

Sexual intercourse is a discharge not only for the body, but also for the brain. During intimacy, it produces serotonin, hormones of happiness, and other chemicals. Lack of sex leads to stress. A person becomes more anxious, suffers problems.

To relieve stress, find a permanent partner or build relationships with who you are. This will improve the mood, fill the mind with calm. If sex isn’t foreseen for a long time, find other ways to release endorphins and serotonin..

Trouble sleeping

Due to anxiety, constant stress, the quality of rest at night or day worsens. Sleep becomes restless, intermittent, or short. The reason for this condition is a lack of oxytocin and prolactin. These hormones relax the muscles of the body and brain, and prevent insomnia..

Heart attack risk

Benefits for the male body

In people with prolonged abstinence, the level of important sex steroids – estrogen and progesterone – drops. Hormone imbalance increases the risk of heart problems.

The lack of sex causes a lack of physical activity, which increases the risk of myocardial infarction.

It is important to train the main muscle of the body, because during intercourse, heart contractions become more frequent. Intimacy is a two-in-one exercise. Heart training combined with normalization of blood pressure.

Memory impairment

Sex is not only an exercise for the body, but also for the mind. During intercourse, the brain is actively working. Its cells are renewed, the speed of neural reactions increases. This leads to improved memory, attention and thinking..

Severe menstruation

Studies and observations by doctors have revealed that having sex during menstruation can relieve pain and cramping. The uterus is a muscle. When an orgasm occurs, its intense contraction occurs, which increases the flow of blood. This reduces cramping during menstruation. An increase in the level of endorphins makes a woman calmer during menstruation. Oxytocin improves sleep, reduces the number of hot flashes characteristic of premenopausal women.

Decreased libido

If you do not have sex for a long time, interest in the process itself is lost. A person feels tired, lethargic, with time the desire for intimacy disappears. For some, the opposite situation – the absence of discharge provokes increased sexual desire. It’s better not to bring this up and have sex regularly. This will help keep the libido normal..

Discomfort and pain during intercourse in women

Elderly couple

Sexual abstinence is harmful to the health of both sexes. In women, the vaginal walls become thinner with age, which causes pain during intercourse. The reason for this condition is estrogen deficiency. This hormone is also responsible for the release of lubricant in intimate proximity.

During menopause, women need regular sex.

If this is not possible, replace sexual contact with self-satisfaction, watching erotic films.

Lack of intimacy causes discomfort in young girls. The longer the abstinence, the more time is needed for arousal. This is due to the production of sex steroids, which are responsible for women’s health. It is important to accustom the body to regular sexual contacts, then hormonal imbalance will not threaten.

Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Lack of sex for men is even harder than for women. Lack of sexual contact is reflected in psychology. Self-doubt, causeless aggression arise when any quarrel provokes a conflict. All this affects the physiology. Blood pressure rises, the risk of cardiovascular disease. Long abstinence in men leads to acne, worsening well-being.

Worst of all, erectile dysfunction, when a person cannot have sexual intercourse.

This condition is temporary for young men. It is dangerous for older people to abstain – complete impotence can occur, which is associated with a violation of blood circulation in the pelvis, affecting the functioning of the penis. This is also a muscle that needs to be trained regularly. For this reason, try to have sex or find another way to intimate discharge.

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