Where does the soul go after a person dies?

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According to Christian beliefs, after death, a person continues to live, but in a different capacity. His spirit, having left the physical shell, begins its journey to God. What is the ordeal, where does the soul fall after death, should it fly away, and what happens to it after separation from the body? After death, the spirit of the deceased is tested by tests. In Christian culture, they are called “ordeal.” There are twenty of them, each more complicated than the previous one, depending on the sins committed by a person during his life. After this, the spirit of the deceased falls into Heaven or is cast down into the Underworld.

Is there life after death

Two topics that will always be discussed are life and death. Since the creation of the world, philosophers, literary figures, physicians, prophets have been arguing about what happens to the soul when it leaves the human body. What will happen after death and is there any life after all when the spirit leaves the physical shell? It so happened that a person will always reflect on these burning topics in order to learn the truth – to turn to the Christian religion or other teachings.

What happens to a man when he dies

Having passed his life path, a person dies. On the physiological side, this is the process of stopping all systems and processes of the body: brain activity, respiration, digestion. The decomposition of proteins and other substrates of life. Approaching death also affects a person’s emotional state. There is a change in the emotional background: loss of interest in everything, isolation, fencing off contacts with the outside world, talk of an imminent demise, hallucinations (past and present mixes).

Girl and her soul

What happens to the soul after death

The question of where the soul disappears after death is always interpreted differently. However, the clergy are united in one thing: after a complete cardiac arrest, a person continues to live in a new status. Christians believe that the spirit of the deceased, who lived a righteous life, the angels transfer to Paradise, the sinner is destined to go to Hell. The dead man needs prayers that will save him from eternal torment, help the spirit pass the test and go to Paradise. Prayers of loved ones, not tears, can work miracles.

Christian doctrine says that man will live forever. Where does the soul go after a person dies? His spirit goes to the kingdom of heaven to meet with the Father. This path is very complicated and depends on how a person lived his worldly life. Many clergy perceive the departure not as a tragedy, but as a long-awaited meeting with God.

Soul in the tunnel

Third day after death

The first two days, the spirits of the dead fly around the earth. This is the period when they are next to their body, with the house, wandering around places dear to them, saying goodbye to their relatives, ending with their earthly existence. Nearby are not only angels, but also demons. They try to lure her to their side. On the third day, the ordeal of the soul begins after death. This is the time to worship the Lord. Relatives and friends should pray. Prayers are held in honor of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Angels and Demons

On day 9

Where does a person get after death on the 9th day? After the 3rd day, the Angel accompanies the spirit to the gates of Paradise, so that he can see the beauty of paradise. Immortal souls are there for six days. They temporarily forget the sadness of leaving their bodies. Enjoying the view of beauty, the soul, if it has sins, must repent. If this does not happen, then she will remain in hell. On the 9th day, the Angels again represent the soul of the Lord.

At this time, the church and loved ones perform a prayer service for the deceased with a request for pardon. Memorials are held in honor of 9 angelic ranks, who are the protectors during the Last Judgment and the servants of the Almighty. For the deceased, the “burden” is not so heavy, but very important, because the Lord determines the future path of the spirit through it. Relatives remember about the dead only good, behave very calmly and quietly.

There are certain traditions that help the spirit of the departed. They symbolize eternal life. At this time, relatives:

  1. Prayer for peace in the church.
  2. At home, they cook boiled wheat seeds. It is mixed with sweet: honey or sugar. Seeds are reincarnation. Honey or sugar is a sweet life in another world, helping to avoid a difficult afterlife.

Wheat Kutia

On day 40

The number 40 is very often found on the scriptures. Jesus Christ ascended to the Father on the fortieth day. For the Orthodox Church, this became the basis for arranging commemoration of the deceased on the fortieth day after death. The Catholic Church does this on the thirtieth day. However, the meaning of all events is the same: the soul of the deceased ascended the holy mountain Sinai, reached bliss.

After the Angels reintroduced the spirit before the Lord on the 9th day, he goes to Hell, where he sees the souls of sinners. In the Underworld, the spirit dwells until the 40th day, and the third time appears before God. This is the period when the fate of a person is determined by his earthly affairs. In the posthumous fate, it is important that the soul repent of all deeds and prepare for the future right life. Remembrance atone for the sins of the deceased. For the subsequent resurrection of the dead, it is important how the spirit passes through purgatory.

stairway to Heaven

Six months

Where does the soul go after death six months later? The Almighty has decided on the fate of the spirit of a deceased person, it is already impossible to change something. You can not cry and cry. It will only harm the soul, cause severe torment. However, relatives can help and alleviate the fate of a prayer, commemoration. It is necessary to pray, calming the soul, showing her the right path. Six months later, the spirit of the penultimate time comes to family.

The soul rises up the stairs to the sky


It is important to remember the anniversary of death. Prayers performed before this time helped to determine where the soul will fall after death. A year after death, relatives and friends perform a prayer service in the temple. You can just heartily remember the deceased, if there is no way to visit the church. On this day, the souls come to their relatives for the last time to say goodbye, then a new body awaits them. To the believer, the righteous, the anniversary gives a start to a new, eternal life. The annual circle is the liturgical cycle, after which all holidays are allowed.


Where does the soul go after death

There are several versions where people live after death. Astrologers believe that the immortal soul falls into space, where it settles on other planets. According to another version, it soars in the upper atmosphere. The emotions that the spirit experiences affect whether it reaches the higher level (Paradise) or the lowest (Hell). In the Buddhist religion it is said that having found eternal peace, the spirit of a person is transferred to another body.

Mediums and psychics claim that the soul is connected with the other world. It often happens that after her death she stays close to loved ones. Spirits that have not finished their work appear in the form of ghosts, astral bodies, phantoms. Some guard relatives, others wish to punish their offenders. They contact the living with the help of knocks, sounds, the movement of things, a short-term appearance of themselves in a visible guise.

In the Vedas, the scriptures of the Earth, it is said that, leaving the body, souls pass through the tunnels. Many people who have been in a state of clinical death describe them as channels on their own bodies. There are 9 of them: ears, eyes, mouth, nostrils (separately left and right), anus, genitals, crown, navel. It was believed that if the spirit emerged from the left nostril, it falls to the moon, from the right to the sun, through the navel to other planets, through the mouth to the earth, through the genitals to the lower layers of being.

Surreal picture

The souls of dead people

As soon as the souls of dead people leave the physical shells, they do not immediately realize that they are in the subtle body. At first, the spirit of the deceased soars in the air, and only after seeing his body, he realizes that he has separated from him. The qualities of a deceased person during life determine his emotions after death. Thoughts and feelings, character traits do not change, but become open to the Almighty.

The soul of the deceased and the angel of death

Baby shower

It is believed that a child who has died before the age of 14 immediately falls into First Heaven. The child has not yet reached the age of desires, is not responsible for actions. The child remembers his past incarnations. The First Heaven is a place of expectation of the rebirth of the soul. A deceased child is waiting for a relative or person who has been very fond of children during his lifetime. He meets the child immediately after the death hour and escorts to the waiting place.

In the First Heaven, the child has everything that he wants, his life resembles an excellent game, he learns good, receives visual lessons on how evil actions affect a person. All emotions and knowledge remain in the memory of the baby even after rebirth. It is believed that people who live nobly in ordinary life owe these lessons and experiences in the First Heaven.

Baby above the clouds

The soul of a suicide

Any teaching and belief claims that a person has no right to take his own life. The actions of any suicide are dictated by Satan. The soul of a suicidal after death tends to Paradise, whose gates are closed to her. The spirit is forced to return, but he cannot find his body. The tribulation lasts until the natural demise. Then the Lord makes a decision according to his soul. Previously, people who committed suicide were not buried in the cemetery, suicides were destroyed.

Decaying human figure

Animal souls

The Bible says that everything has a soul, but “taken from the dust, to dust and will be converted.” Confessors sometimes agree that some pets are able to transform, but it’s impossible to say exactly where the animal’s soul gets after death. The Lord himself gives and takes it; the animal’s soul is not eternal. However, the Jews believe that it is equated with the human, therefore, there are different prohibitions on the consumption of meat.

Angel kitten in heaven

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