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For any business, the correct accounting of income and expenditure of money is important. The machine for counting money is used in all organizations that receive, count and issue paper money, carry out counting operations with banknotes of various denominations. To solve this problem, you need a fast reliable device that can read large amounts of cash, divide by denominations of notes, calculate the total amount in different currencies.

What is a money machine

Modern machines for cash accounts can be either portable for use by mobile offices or field supervisors, or stationary banking equipment. Such devices must have reliable automated capture of banknotes, automatic recognition of face value, accurate continuous counting, the issuance of information on the main or additional display. Additional, but very important, functions are the verification of the authenticity of money, screening of dilapidated or obsolete coins..

Woman counts money with a bill machine


A modern bill machine is required to perform the following main functions:

  • automatic denomination mode – provides an opportunity to get the total amount of money placed in the receiving tray;
  • the counting speed of modern machines should be at least 800 banknotes per minute;
  • packing – collects banknotes of one denomination in packs of 100 pieces;
  • informative display is obliged to give the user the results of the recount;
  • costing – an additional function of the detailed display of the counting results on the display.

Types of machines for counting money

The developers of bill counting devices strive to satisfy customers’ requirements by offering modern devices designed to recount a different number of bills for specific periods of time. They are divided into the following types:

  • portable – have a battery, a cover for easy carrying and working in mobile offices;
  • banking – designed for stationary work and conversion of large volumes of currencies;
  • cash registers – are installed in stores, warehouses, etc .;
  • office – for regular but not permanent use.

Authentication Banknote Counter

Modern counting machines are equipped with a banknote authenticity detector loop. The following methods are used to determine the fake:

  • viewing – uses ultraviolet and infrared detection;
  • transillumination – determines double bills, the presence of watermarks on paper;
  • weighing – each bill has a standard weight;
  • geometry control – checking banknote sizes;
  • control of magnetic inclusions and special fibers.

Portable banknote counter

The ability to quickly bill money for mobile offices, market traders provides a portable bill machine. The advantage of a portable banknote counter is that it works from the network, battery, car cigarette lighter. When choosing a compact option, pay attention to:

  • supply pocket volume;
  • count rate;
  • banknote check;
  • battery life;
  • reliability and convenience of a case or case.

Portable machine for counting money

Vacuum apparatus

Innovations in money account systems have led to the creation of a vacuum money transfer mechanism. It provides an opportunity to count money without printing packs intercepted with rubber or bank packaging. This became possible with the use of vacuum heads, which count the corners of notes. In this case, all types of banknote authentication are used. Vacuum meters are used to account securities, stocks, documents of various formats.

Friction Roller

The most common type of machine for counting bills is based on the use of the roller-friction method of gripping banknotes from a bundle of rubber rollers. After separating the bill from the rest, it rolls past all the detection nodes. Suspicious banknote is separated from others that move to the dispensing tray. Their disadvantage is quick wear: both the rollers and the bills themselves.

Models of machines for counting money

With all the variety of companies offering money counting devices to the Russian market, there are several manufacturers that have interesting models in their arsenal. Anyone has the opportunity to order and buy a banknote counter for stocks, sales, discounts in online stores with free delivery by courier services or by mail. Their sale is carried out by specialized salons in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia.


One of the brightest players in this market is the Japanese company Magner. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it offers several interesting models of bill-calculating machines with a high speed of conversion:

  • name: Banknote counter Magner 75 D;
  • price: 28900 rubles;
  • characteristics: loading pocket for 500 notes, an extended speed range from 600 to 1600 pcs / min, LCD display;
  • pluses: durability of mechanisms, capable of intensive use;
  • Cons: PC adapter not included as standard.

Machine for counting money Magner 75 D

This company has long experience in the production and maintenance of metering devices. For large businesses, banks, large shopping malls Magner offers money counters with a money detector:

  • name: Magner 150 Digital;
  • price: 72500 r.;
  • characteristics: rejection for all types of detection, packing in a pack, starting self-diagnosis, banknote sorter, RS232C and SPI interfaces;
  • pluses: modern counter, 4.1-inch display, printer output, customizable processes and employee profiles;
  • cons: high price.


The leader of banknote counters – a company from China Dors develops and implements a wide range of banknote counting machines. Focusing on mass demand, Dors offers low cost options for merchants in the markets:

  • name: DORS CT 1040;
  • price: 5460 r.;
  • characteristics: speed 1000 pcs / min, detection by geometry and optical density, summation of bundles of banknotes;
  • pluses: connecting an external display, manual and automatic start;
  • cons: no PC connection.

All leading equipment manufacturers strive to gain superiority over competitors. If you need a quick account, DORS offers a machine for money conversion:

  • name: Banknote counter DORS 620;
  • price: 10825 p.;
  • characteristics: reveals high-quality fakes for 4 types of detection, counting speed of 1200 pcs / min;
  • pluses: manual start and auto start, fake detection, regardless of banknote wear;
  • Cons: LED display.

Machine for counting money DORS 620


The famous Chinese manufacturer of calculating machines Mercury is developing interesting devices for banks, offices, and cash registers. As a leading player in its niche, Mercury offers a portable model:

  • name: Mercury 50 MINI;
  • price: 7800 r.;
  • characteristics: counts 800 pcs / min, 3 types of detection, packing functions;
  • pluses: weight 2.1 kg, counts and checks rubles, US dollars, euros;
  • cons: thin case.

It is difficult to attract a modern buyer with standard equipment. For stationary use, Mercury offers a money account machine with a remote display for the convenience of customer account control:

  • name: Mercury C 1000;
  • price: 6 273 r.;
  • characteristics: speed 1000 pcs / min, 3 types of detection, modern design, reliable and easy to use;
  • pluses: touch control buttons, remote display for the client, auto start;
  • Cons: LED display.

Money Account Machine Mercury C 1000


The well-known company PRO-intell has extensive experience in servicing banknote counters; therefore, it completes all its products with spare wearing parts – rollers, drive passes. PRO-intell has in its arsenal budget models:

  • name: PRO 40 Neo;
  • price: 5 535 r.;
  • characteristics: counting speed 800 pcs / min, optical density detection by 3 levels, main and remote 3-digit LCD display;
  • pluses: a set of consumables, a brush for cleaning;
  • cons: no authentication detection.

Liquid crystal displays are built into counting machines. This provides the opportunity to equip the software with a large number of functions. The more advanced money calculating machine of this company has the following parameters:

  • name: PRO 40 UMI LCD;
  • price: 13 161 r.;
  • characteristics: counting speed 800/1000/1200 pcs / min, 5 types of detection of counterfeit and dilapidated banknotes, graphic multi-level LCD display;
  • pluses: identification of high quality fakes, low noise;
  • cons: high price.

Money account machine PRO 40 UMI LCD


Machines for large volumes are offered on the Russian market from the manufacturer of banknote counters Cassida. This equipment is for banks and large trading and distribution centers:

  • model name: ADVANTEC 75 SD / UV / MG / IR;
  • price: 23370 r.;
  • characteristics: recounts at a speed of 800 to 1,500 pcs / min, 5 types of authentication detection, LCD display, sorting of banknotes of different denominations, calculation mode of all recounts;
  • pluses: manual start and auto start, good value for money;
  • cons: no auto-rating.

The recount of bills in such equipment must be supplemented by a parallel check of banknotes for authenticity. More budget machine for counting money from this manufacturer:

  • model name: Cassida 6650 UV;
  • price: 11250 p.;
  • characteristics: speed 1000 pcs / min, loading hopper 400 pcs, 3 types of detection, optional connection of a remote display;
  • pluses: manual and auto start, simple, reliable, economical device;
  • Cons: LED display.

Money machine Cassida 6650 UV


Reliable, inexpensive and efficient office-class money account devices are available from the DoCash brand. Their advantages are low-noise mechanics and reliable detection at a high count rate:

  • model name: DoCash 3040;
  • price: 5 289 r .;
  • characteristics: simple recounting at a speed of 1000 pcs / min, size detection, remote display, random packing operations, low noise level;
  • pluses: simple and intuitive interface, work with banknotes of any disrepair;
  • Cons: LED display.

The increase in the quality of digital technology, computers, printers leads to the appearance of high-quality fakes. To recognize them, more and more advanced detection methods are being introduced. DoCash offers a more expensive counter, but with detection of banknote authenticity:

  • model name: DoCash 3040 UMI;
  • price: 8118 r.;
  • characteristics: 1000 pcs / min, 5 types of detection, packaging, accumulation of total;
  • pluses: convenience of management, good detection at a high counting speed;
  • Cons: LED display.

DoCash 3040 UMI Money Account Machine

How to choose a machine for counting money

If you decide to purchase a bill machine in an online store or a specialized salon, pay attention to the following main characteristics:

  • Type of counter. Depending on the application and installation location, select devices with the appropriate performance.
  • Count rate. If prices are equal, give preference to counters with a higher speed – this will reduce the time spent on unproductive operations.
  • Detector of authenticity. Buying a bill machine with the function of checking counterfeit banknotes will be cheaper than buying a currency detector.
  • Account mechanism. A vacuum model at a higher starting price will save you money on maintenance.
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