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Independence of a teenager is not a dangerous thing, if you direct it in the right direction. Summer work for teens is not always terrible. When a child begins to look for ways to earn money and receives money for his labor, the value of bills increases for him. Who can work at age 14, what earning options exist?

Work for a teenager

Girl at work

Rules for sending a child to work also exist. If you are the parents of a young “hard worker”, then before looking for vacancies for teenagers of 14 years old, you need to consider many nuances:

  1. At this age, an employment contract is concluded if one of the parents (guardian, trustee) agreed, wrote a statement (official document). Work should not be heavy and interfere with the learning process.
  2. Give recommendations to the child unobtrusively, so that the teenager does not perceive this as pressure. Give him the right to reason and choose his own steps. Extra emotions, maximalism is useless, the choice of a side job should be conscious.
  3. Prepare the future employee for the fact that labor is an obligation that must be respected. Something is not always fast and easy. Money doesn’t come without effort, especially to the person who goes to work for the first time.
  4. If the child will work in a team, set him up for such concepts as “tolerance”, “responsibility”, “sense of tact”.
  5. Study the labor code together to avoid unexpected unpleasant surprises. There are a lot of charlatans, so study the reviews of people working in the company, and personally verify its existence. No formal employment fees! This is a sign that you are being deceived..

Vacancies for schoolchildren for the summer

Now a frequent occurrence – work for teenagers of 14 years in the summer. The school year is over, and you don’t want to spend time stupidly, so many guys want to earn extra money. Some organizations are obviously looking for schoolchildren and students in the summer since the spring. Begin your job search with questions from friends. There is an option that some of them need an employee in the office or an assistant for small assignments.

Study vacancies in newspapers, read announcements. For some organizations, the search for employees through print media is still relevant. Monitor at recruitment agencies and online information resources. If the part-time job will be carried out without leaving your home, you will be a little calmer, it is easier to control the work process.

The guy works at the computer

Work for teens 14 years old at home

Paid work at home and under parental control is an acceptable option for many. One of the best choices is finding vacancies among online companies. Work for schoolchildren of 14 years in the network is to perform simple tasks. The main thing is that the applicant should be competent, understand the working moments. Suitable vacancies:

  1. Testing computer and online toys. If a teenager is well versed, likes games, then such work will become not only a duty, but also a pleasure.
  2. Paid online questionnaires. You can’t get a lot of money this way, but for an easy part-time job, this is ideal. Read reviews about the site, if the applicants were not deceived, and try.
  3. Freelance A competent teenager who understands grammar, style and has the ability to create interesting text, you can try to do copywriting or rewriting.

Part time while studying

Girl handing out flyers

Any type of employment has its pros and cons, so consider them before offering a job to a student during the educational process. Where can I go to work at the age of 14 while studying? Handing out flyers, gluing ads, working at home, as a courier, helper, washer – the list is long. What are the advantages of working during the school program:

  1. Useful experience in the professional field, teamwork.
  2. Ability to overcome obstacles, be responsible for actions.
  3. Time management, independent scheduling.
  4. The ability to climb up the career ladder with previously acquired knowledge and skills.

Work at the age of 14 while studying does not always have only advantages; there are also disadvantages to such activities:

  1. There is no “- I do not want! – Why? – Because!”. Responsibilities must be clearly and correctly performed. If the applicant does not know something, you can ask for a hint, instructions, but do not give up work.
  2. The work schedule should not interfere with the educational process or be instead.
  3. You can’t get stuck only at work. The teenager expects exams, admission, so the need to replenish the luggage of knowledge has not been canceled.

Where can I find a job?

Guys at mcdonalds

There are many vacancies in the labor market and they offer jobs not only in newspapers or on websites. To the question of where you can go to work at age 14, you will find the answer to the Employment Center or the Youth Employment Center. The consultants of these organizations will tell you about the types of work, what vacancies are there according to your profile and whether the working moments will be retransmitted to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

At the beginning of the summer season, employment centers can do fairs with special vacancies for schoolchildren. Organizations additionally offer consultations of psychologists, lawyers regarding work. They will tell you what is relevant, relevant in the labor market. If your work is executed upon request from the center, then you will legally receive a salary, plus you will be issued at the workplace.

Distribution of leaflets from 14 years old

A very popular type of work among young people is the promoter. The employee must distribute company leaflets, be a member of promotions, put up ads. The work is not very difficult physically, a flexible schedule, and the payment is daily or hourly. You can find such a job by the vacancies of print or online publications. If the applicant wants to work in grocery promotions, a medical book will be required.

At mcdonalds

Where can a minor go to work at the age of 14 if collective work experience is needed? For the most intelligent, work at McDonald’s is suitable, where they offer to do dishwashing, distributing flyers, and cleaning. Fast food chain provides official employment, good wages, a close-knit team. They easily accept employees, but also easily part with dishonest people. Compliance with all work instructions, conditions of institutions of such a plan is strictly recorded.

Work for students by courier

Students repeat the textbook

Where can I work at the age of 14 after studying as a courier? Arranging to deliver pizza, papers, light loads for young applicants is not prohibited by law. It requires mobility, organization of the employee, punctuality and good knowledge of the city and regions, so as not to slow down the work process. They teach such work quickly, a very suitable option. You need to look for a job among the delivery services of goods, food, flowers, print media.

How many hours can I work at 14?

Chapter 15 of the State Labor Code states that a child aged 14 is allowed to spend no more than 24 hours at work per week. Daily framework is 5 hours of work. These standards are relevant during the holidays, when the student is free from study. When a child learns and works at the same time, the time spent on labor is reduced by exactly half. You can not violate the boundaries of the law, because it threatens to overload the body.

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