Where to spend the New Year in the mountains in Russia – an overview of the best resorts

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Snow, Christmas tree, sledges, skis and other winter paraphernalia – this is what Russians need on New Year’s holidays. According to statistics from the Federal Tourism Agency, the most popular are tours to the ski resorts of Russia during the winter holidays. Russians go to Vietnam, Thailand and other hot countries no less willingly, but many prefer a real winter fairy tale on New Year.

Ski resorts in Russia

There are many places where you can go skiing or snowboarding in Russia. The bulk of the ski resorts are concentrated in the mountains of the Caucasus, Siberia, and the Urals. Tourists are attracted by the abundance of snow and winter entertainment, developed infrastructure, low prices, competing with the prices of similar resorts in Switzerland or Austria.

Ski resort

Where to celebrate New Year in the mountains

If you have already planned to spend your winter holidays at a ski resort, then you will definitely have a question where to spend the New Year in the mountains in Russia. We recommend paying attention to the resorts of the Caucasus, they are easy to reach, there are no problems with applying for a visa; there are all conditions for a comfortable stay and accommodation. In TOP-4 popular places in order to celebrate the New Year in the mountains of the Caucasus, it is worth including Dombay, Elbrus region, Adygea, Sochi resorts.


One of the most popular resorts is Dombay, tours are sold out in advance, so you should take care of your reservation in advance.

The location. Dombay is located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, it is surrounded by picturesque mountain peaks: Dombay-Ulgen, Mussa-Achitara, Peak Ine. Having been here, tourists will be able to see world famous sights: Alibek glacier, Amanauz gorge, Semenov-Bashi ridge.

Benefits. Equipped tracks, good hotels, calm windless weather, reaching +15 degrees in the winter season, an abundance of cafes. There are not only ski slopes, but also paved trails for cross-country skiers, pedestrians. In Dombay, adults and children will enjoy the rest, the resort has a kindergarten for young skiers with professional instructors.

How to get from Moscow. It is recommended to get in one of two ways: by plane or by train. From Moscow you need to buy a ticket to Mineralnye Vody, from there by bus with a transfer in Teberda, you can get to Dombay. The cost of a round-trip flight is over 20500 rubles. You need to buy train tickets to Nevinnomyssk, Cherkessk, Kislovodsk or Pyatigorsk, from the station you can use the transfer service from the booked hotel.

Cost of living. Dombay offers guests a wide choice: apartments, hotels, mini-hotels, guest houses, health centers. Snow Leopard Hotel offers prices for a double room for a day from 3500 rubles, Andersen Hotel from 5000 rubles, Mountain Peaks Hotel – from 3200 for single occupancy.

Approximate vacation budget. The price of rest depends on many nuances: food, hotel level, number of days, etc. The approximate cost varies from 28,000 rubles. A five-day stay in a hotel for two adults with All Inclusive meals and flights by Aeroflot Airlines will cost from 58,000 rubles.

Resort Dombay

Elbrus region

A place that has become popular for tourists, skiers and climbers. The resort is known for the longest track in the world of Azau, two and a half kilometers long.

The location. There is a ski resort in Kabardino-Balkaria, at the foot of Elbrus, which offers a magnificent view. Tourists will be able to visit the Adyl-Su river, see the mountain ranges of Skheldy, the Narzanov valley.

How to get there. Tourists from Moscow arrive here by plane, by train or by personal transport. You will drive 1600 km with your car, but the road is mostly good, without obstacles. An air ticket can be bought to Nalchik or Mineralnye Vody. The resort can be reached by taxi or with regular buses.

By train, tourists get to the cities of Prokhladny, Nalchik, Mineralnye Vody and Pyatigorsk, it is preferable to choose the last two. Further from the train station you can book a transfer in advance, taxi or get by bus. You can also get from Moscow by bus for organized groups, many travel agencies offer trips for 10 or more people. This way you will get at least 17 hours from Moscow.

Benefits. This resort is attractive for experienced winter sports enthusiasts due to the difficult tracks, but beginners will also like it. 12 km of cable cars and 35 km of trails, some of which can be enjoyed all year round. Most routes are sections of mountains with cliffs, mounds and other obstacles. Due to this, the resort has become a favorite place for professionals..

Cost of living. There are several villages in the Elbrus region where you can stay, the most popular are the fields of Azau and Cheget. It has everything that a tourist needs: rental points, spa centers, cafes, etc. At the Sky Elbrus hotel, accommodation in a double room will cost from 7800 rubles, the Snow Bars Hotel in Cheget from 2900 rubles (breakfast included), hotel Premier (Azau) – from 6000 rubles with two meals a day without lunch.

Estimated budget. The amount spent on vacation depends on many factors, the approximate price for one person per day is 3900 rubles in a standard-level hotel. Tours can be purchased from 24 000 rubles and above.

Glade of Azau in Elbrus region

Holidays for the New Year in the mountains of Adygea

You can spend your winter holidays in Adygea not only skiing and snowboarding, but also combining outdoor activities with wellness, visiting attractions (Rufabgo waterfalls, Mount Oshten, the mountain peak of Przheho-Su, etc.). Resorts in Adygea: the village of Kamennomostsky, the Lago-Naki plateau, the Azish-Tau ridge, Mount Trezubets. The Republic of Adygea is located in the northern part of the Caucasus.

How to get there. It is recommended to buy a train or plane ticket to Krasnodar from Moscow. Airfare: from 4,500 rubles round-trip, train ticket (compartment) – 1,700 rubles, from 800 rubles (reserved seat). From Krasnodar you need to get to Maykop by taxi or by bus. From Maykop you need to follow to your base by private taxi, transfer from the hotel, buses or by train (if you need to get to the village of Kamennomostsky).

Benefits. A wide range of accommodation options from rental apartments to expensive five-star hotels. Fun for children and adults who will not let you get bored. The presence of thermal springs, where you can relax, improve your health.

Prices for accommodation. You can reserve a room from just 1,500 rubles. The Azish-Tau complex offers rooms with double or triple occupancy from 2600 rubles, including breakfast. The cost of a triple room for three in the tourist base “Lago-Naki” – from 4000 rubles, breakfast is included.

The approximate cost of rest ranges from 19,000 to 50,000 rubles and depends on the date of rest and other conditions. The ski season starts from October and lasts until March, on New Year’s holidays and on March 8, prices are increased, the cost of the tour will average from 30,000 rubles.

Azish Tau complex

Winter holidays in the resorts of Sochi

Sochi guarantees the best holiday for the New Year in Russia, this resort leads in visiting tourists. If you have chosen Krasnaya Polyana for your vacation, then it is worth starting to book a hotel in a few months..

The location. The center of mountain tourism has become Krasnaya Polyana in the Krasnodar Territory, just 40 km from Adler Airport. Krasnaya Polyana consists of several resorts: Krasnaya Polyana itself, Esto Zadok s Gorky Gorod, Gazprom and Rosa Khutor. The distance between them is no more than 5-10 km, each resort has its own network of routes, entertainment for tourists.

How to get there. You can arrive in Sochi by your own transport or by bus, the journey will take from 1 day. It is preferable to get by plane, the ticket price is from 3,600 rubles, or by train, the price of train tickets is from 2,600 rubles. You can order a taxi from Sochi to the resort itself, take a bus on the route Sochi – Adler – Rosa Khutor, or take an electric train from Sochi-Rosa Khutor for just 234 rubles, transportation of inventory is free.

Benefits. Warm European climate, in winter the temperature rises to + 10-15 degrees. A variety of tracks for both beginners and experienced skiers, snowboarders. Cafes and restaurants for every taste, entertainment for all ages: husky park, snowpark, snowshoeing, lifts for backpackers, etc..

Cost of living. You can stay in Adler and Sochi. You can book a double room for 4 days at the Aphrodite hotel from 10,000 rubles, the Okhotnik Hotel & Spa hotel – from 19750 rubles, the Oasis hotel – from 9600 rubles. Cost is indicated from January 1 to 5. In Sochi, similar accommodation per day in the Marins Park Hotel Sochi hotel from 9900 rubles, in the Sochi Magnolia complex from 4050 rubles, the Marianna hotel – from 3200 rubles, the Aparthotel Grand Gallery from 6200 rubles.

The approximate price for a holiday in the mountains for the New Year in Sochi starts at 25,000 rubles. On average, a five-day vacation can cost you 30,000 rubles, including tickets to Sochi, accommodation, a New Year’s banquet and breakfast.

Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi

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