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Our life consists of various phenomena, ordinary and mystical. The latter include many dreams. Science is trying to prove that this is the work of our subconscious, but still, seeing something bright in a dream, we try to unravel the event and be sure to connect all this with the future. Seeing fish is one of the most memorable dreams for a woman. For each, it has its own meaning, but from ancient times this symbol denoted procreation, fertility, wealth. Try to figure out what the woman dreams of fish, what interpretations are.

If a woman dreamed of a live and fresh fish

Many dream books are very controversial, but in almost all, seeing a live fish in a dream is considered a favorable dream for a woman. Almost all interpreters attribute this symbol to positive life changes. It means that a woman expects luck, happiness, passionate love relationships that can end with a wedding. If the girl is pregnant, then everything will go well, childbirth will be easy, the child will be born healthy. Feeding aquatic animals in a dream is also a good sign that promises reconciliation with enemies.

If you dreamed of a dead fish

Dead fish in a dream for a woman speaks of unpleasant events in life. It all depends on the size: the larger it is, the worse the state of affairs, health problems can arise. Events will not be fatal, but they will be able to unsettle the dreamer for a long time. Dreams mean trouble, conflict. More positive if the fish broke into pieces when touched. This predicts an unexpected increase in salary, bonus, winnings. For a young girl, a plot with dead animals promises disappointment in a loved one, rumors will ruin the relationship.

Another unpleasant dream with a dead fish is to see colorful scales on it. Enemies, competitors are preparing a serious plan that can damage welfare, but with caution, everything can be avoided. Dream Interpretations advise to try to remain silent, to yield, not to enter into quarrels. With golden scales – a good business proposal that will change your whole life. The plot suggests that the solution to the problem may lie on the surface. The sooner you take action, the faster everything will normalize, and with the proper approach, it will turn life in the best direction.

Pregnant women should be wary of such a dream. The plot with a rotten fish in the early stages may indicate a miscarriage, in the late – premature birth, in which the fetus may not be saved. For pregnant women to see that they gave birth to a fish, a warning that the unborn child will be in poor health is unlikely to live long. Many dead fish are a disease of the woman herself. Tip: no need to panic, you have to be careful. Positive interpretation: eat the finished dish from the marine inhabitants. Interpreted as a way out of a depressed state, excellent mood.


Fishing in a dream for a woman

Not the most frequent occurrence in a dream is fishing. When dreaming of clean water in a pond, health will be excellent, well-being stable. Options:

  • Fish from the lake portends happiness and joy.
  • A woman caught her with a net, she can expect financial profit, fulfillment of her wishes in a short time. If the net is full of holes, then she will not be able to correctly dispose of the received money.
  • Gnawed fish skeleton promises misfortune and disappointment, collapse of plans, bony catch – obstacles in business.
  • Fishermen dream of – invisible “underwater” life processes, false friends.

Other interpretations:

  1. to see the fishing rod float calmly swinging on the water – the desire will not come true soon;
  2. to catch a fish on a hook – everything will come true very quickly;
  3. the fishing rod is slipping out of hands – you need to look for another way out, not to rush into business;
  4. to get and prepare a fishing rod for fishing – find another way to solve problems;
  5. someone else caught waterfowl – pregnancy.

Big caught prey is a profitable marriage, a good thing. The larger the catch, the more money, the smaller – chores. The motley coloring of the fish is danger or deception, quarrels, insults, for patients – danger, probability of death. Red – experiences, disclosure of secrets. Slips out of the hands – to deal with a cunning person, failure, for an unmarried girl – the loss of a loved one, severance of a relationship. Fish in their bed – to illness, for those who are going on a sea voyage symbolizes a shipwreck or other misfortune.

Fishing hooks always indicate danger – enemies have prepared a tricky trap, you should beware of risky activities. Success portends successful fishing with nets. Other interpretations:

  1. People who have lost someone or something will definitely find everything.
  2. Catch Nothing – Empty Hopes.
  3. To see spread networks, in scales – to the appearance of a slanderer who himself will become entangled in his gossip.
  4. Cooking Networks – Matter, Cause, Tricky Plan.

The meaning of big or small fish

Of great importance is the size of the dreaming fish. For example, a medium-sized aquatic inhabitant denotes tears and troubles. Small animals dream of:

  • to momentary sensual desires;
  • the dreamer is an impatient person, so fate is waiting for her;
  • a lot of fish in a dream for a woman – serious life changes, a significant event;
  • meeting unpleasant people.

If a woman dreamed of a large fish, then the meaning of this dream is completely different, in most cases – positive. The only case when such a dream portends negative events, unfulfilled hopes is to see a big but dead fish. The remaining plots with large copies promise the dreamer:

  • success and fame;
  • worldly wisdom;
  • expensive gift;
  • a pleasant acquaintance, a stormy romance, adventure;
  • joyful events;
  • for unmarried – husband, family happiness;
  • successful completion of any business, job change, opening your own business.

Little fish

Woman eating fish in a dream

Eating fish in a dream for a woman has many interpretations, mainly a good omen, an exception only for raw. Values ​​are as follows:

  1. In most cases, a dream means pregnancy.
  2. I liked the dish of fried fish to my taste – a woman will easily overcome all problems.
  3. Crude – losses, obstacles, a lot of bones – disappointment, setbacks, serious difficulties.

Type of dreaming fish

Dreaming about a fish for a woman has many interpretations. For example, if a waterfowl flies above water, then this promises a quick resolution to problems. By the appearance of the river or sea inhabitant, you can find out the gender of the child: all the feminine variants are salmon, pike, trout, etc. – promise a daughter; bream, perch, catfish – son. Other types of waterfowl indicate:

  • carp – increased self-esteem;
  • herring – profit;
  • eel – career advancement;
  • perch – receiving small money;
  • ruff – a pleasant surprise.


A dream with a catfish has several meanings. Often he refers to a self-serving colleague. Values ​​are as follows:

  1. Catfish in troubled waters – someone from the environment conceived the evil.
  2. Caught a bait – an interesting meeting with a young man.
  3. Catfish with a long mustache – imminent marriage.
  4. When swimming in clean water catfish attack – true and mutual feelings will come through difficulties.
  5. Caviar – tears, the larger it is – the greater the grief, on the plate – trouble will be one after another.


The real water predator is the pike. The interpretation of dreams is akin to her character:

  1. Swims in clear water – trying to hurt a girl, contrary to her impeccable reputation.
  2. Bitten to the blood – one of the relatives will conflict with the dreamer.
  3. Dried pike on the table – difficulties at work.
  4. Smoked with a pleasant aroma – an unusual turn in life, spoiled, with an unpleasant smell – scandal.
  5. Boiled or ear – a successful deal will not help to cope with difficulties.
  6. Caviar – fertility, to see in the hands – many children.
  7. Butcher pike and see caviar – pregnancy.

Cook or carve fish in a dream for a woman

Cooking fish in a dream has a variety of interpretations. For example, boiled:

  • an excess of tenderness and unspent love, a girl’s dream of a wedding;
  • quick enrichment, replenishment of the family budget, especially when the fish is baked;
  • illness, malaise, temporary setbacks;
  • eat, buy boiled – fresh family life, cold and passive husband.

Smoked fish has more interpretations. These are not always favorable signs, in most cases they indicate health problems:

  • flounder – skin diseases;
  • crucian carp – diseases and losses;
  • salmon – digestive problems;
  • big, headless – doubt, anxiety;
  • carp – money chores;
  • smoked red salmon – an unexpected, pleasant surprise;
  • capelin – chores;
  • sardine – trouble;
  • pike perch – material gain;
  • sturgeon – a fleeting novel;
  • mackerel – an unplanned pregnancy;

Smoked mackerel

Salted, fried, dried, frozen fish often indicates character traits, the need for change, a revision of lifestyle. For example, eating salty means a lack of vivid emotions. Fried fish always portends the way, good – if you liked the dish, troublesome – vice versa. Long fry is a symbol of long fees on the way. Crude symbolizes expectation, dried one – difficulties in relationships, fell into the water and came to life – renewed feelings. Drying on the ropes near the house – dressed up situation with households, dried caviar – will not work to gain special status.

If you dream about the process of cooking, processing, then each action has its own meaning:

  • to wash and clean indicates the selfish, aggressive behavior of the sleeper;
  • to gut, cut, butcher – something bad is going on with the body, dissatisfaction with one’s appearance,
  • burnt – passionate bed scenes;
  • to gut and see eggs – to conception;
  • freeze – a rival appears, cheating spouse.

Woman buys fish in a dream

To buy in the store means good wealth, stability, and the opportunity to achieve the goal. One has to choose aquatic animals on the market – this is a lie, a hoax. Cleaning a live fish symbolizes an unattainable goal. If at the same time it is also frozen, then you have to hide your emotions, work hard, work hard to get what you want, complete tasks.

Fish in the aquarium

The interpretation of such a dream depends on where and how living creatures swim. If located at the top, all difficulties will pass by, will not affect the sleeping person. In any case, to see the aquarium is a complex process, a serious project that needs to be carried out in a team, but the initiative should be in the dreamer’s hands. Seeing, feeding aquarium fish – having done someone a favor, it will be rewarded.

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