Why do we need a sign Spikes – dimensions according to GOST, where to stick in a car according to the rules of the SDA and a penalty for absence

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Due to the climatic conditions of Russia, drivers on its territory have to change tires on wheels of cars twice a year. Winter “shoes” for vehicles can be represented by various options, including equipped with special spikes. Such a product improves car patency on slippery roads, as it improves its grip on the road surface, and therefore traffic rules oblige all owners of cars with studded tires to hang a sticker. Spikes on the rear window.

What is Sticker Spikes

This car icon, as a rule, can be seen on transport in the winter season. Visually, it looks like a white triangle with a red border and equal sides. In the center of the figure is the letter “W”, applied in contrasting black. According to the SDA, the identification auto-sign is set so that other road users can easily notice it.

What does it mean

Winter tires with spikes provide the car with better cross-country ability during icy conditions or on snowy roads. In addition, if the driver of such a vehicle is forced to stop abruptly, the length of its braking distance will be reduced by about half, in contrast to cases when summer tires are used. This explains the existing real danger of a collision of cars in winter and the need to install a plate..

According to the Law on Road Rules in force in the Russian Federation, a driver of a vehicle moving behind a car with a stud and seeing the sticker Spikes is obliged to maximize the distance between itself and the vehicle in front. With sudden braking, the driver will be able to avoid an accident and, thanks to the spikes that allow him to stop quickly, will not crash into the car in front of him.

In addition, the stud is not very securely fastened and often flies out of rubber right on the go, when the number of revolutions of the wheel increases, and it slides on a frozen road. In this situation, the spike flying off the car can fall directly into the windshield of the vehicle following it. If the Ш sign is installed on the car, then a large distance between road users will reduce the risk of such situations and relieve you, as a driver, of any responsibility for damage to other people’s property.

Stickers Spikes

Why do i need

The need to hang a sticker on a car is prescribed by the rules of the road and is due to the desire of the traffic police to maximize the safety of vehicle traffic. Why do I need a spikes sign on a car glass? The main purpose of the sticker is to alert other traffic participants about the presence of a stud in a particular car. So, the driver warns that:

  • the braking distance of his car on slippery surfaces is much less than that of others;
  • spikes can fly out from under the wheels of the machine.

Installation of the sign Spikes according to traffic rules

It was said above that the Studded rubber sign is necessary to warn other road users about equipping a car with studded tires. In additions to the SDA there is a norm assuming that this sticker must be installed on the vehicle if the car has studded tires. The main goal why you need to hang a sign on a car is to warn drivers about a shorter braking distance and the need to maintain a maximum distance.

Where to glue

There is no strict standard in the location of the badge, however, the rules for operating vehicles indicate roughly where to stick the Thorn sign. The sticker should be placed on the rear window of the car (if we talk about a passenger car), while it should be clearly visible to other road users. The exact location of the icon can be adjusted at your discretion and depending on the characteristics of the vehicle.

The motorist has the right to use not only the acquired, but also a home-made icon that can be downloaded from the Internet and printed on a color printer. Such an attribute is well glued using double-sided tape, and the sign should be laminated first. There are other options, how to fix the badge on the machine, for example – use suction cups (then the triangle can be used many times and after removing there will be no trace of glue).

Sticker Spikes on the rear window of a car

Sign dimensions in accordance with GOST

If the car owner makes a triangle on his own, you should adhere to certain traffic police requirements. According to GOST, the sign must:

  • look like a white triangle with a red border and a black letter “Ш” in the center;
  • be dense, for which a triangle is printed on special photo paper (optimal density indicator is 120-150);
  • be glued in a place visible to other road users.

What are the dimensions of the sign Spikes in accordance with GOST? Each cocked hat should be equal to at least 20 centimeters, and the optimal width of the red frill should be 10 times smaller than the side of the figure (at least 2 cm). Typically, car dealers sell stickers of the right size. It makes no sense to acquire and stick a small triangle, because legally it will not be considered valid, and a fine may be issued to the driver in this regard.

Is it mandatory to stick a sticker Spikes

The eighth paragraph of the “Basic Provisions for the Admission of Vehicles to Operation and the Obligations of Officials for Ensuring Road Safety” suggests that all cars equipped with studded rubber should have a corresponding badge. Riding without a sticker is a violation of traffic rules and is the basis for stopping by the inspector of the traffic police.

Studded tires and sign studs

Penalty for the absence of stickers Spikes

On April 4, 2019, amendments to the SDA entered into force, which prohibit the operation of vehicles that do not have identification marks, including Spikes and the Novice driver. If the driver drives a car equipped with studded tires and does not have a sticker on the rear window, the traffic police inspector has the right to stop the vehicle and draw up a protocol. The fine for the absence of the Shipa sign is 500 rubles, however, for the first time, a representative of the law may limit himself to an oral warning.

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