Why pregnant women should not cut their hair

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After pregnancy, a woman worries all the time for her future baby, so any procedure makes you think about how safe it is. Especially when it comes to cutting hair, since it has long been believed that doing this is undesirable.

Why you can not get a haircut during pregnancy

Can I have a haircut during pregnancy? If popular beliefs are addressed with such a question, then the answer will be no. Long braids were conductors of energy from space. It was believed that if you cut them or regularly paint, you can deprive the baby’s soul, and this poses a great danger to the fetus or, in general, the child may be born dead. Another belief says that if a pregnant woman cuts her hair, she shortens her baby’s life.

Girl's long braid

Some old people still claim that if a woman waits for a boy, but she gets a haircut during pregnancy, a girl will be born, since on the astral plane the future mother “cuts off” the boy’s genitals. The sign that the pregnant woman cuts the dog, the baby will be born nervous, sounds equally absurd. To believe such superstitions or not is every woman’s business, but it’s better to ask why pregnant women should not cut their hair, go to science or medicine, since no one has officially forbidden this.

Is it possible for pregnant women to cut their hair according to doctors?

If you ask any obstetrician-gynecologist about whether you can get a haircut during pregnancy, you will get a positive answer. The doctor will not even be able to connect the parallel between going to the hairdresser and the risk to a woman’s health before giving birth. Modern medicine does not see any contraindications for cutting, dyeing, or for any other hair care or pregnant appearance. According to trichologists, cutting the ends monthly, any person gets rid of the dead part of their strands, which gives them health.

Regarding the question of whether it is possible to color locks for expectant mothers, then every woman who knows the basics of anatomy should understand why not: the paint contains toxic chemicals. They enter the body through the scalp and can cause harm to the fetus. Doctors advise against dyeing hair during the process of bearing a baby or using natural dyes. Reasons why healthcare providers recommend refraining from painting:

  1. Harmful from chemicals. The composition of the paint includes ammonia, which causes headaches, nausea, suffocation.
  2. Bad smell. It is associated with the content of hydrogen peroxide. It is harmful to pregnant women to inhale pungent odors, as this is a provocation of nausea and even vomiting.
  3. Allergic skin reactions. Even if a woman previously regularly walked trimmed and dyed without problems, during pregnancy, hormonal changes after dyeing can cause severe allergies and even scalp burns.

Pregnant woman with long hair

Is it possible to mow pregnant according to psychologists

The emotional state of a woman expecting a baby is unstable due to changes in hormonal levels. During this period, she tends to listen to the opinions of others. If someone from the environment tells why it is impossible to cut hair during pregnancy due to popular superstitions, then a woman may well penetrate. An impressive mom will really believe in a miscarriage or other horror stories, which will lead to a negative mood, and this is fraught with consequences. Psychologists advise in this case the whole period of time not to do a haircut or coloring, but to take care of the strands yourself.

If a woman is emotionally stable and does not believe in folk signs, then she will not even have the thought of whether it is possible for pregnant women to cut their bangs or all their hair in length. She will contact her hairdresser and do her hair as often as she did before. Psychologists insist that the strength of their own attractiveness leads the expectant mother into a state of satisfaction and self-satisfaction, and this also affects the mood of the baby. Well-groomed appearance is beneficial for pregnant women.

Pregnant woman

Why you can not get a haircut pregnant by popular experience

Orthodoxy also answers the question of why pregnant women should not cut their hair. That is, there is no direct prohibition, because Christianity also fights against superstitions, but there are recommendations. For example, if you do not cut your hair shortly, then you can easily hide the edema and pigmentation of the face that can occur in the last trimester with your hair. Unsuccessful experiments on appearance can lead to negative reactions of a pregnant woman, and this will affect the child.

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