Why snakes dream of a woman and a man

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The meaning of dreams was interesting to people in ancient times. Priests and prophets tried to unravel the images that come to people during sleep. Thanks to the information received from the subconscious, a person can avoid many problems in life. Often in dreams come frightening images, for example, snakes. However, they do not always carry negative information..

Why do women dream of snakes?

Women are usually interested in dream interpretation, as nature has rewarded them with increased intuitive abilities. If an unmarried girl had a dream about a snake, then she might be pulled into a love triangle. An insidious reptile represents a rival for a married lady. The details of the dream will tell you what the outcome of this situation will be. For a pregnant woman, such a dream would mean the birth of a daughter.

Why do snakes dream to a man?

The famous master of psychoanalysis Freud gave the most positive decoding of sleep when snakes dream of a man. According to psychoanalyst, the dream reptile indicates the awakening of male power, increased sexuality. In a dream, human emotions are important. If a man looks at reptiles with pleasure, then in reality he will have a pleasant romantic date. If a man is afraid of a snake in a dream, then he will have problems communicating with women.

Why dream a snake bite

Such a symbol does not necessarily indicate trouble. According to versions of various dream books, if a person was bitten by a snake in a dream, then this can symbolize both unpleasant rumors or gossip, and gaining wisdom or wealth. It is necessary to correctly analyze the details, colors and emotions of the dream. If you dreamed of a snake that wraps around and does not allow to move, it means that a person will have to face life’s adversities, which he cannot resist. If the reptile also bites, then people who have unlimited trust can do harm.

Black snake

As already mentioned, the snake is a contradictory sign. Different dream books interpret the appearance of black reptiles in different ways. For example, according to Miller’s interpretation, seeing in a dream a black snake that attacks and tries to bite means that the person will be at the epicenter of a major scandal. If the asp is bitten, then you can expect trouble. According to the dream book of sage Aesop, the big black snake in a dream speaks of a serious lesson that life has prepared. Clairvoyance and happy changes for the better will be granted to its past.

Black snake

Kill the snake

In the Bible, this reptile came to a person in the role of a tempter, therefore, if a dreamer kills him, then in reality he will leave temptation. Wangi’s dream interpretation interprets the situation as positive changes at the state level that will raise moral morale. The great Freud correlates a reptile with a child-bearing organ, so if you dream about killing a snake to a man, this means that he will have the opportunity to prove his faithfulness to his wife and avoid sin. The dream promises recovery for patients, and for those who want to build a career – a high position.

Many snakes

To understand why such a vision is dreamed, you need to remember the details: where were the reptiles, what were they, a man dreamed or a woman. Dreaming a ball of snakes? Beware of betrayal. And if they were still going to bite or have already bitten, then the closest people will suffer. If many reptiles fall from the sky, it can harm a person who is empowered. If the bastards fell on you, then in life there will be a struggle for survival.

If you pick up a few snakes and they are submissive to your will, you will find a way out of all the situations that have fallen on your lot. When there are many obedient cobras around the sleeper, he will be able to achieve high posts. If you dreamed reptiles in your own house or apartment, then expect a big scandal in the family. A man has a ball of reptiles dreaming that his enemies are women. Such a dream warns a girl that envious friends dissolve evil gossip.


According to Miller’s dream book, the large white reptile in a dream represents the sexual and spiritual energy of a person who needs to be adjusted. If a white snake plays, then the dreamer is in danger of succumbing to the temptation. Catching it means that a person, regardless of gender, will seek sexual entertainment. Dr. Freud claimed that if a man dreamed of a white snake, then he has a risk of participating in homosexual games. According to the Islamic dream book, to see an obedient reptile of white color – to the possible acquisition of property.

White Snake


According to the Muslim dream book, the reptile personifies an extraordinary mind and wisdom. The interpretation of this image changes the color of a reptile in different ways. When a green snake dreams, it promises positive changes in personal life. A person will be able to get rid of his addictions and bad habits. If a creature in a dream changes its color to blue, then this is interpreted as the reluctance or unwillingness of the sleeper to a new lifestyle.

The thick emerald beauty anaconda reminds of unresolved matters and the delayed problems of the dreamer. The vision warns – it is time to resolve controversial issues, otherwise they will not be resolved in favor of the person. If the reptile is a bright green color without aggression towards the sleeping person, then new interesting acquaintances and adventures await him. Hold the green reptile in your hands? Miller’s Dream Interpretation warns: minor events will bring troubles and worries.


If you kill the yellow reptile that was going to bite you, then this is a symbol of the uncompromising decision you made. The master of psychoanalysis, Freud, interprets the appearance of such a reptile in a dream differently. In his opinion, if you were bitten by a huge yellow gyurza or if you tried to kiss her, then you need oral sex. The psychiatrist saw the sexual beginning in everything, so if in a dream you are dancing with a cobra of this color, he sees this as a desire for a love relationship. Seeing a yellow snake hanging over you in a dream is a harbinger of disease.

In water

According to the interpreters, to see water reptiles is a danger that is associated with the past of a person. A noble dream book connects the story of a swimming viper with a risk for the dreamer to plunge into melancholy, and if there are a lot of snakes, you should beware of prolonged depression. However, if a snake dreams of it in the water, but after a while crawls out of it, then it promises recovery. If the water reptile has bitten you – beware of the reality of the water element. Fighting a big python in the water means an emotional outburst. Negative emotions will prevent you from realizing your plan..

Snake in the water


Often such a symbol is not very favorable, but if the dreaming reptile is friendly, then the dreamer has the opportunity to achieve what he wants. A person has a high potential that will withstand any difficulties. Seeing a big black snake in a dream means that the sleeping person will not be able to overcome some physical obstacle. You can interpret a dream in different ways, depending on the type of reptile:

  • motley – bright events, interesting adventures with hidden danger;
  • gold – success, wealth, big profits;
  • white – human touch of dangerous knowledge;
  • python – hidden power of the sleeping.


The bright red color of the reptile tells us that you will soon be in a risky situation. What the outcome will be depends on the details of the dream. If the red snake in a dream is in a cage, then beware of the enemy, who will stick in confidence. Most likely, he is among his best friends. A meeting with a creeping red creature in nature promises a pleasant journey in reality, and if indoors, beware of a thief.

What is the dream of a dead snake

According to Miller’s dream book – to see a reptile killed means to defeat the enemy. He claims that the death in a dream of these creatures is the acquisition of hope to overcome their sins. If you dream of a dead snake that bites, then beware of a stab in the back, do not lose vigilance. According to seer Vanga, a dead reptile symbolizes the triumph of light. If there were many dead reptiles in a dream, then the dreamer will have to win many victories. In the East, they worshiped reptiles, therefore they consider such a dream an unfortunate sign: a person will not be able to solve pressing problems.

Girl is sleeping


To catch a small viper in a dream, according to psychologist Gustav Miller, is to master the situation and solve a small problem. For women, little snakes in a dream are the hypocrisy of friends. Seeing children playing with vipers means the confusion of a person who is trying to find enemies among his friends. According to esotericists, to see little black reptiles is to spiritual disharmony and inner discord with ourselves. The noble dream book claims that white snakes will bring little money to the sleeping man.


Such a dream portends gossip, intrigues of ill-wishers, a great danger to humans. A good omen would be if you catch a poisonous cobra, kill it or eat it. If you dreamed that the reptile had bitten by the hand, good friends would do harm, by the leg it would endanger the road, so it is better to cancel the trip. Sleeping with snakes crawling on a watering hole means that someone close has conceived a betrayal of you. If the cobra dances to the tune, then the sleeping one has a detractor. If a person plays, he has superiority over his enemies..

Why dream of running away from a snake

It is human nature to be afraid of reptiles, so internal fears always make themselves felt during rest. If you dreamed that the dreamer was running away from the snake, then in reality the sleeping person is afraid of a fight with the enemies or does not want to solve pressing problems. Sometimes such a dream indicates an indecisive person who does not want to take responsibility for his life and is constantly adapting. Freud believed that running away from a creeping reptile was a fear of intimacy with the opposite sex..

Man is sleeping

Attacking snake

On the one hand, such a dream warns of insidiousness and vicious attacks, and on the other hand, an attack by a snake means making a big profit or inheritance. The details of the dream are important. Miller’s dream book promises the dreamer to use the influential person for his own purposes, but if the green asp is attacked, then this is an excellent omen, since this color means vitality, energy.

If the reptile crawls over the woman’s body, and then attacks, but does not bite, then she may have an early pregnancy. When I dreamed that the reptile attacked and squeezed the neck, the dreamer was unhappy in marriage. From the point of view of Eastern dream books, an attacking cobra brings wisdom to a person, therefore such a dream promises a new period of life. The closer a reptile is to you, the closer is a good moment to try not to miss.

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