Financial supermarkets to pay attention to.

“Do you want to make money without leaving your home?”, Or “The real way to make a million,” or “Learn the 10 secrets of rich people about how to become financially successful.” Surely everyone saw many examples of such attempts to “breed” a person on a gamble, which always ends with an advice to dig a hole in the Land of Fools and put gold.

This pit takes different forms: it happens that it is a network “business”, it happens that an online casino, and often an unsuspecting person, is lured by such methods of increasing money as investing in unofficial forex brokers, in microcredit companies that do not have a Bank license In binary options or dubious cryptocurrency services.

This category of fraudsters is often disguised as a “normal” stock market, which operates completely in the legal field under the supervision of the Bank of Russia, the Ministry of Finance, Rosfinmonitoring and is the circulatory system of financial systems around the world. By these activities, fraudulent companies have scared away many people from civilized financial markets, causing real damage to them – let’s recall the MMM pyramid, which flourished abundantly in the 90s.

How to make money with investment?

financial supermarkets

No way. Unfortunately, no one can give you such a guarantee. Moreover, the law expressly prohibits this. Therefore, companies that manage investment funds are required to inform the client verbally and in writing that past income does not guarantee future income.

In 1995, Presidential Decree No. 765 “On Additional Measures to Improve the Efficiency of the Investment Policy of the Russian Federation” entered into force. The first investment funds in Russia have existed since 1996. 22 years have passed since then, and currently in Russia there are about one and a half thousand organizations with a total assets of almost three trillion rubles, whose clients are more than half a million people.

This investment institution is probably the most secure after banks (and only because of the completely logical lack of state guarantees for investment insurance): the activities of the mutual fund management companies (mutual investment funds) are controlled by the Bank of Russia and other state regulators, large self-regulatory organizations and specialized depositories.

If you try to explain the mechanics of their activities on the fingers, then investment funds collect 10 rubles each from 100 people and invest the resulting thousand rubles in certain assets, which can be company shares, government and corporate bonds, cash, real estate, etc. this thousand rubles is carried out strictly to the extent limited by the professional portfolio manager.

As practice shows, with long-term investment of funds in the stock market, the investor is in the black, as markets always go up for long periods of time, smoothing out short-term crises.

financial supermarkets

MICEX Index Dynamics for the Period January 20, 2003 – June 29, 2018

How are things now?

financial supermarkets

More recently, a legal and technological basis has appeared in Russia for creating ways to remotely acquire financial services. No, this is not a “way to make a million from scratch without leaving home.” This is a global trend, when you can put money on a deposit at a bank, you can remotely buy an insurance product or security, having an Internet connection. Such services are referred to as – financial supermarkets or financial marketplaces. The adjective in this phrase can change to “investment” or other similar in meaning.

Thus, there is a civilized way to save and increase your funds, in which you trust their professionals. They are monitored by the state, regulatory bodies and they themselves, represented by professional associations (self-regulatory organizations). Consistent with your risk appetite and desired return, you can choose funds with instruments that are almost as conservative as bank deposits, or, conversely, more aggressive.

This opportunity was already taken advantage of by market participants, as well as the mega-regulator of the financial industry – the Bank of Russia, which launched a project called Marketplace, which in the near future will allow in one place to make investments in many different products from different financial companies and banks at once.

What financial supermarkets are there in Russia?

financial supermarkets

Now in Russia, financial supermarkets or investment marketplaces are presented in varying degrees of readiness, there are a number of large and not very companies. In addition to them, dozens of niche startups of a similar orientation are constantly appearing. To tell about all, there will not be enough volumes of this article, but we can stop at some of the largest and most interesting at the same time.

Tinkoff Investments  add-on over the bank’s core business. It opens up opportunities for holders of a bank card to deal with stocks, bonds, ETFs, ISE policies and mutual funds of one managing partner company.

TEZIS – an application that combines trade and analytics, allows you to invest in stocks and bonds of Russian and foreign companies, as well as in government bonds of the Russian Federation.

Aktivo – a service with which you can buy a share in a property and receive income from renting it out. Allows you to lower the threshold for entry into the investment real estate market (it is not necessary to buy the whole property). However, the minimum amount of investment is still quite high and amounts to 500 thousand rubles.

Yango – a mobile application that allows you to purchase corporate and government bonds, including using an individual investment account (IMS). You can call the “simplified version” of the broker. Identification is carried out using the public service portal.

Fins.Money (startup with the participation of BCS) – an aggregate showcase that allows the client to evaluate the characteristics of financial products, and, using the service’s recommendations, open a brokerage or bank account with several partner organizations, after which a consultant will come to the client who has submitted the application and will need to conclude a contract offline offline.

Financial platform (project of the Infityium Group of Companies) – this electronic platform gives management companies a full-fledged remote sales channel, and for investors – the ability to make transactions with shares of Russian (for now) management companies. The system of remote identification through ESIA.

It is important that in the Marketplace project implemented by the Bank of Russia, the Financial Platform can be involved in two roles at once: a platform for conducting transactions and an aggregator showcase that provides information for the choice and comparison of products.

Marketplace of the Central Bank of Russia – an important function of the Bank of Russia marketplace will be the registration of financial transactions and the accumulation of information about them in one reliable source.

The ability to connect various third-party shop windows / aggregators / marketplaces to the system, according to Sergey Shvetsov, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Russia, is aimed at both simplifying the access of small companies to potential customers throughout the country and providing access 24/7/365 citizens to the maximum possible range of financial services, regardless of geographic location. At the same time, the marketplace will use a remote identification system through biometrics, which was launched in Russia on July 1, 2018..

My capital – there are quotes for stocks, bonds, analysis of proposals for IMS, the ability to calculate the insurance part of the pension, assistance in the selection of plastic cards. In the future, announced the possibility of opening a brokerage account and the acquisition of shares. Has an investment training service for beginner investors – allows you to compare such products as deposits, loans, mortgages, plastic cards, insurance products and contains links to the corresponding pages of financial companies where you can purchase a particular product – financial supermarkets also can not do without this project. is perhaps one of the most famous and most “deserved” ones in Russia. At the moment, it gives users the opportunity to use services such as deposits and loans, choose stocks, bonds (both Russian and foreign companies), insurance products, mutual funds, etc..

At the same time, units of investment funds cannot be purchased directly at the marketplace; for this, the platform redirects the user to the sites of managing partner companies

Whether or not to invest in investment funds or other financial products is an independent choice for everyone. But the very opportunity to become a participant in the growth of capitalization of the largest Russian and world companies, using your smartphone and financial supermarkets, while crossing the path from the living room to the bedroom, fascinates and hints that the future has already arrived.

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