Architectural element: solar panels in design

Solar panels on the roof by Nathan Kipnis

Facade by Nathan Kipnis

Look at the next picture, which was made after the reconstruction. Light from reaching only the first few meters of the floor.

Dining room interior by Kipnis Architecture + Planning

A project by Kipnis Architecture + Planning

In order to install a battery system on the roof, some modifications had to be made to the roof structure unusual house. So, for example, in the following photo you can see how the designer determines the roof angles that will be needed in winter…

Diagram of a solar panel installation

The modern exterior

The finished house has a rather traditional look. You wouldn't know it from looking at it that it was built with solar panels.

The exterior of a traditional style home

Decor by ZeroEnergy Design

The exterior facades of this residence are clad in horizontal siding. With the roof and porch floor finishes, you can see the light textured wood with knot marks.

The exterior of a traditional style home

Design by Noel Cross+Architects

Remember, in order to get the most out of solar panels, you need to determine the optimal roof angle and location of the structure.

The exterior of a modern home

Entrance hallway by Jesse Bornstein Architecture

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