We will plaster the walls ourselves. Master’s tips
Renovation and finishing
Recommendation points What is plaster Required tool Plastering materials Getting started Wall plastering
Trellis for grapes: varieties and features
Improvement of the territory
In the wild, grapes grow as needed – clinging to nearby trees and other vertical supports.
Laying adhesive laminate
Decoration Materials
Laminate floors have a “floating” structure and therefore must never be nailed, screwed or
Chimney cleaning: how to clean the chimney from soot
House and cottage, suburban construction
Recommendation points Why chimneys are clogged? Chimney inspection Soot and soot cleaning products Mechanical
Energy saving at home
Engineering systems
Recommendation points Saving energy – reasons and goals How to curb household electric rangers
Swedish or Finnish candle – the easiest DIY hearth
Stoves and fireplaces
We wrote about how to make an auxiliary heater using a regular candle. But for the Finnish primus, candles
Modern plastic window systems
Windows and glazing
Modern plastic window systems. Why is a plastic window installed in a house or apartment a huge cost
Pros and cons of acrylic furniture
Arrangement and comfort
Not only baths can be acrylic. Today, many manufacturers offer acrylic furniture, which is in high demand.
Overalls, PPE and footwear for construction work
Recommendation points Footwear Problem # 1. Slippery, unstable outsole Problem # 2. Thin sole Problem No.
Installing a faucet in the bathroom
Renovation and finishing
Recommendation points How to choose the type of mixer and where to install it Concealed and open water
Kitchen renovation for the elderly: what you need to consider
Arrangement and comfort
Our site of advice decided to continue the topic of renovating an apartment or house in which the elderly
What is a wardrobe
In our country, a wardrobe is not so much a tribute to fashion as a new weapon in the historical struggle