Green architecture in the 21st century – what is it like??

Green architecture: A modular home in Australia

9. A vertically landscaped house built by Stefano Boeri in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Many people are skeptical about tree-covered buildings, believing that the very idea of vertical gardening is unsustainable. Well, it's time for them to change their minds, because the house designed by Milanese architect Stefano Boeri has already been built, and it certainly arouses only admiration.

Green architecture: A thatched house

7. Andrew Maynard blurs the boundary between interior and exterior.

Truly, the most impressive projects are created by architects who feel style and know a lot about eco-design, but also work with humor. Here's a clear demonstration of that.

Green architecture: green on the roof

5. A revolution in "green" construction.

The world is changing and so are sustainable building practices. The drawing below illustrates an approach to building such structures that has been considered unwaveringly true since the late '70s. Today, many of his principles are being questioned.

Green architecture: an ecohouse made of bamboo

3. Prefabricated plastic houses that can be ordered on the internet.

No, this is not Hobbiton or a scene from Teletubbies. This is a demonstration example of a complex of ground houses that use prefabricated plastic enclosures for construction. Given the latter, it's hard to call this project truly ecological.

Green architecture: compact house

1. Four modern houses for the glory of neighbourliness.

Four couples bought a piece of land in Texas and built four small houses on it, one of which has a common kitchen, dining room and guest room. It's a new approach to communal living.

Green architecture: houses for communal living

Not all of these projects may be sustainable in the long term, but their ideas will be developed and adapted by other "green architecture" authors.

And what most impressed you?

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