Stunning look of Forest House with unique shades of grey from GYZA, Vilnius

Today we will talk about a beautiful house – Forest House, Hidden away on the bank of Neris river in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Forest House project in Vilnius

The house includes two levels, a section that goes into the ground and provides excellent thermal insulation, and an unparalleled view of the scenic area that comes from the kitchen and dining room. Large glass windows try to visually blend the forest into the space.

Spacious living room with concrete walls and floating staircase combines hints of minimalism with exciting textures. Downstairs bedrooms, guest room and extra living space.

A house on a hill with a panoramic view
Forest House exterior

Air-conditioning systems, geothermal heating and energy efficient design significantly reduce the financial cost of natural resources consumption. Almost 2,500 square meters perfectly reunite with coniferous vegetation, and the interior of the mansion is filled with a cozy and humble atmosphere that is also inseparably linked to the surroundings.

Stylish staircase to the upper level of the house
Interior design of a kitchen with dining area
Floor plan diagram of the house
Second floor plan of Forest House
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