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Beautiful hairstyles for short hair can be done both in the salon and at home according to photo lessons. Independently, girls make quick and evening options, lay them with fixing means, braid braids, buns, ponytails. Owners of thick head of hair are suitable to cut whiskey and braid braids, wavy – to highlight strands, thin hair is better to give volume.

What hairstyle can be done on short hair

Performing beautiful hairstyles for short hair is easy if you select their type in accordance with individual characteristics of appearance. This gives variety to the appearance, emphasizes the shape of the face, eyes, hides “problem” places. Suitable haircuts and hairstyles:

  • round face – additional volume on the crown, framing the face with strands, lacerated accents;
  • oval face – a straight thick bang that holds the volume;
  • full women – light waves, bean to the chin, straight bangs, combed to one side;
  • thin strands – volume laying with light waves;
  • wavy hair – graduated locks, braided braids, ponytails, buns;
  • fine features – ultra-short hairstyle, raised up, stabbed bangs.

Fast hairstyles for short hair

The main advantage of a short everyday hairstyle is the simplicity and speed of its creation. Quick options include volume styling, blow-drying, combing back. You can easily pin a bang with a hairpin, tie a ribbon around your head, put on a bezel and make a classic ponytail.


Hairstyles for short hair at home do not need to be pretentious. Braids are suitable for every day: a French spikelet with weaving of thin strands, a fish tail, bunches and decoration with “wreaths” of braids:

  • wind the strands with a curling iron;
  • whip with your hands;
  • tie the tail at the back of the head, leaving the whiskey free;
  • twist the bunch, fasten with studs;
  • loose locks braid with a French scythe;
  • lay over the bunch, hide the tips in the center;
  • varnish for durability.

Fishtail hairstyle

Funny hairstyles for short hair

You can make fun hairstyles to visit cafes or meet friends. Their type depends on the length: ultrashort can simply be “set” with wax, on medium ones you can make the effect of wet curls with a gel or beach ones with a texturing spray. The length to the shoulders helps to neatly lay a beautiful basket, to braid different braids, to do daily styling.

On short hair to the shoulders

If you have hair to the shoulders, experiment – hairstyles with short hair of this length are diverse. You can not work hard for a long time – just pull it out with an iron, make a smooth styling, apply a light shine-varnish. Weaving is also relevant, which looks good on an asymmetric bean, layered and equal to a square, on curly hair. Braid the spikelet, the reverse braid, make a semblance of a shaved temple, removing the locks on one side and curling it in a spiral. Feminine option will be volumetric styling, curly hairstyle.

With a bang

The bangs always give the face an emphasis on the chin, so it is worth approaching her choice responsibly. A ragged or asymmetric only needs styling, and the hairstyle is ready. A straight or oblique can be laid to one side, braided into it, decorated with rims, silk scarves. Texturing will help to emphasize the beauty – use salt sprays, powder for volume, jelly for styling. Evening option will be decoration of bangs with tiaras, shiny varnish. For parties, dyeing strands with colored crayons or semi-permanent paints is suitable.

On very short hair

If you have a boyish haircut and a hedgehog length, even a bridal hairstyle for short hair can be shocking or romantic. The texture looks bold and stylish – blot wet strands with a towel, without combing, leave to dry. Apply foam or mousse to almost dry hair and create a texture. You can highlight only the bangs or the back of the head, or you can make layered asymmetries on the entire head.

To look new, fresh and elegant, open your face. Comb your hair back, use varnish or jelly to get a “wet” effect and the briolin classic of Hollywood stars. For a voluminous hairstyle, comb the locks in one direction, use a comb to comb, apply varnish. If the fleece fails, dry shampoos or powders create a good volume for fixing – rub them into the roots, head down.

For short hair to the chin line

On hair cuts like bob and bob braids look beautiful. The following performance option is suitable both as a daily styling and for evening events:

  • make a side part;
  • start weaving a classic braid on one side;
  • on the second row add strands from the bulk;
  • get to the ear, tie with an elastic band, fix with an invisibility;
  • repeat the same steps with the other side.

Braids for short hair

Evening hairstyles for short hair

In the salon you will be offered various evening hairstyles for short hair, but you can also do them yourself using the instructions from the sections below. Elegant festive hairstyles with volume, large or small curls, exquisite jewelry will help to look stylish. Put on a beautiful diadem crown, lay your bangs and slaughter with a large brooch – it will turn out spectacularly.


The biggest problem when creating volumetric styling is to maintain its stability. To achieve this, you have to use a curling iron and fixing means, but it is easy to overdo it. To get a lush, persistent volume, use the following tricks:

  • wash your hair with volume shampoo;
  • apply conditioner to wet ends;
  • apply a mousse of medium fixation to the root part before drying with a hairdryer;
  • lower your head down, blow dry your head;
  • it is possible to use a diffuse nozzle, without it – to do a comb with a comb with frequent cloves;
  • comb the bean with small strands 5-8 mm thick, 2-3 cm wide, located on the top and back of the head, do not touch the whiskey and bangs;
  • on a short haircut, it is good to do volume throughout the head;
  • rock funk style is suitable for experiment lovers, apply a special modeling gel, ruffle your hair with your hands, lift the crown and nape up, lay the temporal parts to the face.

With curls

Curls on strands of any length always look romantic and feminine. For the direct type with an even cut of the ends, any curls are suitable – from soft waves to zigzag spirals. Layered and cascading haircuts require a neat medium-sized curl, use curlers to create them. “Little demon” is not recommended, because there is a risk of curls sticking out in different directions. Having achieved light waves, you can “play” with a parting – make it straight, oblique, center, side, or even completely remove, combing the strands back.

Curls for short hair

Stylish hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyles for short hair look great on model haircuts. This concept includes styling options that meet the latest fashion trends. These include, for example, torn asymmetric edges, shades of all colors of the rainbow, deliberate negligence. From the popular directions of haircuts, classics (bob and bob) and modern trends (hedgehog, hat, garzon) are distinguished.


To give a unique style and attract the attention of others, such a technique as asymmetry is suitable. You can intentionally cut your hair unevenly by styling every day, or create light negligence. Asymmetry is expressed in different lengths of strands on the sides, torn edges of the asymmetric bangs, “shaved” temples. The latter option is achieved by weaving a tight, dense braid from one temple. By removing the pigtail from your forehead, you open the temple, which creates the effect of a youth style for ladies of any age.

Weaving can also be done up to the length of the shoulders, making braids the bangs like a wreath, imitating dreadlocks, braiding tight pigtails all over the head. Classic does not go out of fashion either – spikelets, French braids, waterfalls look great. They need to be done on the one hand in order to maintain asymmetry and focus on one part of the head.

Creative caret

A hairstyle for short hair in the form of a creative haircut can combine incompatible elements: a fashionable trapeze, ultra-short straight bangs, sharp lines and asymmetry are perfect for those who are not afraid of experiments. For office dress code or walks, try the following caret styling:

  • blow dry your hair, lift at the roots;
  • assemble at the crown, fasten with a hairpin;
  • braid the temporal parts in braids to the back of the head, assemble together;
  • comb the strands, sprinkle with varnish;
  • twist the harnesses out of two thin side strands, place them on top of the braids.

Photo of girls with a bob

Retro style

Current trends indicate the popularity of retro style. Today it is the 1950s, which are characterized by smoothness, density of bangs, pronounced oblique or straight parting and the use of stylish accessories for styling. Option hairstyles with oblique bangs:

  • sprinkle for texture with dry shampoo;
  • on the back of the head, comb the strands, smooth with a thin comb;
  • fasten the fleece with invisibility;
  • take the strands from the ears back, lift them up from the neck;
  • lock everything;
  • decorate with a silk scarf or rim, leaving the bangs outside, smooth it with an iron.

In grunge style

This style direction is famous for deliberate negligence, but this does not mean that you do not need to try for styling. On the contrary, it will take more time, especially for girls with smooth, even strands that are difficult to create creative chaos on them. Owners of curly short manes are more fortunate – they practically do not need to be laid: wash your hair, dry naturally, emphasize the tousiness with mousse.

Straight strands must first be curled slightly with forceps, twisting the strands in different directions and in a chaotic manner. After cooling, disassemble them with your hands, lower your head down, fix the result with varnish. You can create the effect of “wet strands” or styling “surfer’s girlfriends” with a large amount of gel or foam for fixation, or by drying using a diffuser nozzle on a hairdryer.

Hairstyles for short hair at home

To make it easier to understand self-installation, read the instructions. They show and tell in a photo and with a detailed description of how to make a hairstyle for short hair. The following are the most popular types: volumetric bunches, ponytail of various types and several weaving methods that are suitable for summer or any other time of the year.

A bunch

If you have short, thin hair, you will need additional accessories to create a bun: a wooden or ceramic round comb, invisibility, a special hairdresser bagel, several elastic bands of different thicknesses. Step-by-step execution:

  • gather strands on the back of the head to make a tail;
  • achieve smoothness of the strands using a special mousse or gel for styling methods;
  • the location and size of the beam depends on the growth: a high large one on the back of the head will emphasize the neck, a small one will be suitable for short women;
  • put the bagel on the tail;
  • separate the strands from the tail, stretch over the bagel, fasten with invisibility, repeat with the rest to hide the bagel completely;
  • tighten the beam base with a thin rubber band (take it in the color of the strands or transparent silicone).

A bundle of short hair


Horse tail is considered a popular and classic styling, suitable for many, revealing the beauty of the neck. On short hair, it is difficult to do because of the fine texture, but there are some tricks to achieve an excellent result:

  • make a light pile on the back and middle layers;
  • collect hair on the top of the head;
  • wind large curls;
  • fix with a thin elastic band or, in its absence, wrap a small lock around the base of the tail;
  • instead of an elastic band, you can use two invisible ones – this way the tail is more voluminous;
  • to get the chignon effect, twist the tail, lay the ends inward.

How beautifully stab short hair

Among the hairstyles for short hair, simple but beautiful weaves are distinguished. Strands can be stabbed with beautiful jewelry, emphasize the elegance of the neck with large brooches. It is good for young girls to use headbands, silk ribbons or shawls wrapped around their heads (Greek hairstyles). It looks interesting, fits the modern style of clothing, helps to pacify naughty locks with a strong wind, it is considered a universal option.

How to collect short hair beautifully

A romantic wreath is considered an option for ceremonial styling for short strands. Detailed execution instruction:

  • divide the strands, make a side part;
  • twist one side with a tight tourniquet, picking up free locks;
  • repeat the same steps with the other side;
  • fasten the harnesses to the back of the head, leave a few strands loose;
  • twist the remaining hair with two identical bundles, fasten crosswise;
  • tear the harnesses lightly for more.

Girl with short hair

Bob hairstyle

In addition to the traditional smooth hairstyle, caret can be laid with beautiful soft waves that emphasize the femininity of their owner:

  • apply a spray for thermal protection;
  • gather the upper part on the top, stab with invisible;
  • twist the short occipital strands with a curling iron, holding the device vertically, twisting from the roots to the ends;
  • wind long strands in different directions (one to the face, the second from it, alternate);
  • tighten the bangs, holding the curling iron at an angle, pull the curl through the device;
  • fix with varnish, tangle curls with your hands or shake your head;
  • fix with a varnish a light occipital pile.
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