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Women’s skin requires constant and close attention to themselves. So, already in adolescence, the problem of acne needs to be addressed through comprehensive care, which also includes the selection of cosmetics. Women over 25 need to spend even more time on facial skin care at home. The choice of funds is great, you just need to choose them correctly. We advise you to pay attention to home recipes for cosmetics.

Stages of daily skin care

From a young age, every girl should look after her skin, let it become a habit. Maintaining natural beauty will require only a few minutes a day, the reward for the minutes spent will be young face skin and decollete. The procedures mentioned below are sometimes supplemented with masks, peeling, scrubs. A child, a teenager, a young girl and a mature woman have the right to look great!

  1. Cleaning. It happens in the morning and evening. In the morning, the skin needs to be prepared for makeup, and in the evening, cosmetics, along with keratinized scales, fat must be washed off.
  2. Toning. Produced in the morning and before bedtime.
  3. Protection and hydration. Leaving should be made both in the fall, and in the winter, and in the summer period. Protecting and moisturizing procedures include applying a daily cream to the neck and face. The cream is selected by season and by age. Summer day cream contains components that reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.
  4. Nutrition. At night, the regeneration of the skin occurs. The nutrients that night cream contains help speed up skin repair.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies

Folk recipes are simple and affordable components. Many of these products are of natural origin. There are many recipes, time-tested: there are plenty to choose from. The main selection criterion is the type of skin, a care product must be selected depending on the age of the woman.

Girl and lemons

For oily

The main disadvantage of oily skin is that it glistens, in addition, the pores on it are large, as a result of which it is quickly contaminated. Therefore, the basic basis is its timely cleaning. You need to clean your face in the morning and evening. For care, it is better to use the following products..

  • Morning remedies: wipe the skin with an ice cube in the morning, this procedure helps to narrow the pores and cleanse. As an additional measure, wipe the skin with an alcohol-free lotion so as not to dehydrate.
  • Evening products: day and evening, wipe the skin with a slice of lemon or a swab moistened with its juice. In the evening, wash your face with a solution of lemon juice, or tincture of chamomile inflorescences.

Rye bread and a girl

For dry and sensitive

Dry skin lacks water and nutrients, so care for it is to use products that contain nutrient and collagen components. It is protected by a thin layer of fatty film, so you need to wash your face with products containing a minimum amount of alkali, it is desirable that the pH value does not exceed 0. Dry skin is sensitive to frost, sudden changes in temperature, precipitation, and bright sunlight..

Bran soap

  • It is prepared from a mixture of rice, oat, wheat, almond bran.
  • Wash your face with purified water before the procedure..
  • Soak a couple tablespoons of the mixture, brush on your face.
  • Wash with cool water after 10 minutes.

Yolk-oil mixture

  • It is a mixture of 1 yolk and 1 tsp. sunflower oil.
  • Beat the mixture, it will look like mayonnaise.
  • Spread the mixture on your face, hold for 10 minutes.
  • Wash with cool water.

Black bread

  • Soak the crumb in water.
  • Put the crumb on your face, after a few minutes, wash in cold water.

Woman holds oranges

For normal

Normal skin is characterized by firmness, an even healthy color, it does not peel, does not shine. That she constantly looked perfectly, it is necessary to look after her. It is better to wash yourself with soft water at a temperature of 20-30 degrees with baby soap. If the water is too cold, the skin becomes flabby, you will have to use anti-aging cosmetics. To maintain a healthy looking face, use the following remedies:

Orange juice

  1. Squeeze out the juice of orange, strain it.
  2. Spread face and décolleté with juice.
  3. Wash off after 2 hours, do not wipe the water.

Chamomile and Hypericum broth lotion

  1. Brew 1 tbsp. St. John’s wort flowers and leaves in 120 grams of boiling water, insist a quarter of an hour, strain.
  2. Brew 2 tbsp. chamomile flowers in 30 grams of boiling water, leave for 10 minutes, strain.
  3. After the liquids have cooled, mix them with 30 grams of vodka and 10 grams of glycerin. Keep refrigerated.
  4. The lotion is applied for half an hour.

Birch Juice Lotion

  1. Mix half a glass of birch sap with 20 grams of alcohol or 15 grams of glycerin.
  2. Use to clean your face in the morning and evening.

Female reflection in the mirror

For the problem

Proper care for problem skin can be prescribed only by a specialist. Often the causes of the problems are infectious diseases. If you neglect the advice of a doctor, and do not start intensive treatment, there is a risk of the spread of infection. It is undesirable for people with skin problems to fully recover to sunbathe and stay in the sun for a long time. If doctors have determined rosacea lesions of the integument, you should listen to their advice, and start a comprehensive treatment.

Winter landscape

Comprehensive care in autumn and winter

In windy autumn, winter, strong winds and frost contribute to rapid loss of fluid: no less than a liter of fluid per day evaporates through the skin. To reduce moisture loss, cosmetologists recommend applying a protective cream to the face daily..

  1. Wash with cool water using moisturizing foam..
  2. Apply protective creams no earlier than half an hour before a winter walk.
  3. Buy protective creams that contain vitamins and glycerin.
  4. Use only pressed powder containing fat in winter..
  5. In winter, it is better to use pasty blush.
  6. After three days on the fourth, use a scrub to clean your face.
  7. Use lipstick.
  8. In sunny winter weather, the sun is dangerous.


In summer

In the summer, skin care should be given close attention: heat, sun, dry air worsen its condition. But do not immediately rush into the battle for cleanliness and whitening the face: washing, applying scrubs contribute to the violation of the protective film, as a result, dehydration occurs.

  • In the morning and evening, wash your face with foams, gels, or mousses that help maintain a hydrolipidic skin barrier.
  • Apply scrub and gommage no more than once a week.
  • In case of inflammation and acne, treat your face with antibacterial agents: salicylic acid, tea tree oil.
  • Try not to use cosmetics that are high in fat..
  • Use gel or water based cosmetics.
  • Use cosmetics that help retain moisture in your skin daily..
  • Use special cosmetics to prevent pigmentation..

Men's funds

Beautician Tips for Men

Many men ignore cosmetics, so they eventually begin to have problems with their skin. Although men’s skin is much coarser than women’s, it also needs care, including the use of cosmetics: creams, scrubs, lotions, post-peeling, age-related products. Beauticians recommend such measures:

  • Do not forget to use shaving creams, shaving foam, especially if there is irritation. Change the shaving machine regularly.
  • Buy men’s cosmetics of one line of one manufacturer, do not use women’s.
  • Do not squeeze blackheads and other rashes, it is better to remove them by steaming using products containing acids.
  • Facial cleansing and blackhead removal is best entrusted to professional cosmetologists.
  • Hard water can cause irritation, wash with soft, purified water.

Professional cosmetics

For professional care

Professional facial care involves the use of special cosmetics. This cosmetics has its own characteristics, therefore it is used mainly by professionals in beauty salons. You need to be able to use professional cosmetics, before using it, you should carefully study the instructions.

  • Up to 20 years. The main task of the girl is to monitor the cleanliness of the skin. To do this, use scrubs and peeling products. To protect your face from UV radiation, a daily moisturizer is used..
  • Up to 25 years. The hormonal level has already returned to normal; protection against acne is no longer required. In addition to the daytime, at 25 years old, night cream is also used, as well as eye gel.
  • After 30 years, the skin begins to age, the first wrinkles are noticeable. In order to slow down aging, use creams, day and night, balms, lotions, and other products. At the age of 35, scrubbing should be done once a week..
  • After 45 years, deep wrinkles appear, the skin becomes dry. Cosmetics should contain a lot of nutrients, promote quick recovery.
  • After 50 years, the skin begins to sag, quickly age. It is necessary to use cosmetics that have a nourishing, regenerating, firming effect.

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