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To create a basal volume, splendor during styling, use a styling tool called hair powder for volume. She appeared on the market a few years ago, but has already managed to gain popularity. Outwardly, it is a finely divided transparent or white powder that needs to be rubbed into the roots to achieve volume, to extend the durability and quality of laying.

What is hair powder

Otherwise, the powder is also called talcum powder for hair, because they are similar in texture and texture. A light product gives a beautiful volume, makes the hair obedient during subsequent styling, prolongs the freshness of the roots of the head, increasing the periods between washing. If the hair is naughty, does not stay in a high hairstyle, curls or braids, powder powder will help. It can be used on any length, it has a light pleasant aroma that does not interrupt the smell of perfume.

High-quality powder has the following functions: gives elasticity, raises the roots without drying with a hairdryer, turns dull strands into a luxurious mane. Other purposes of using volume styling:

  • giving the hairstyle completeness and beauty;
  • elegance of high styling;
  • form fixation and care;
  • obedience;
  • fat absorption;
  • creating a fresh matte look.

Girl puts powder on her hair

How to use

Hairdressers and stylists have developed their recommendations on how to use hair powder correctly:

  • apply modeling agent on partings before finishing laying;
  • pre-treat the strands with a hairdryer, ironing;
  • sprinkle the powder powder evenly over the roots, slightly lift with your fingers, slightly ruffle;
  • after application, there is no need to use varnish, and before laying, you do not need a comb comb;
  • sprinkle powder over the entire length there is no need – so it will lose its luster;
  • Do not use the product often, because it dries the scalp;
  • rinse off overnight.

Powder for hair volume

The powder for hair volume is sold in professional cosmetics stores, in the usual cosmetic departments or in online stores. You can choose products with a matte or shiny effect, with a brightening effect, in different shades. Powders that create hairstyle do not contain aggressive components, do not spoil hair, keep styling all day. When choosing, pay attention to the degree of fixation.

Powder Estel

The popular dry styling powder for hair with a strong level of fixation allows you to create persistent styling, maintain naturalness:

  • price: 300 r.;
  • Characteristics: 8 g, strong hold;
  • pluses: gives instant volume, compacts along the entire length, the roots rise, the advantage is a neutral aroma;
  • cons: matting hair.


Taft styling powder

The next product of the Taft brand has extremely strong fixation, so it can be used in extreme conditions. The manufacturer claims that the product can withstand any problems – rain, snow, wind, intense heat:

  • model name: Volume styling;
  • price: 488 r.;
  • Characteristics: 10 g, extra strong fixation;
  • pluses: stable volume, impeccable texture, convenient to use, does not make heavier;
  • cons: easy to overdo with the application procedure.



Professional products include the following product, which is suitable for all types of hairstyles. In addition to visual densification, it makes the hair thicker:

  • model name: Volumetrick;
  • price: 379 p.;
  • Characteristics: 7 ml, strong fixation;
  • pluses: without perfume fragrances, lifts even very thin locks;
  • cons: not found.



Another professional brand offers a product for creating a basal volume of hair:

  • model name: Professional Style Strong Hold Powder;
  • price: 519 r.;
  • Characteristics: 10 g, strong fixation;
  • pluses: light texture, stability of laying, does not stick together and does not make heavier, odorless;
  • cons: overpriced.

Schwarzkopf Hair Volume Powder

An affordable semi-professional brand is OSIS, which produces two powders – with a matte velvet and natural effect:

  • model name: OSIS Dust it;
  • price: 1090 r.;
  • Characteristics: 10 g, strong fixation;
  • pluses: soft matte effect, suitable for texturing, turns into a cream when rubbing in the hands, the more funds applied, the stronger the fixation;
  • cons: can dry out roots when applied too much.



The youth line GOT2B has a striking design. Their modeling powder is available in several versions, suitable for all types of hair:

  • model name: POWDER;
  • price: 279 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 10 g, strong fixation;
  • pluses: impeccable texture, luxurious volume in a matter of seconds without weighting, invisible at the roots;
  • cons: aroma too strong.

Got 2b Powder

How to choose hair powder for volume

To buy the right powder for hair to give the roots volume, pay attention to the following expert tips:

  • best volumetric remedy is suitable for thin, brittle, lifeless hair – heavy may not help in fixing the styling;
  • it is permissible for blondes to choose any powder, for brunettes it is better to colorless, otherwise the remnants of the powder on the roots will look like dandruff;
  • in case of intolerance to odors, choose a fragrance-free product, otherwise it will interrupt the aroma of perfumes and cause a headache;
  • To create evening hairstyles, wedding styling, it is better to choose finely divided spray powders that are well absorbed, invisible on the hair;
  • inexpensive powders are suitable for every day, the use of which requires compliance with the instructions.
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