Haircuts for medium hair with bangs: women’s hairstyles with photos

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Strands falling onto the face help to correct the oval, so hairstyles with them are always very popular. There are different haircuts with bangs for medium hair. Some of them have come into fashion recently, others are rightly considered classics..


This hairstyle is one of the most popular:

  • Base square It turns out voluminous due to the correct cutting of individual strands. A milled fringe will help to add a touch of playfulness, and a straight line just above the eyebrows will make the image strict. If you want to make the hairstyle sexy and mysterious, then they act differently: lower the bangs below the eyebrows and make thick.
  • An interesting subspecies – graduated square. Suitable for straight and thick medium hair. Separate strands are thinned out, so graduated caret looks more modern than classic. Characterized by the absence of strict lines and clear symmetry. The length of the graded locks varies, so the haircut is slightly sloppy.
  • Wavy square – Another modern type of styling. Suitable for owners of thin and rare medium hair. When making such a haircut, the master must remember that after drying the wet strands, their length changes. The wavy square with elongated front curls looks beautifully framing the face. Bangs fit oblique, laid to one side. The top of the head is left straight, but give root volume, and the ends curl with large curls.

Rack with bangs


Fashionable haircut for women of any age. In the basic version, the strands on the back of the head are cut off, and the front ones are made elongated. To give a slight negligence, make a light thinning. A basic extension bean will suit girls with a round or square face. The model visually extends it. If the face is oval, then the hairstyle should be supplemented with a straight bangs covering the eyebrows, and if triangular – oblique.

The elongated bean looks original both on straight and curled medium hair. This or that styling option will help to create two radically different images. You can diversify your hairstyle, changing parting from time to time, periodically making combing at the roots. A separate advantage of an elongated bean is that it is easy to collect hair in a ponytail or lift it up.

A stylish option is the so-called torn bean. Thinning is done over the entire surface or only on separate strands, for example, only in front. The effect of ragged haircuts is provided by the following techniques:

  • thinning with scissors;
  • graduation;
  • dangerous razor cut.



This hairstyle is universal, its feature is layering. The cascade is suitable for women with any shape of the face. The hairstyle is performed in such a technique that always looks voluminous. Under it fit oblique milled bangs or semicircular, smoothly turning into side strands. You can style your hair in different ways. To create a strict image, the side strands are pulled with a hairdryer so that the oval of the face is repeated. A light pile will add playfulness. You can complement the image by slightly twisting the strands from the face.

One type of cascade is a ladder. Suitable for any face shape. Her feature is strands with a slight difference in length. The transition is not as pronounced as in the classic cascade. The front strands mow smoothly. The bangs go into the main length. If the face is oblong, then it should be slightly in the eye. The option is suitable for everyday wear, and for special occasions..

Cascade for medium hair with bangs

Asymmetric haircuts

It is impossible to list all the options with bangs for medium hair, but there are some that are more common than others. Pixies are in fashion now. The basis is a shortened legged bean with a light pile on the top of the head. The back of the head is heavily trimmed. The bangs are very elongated, consisting of many locks in front and from the top of the head. To refresh the image, it is milled. The hairstyle is universal, suitable for any face contour.

Haircuts for medium hair with bangs with thinning are always relevant. This treatment makes the image a bit sloppy. The main advantage of thinning – with its help (thinning out certain strands), you can simulate a hairstyle for any type of face, hide angularities. As a rule, if the density of the hair is large, then the entire mass is treated. If they are thin, then thin out individual strands and so that a volume is created on the crown.

A haircut on medium hair with a bang Garcon resembles a hat. The crown is always magnificent. Garson is not a universal haircut, you can choose it only with a certain face shape. It looks like a shortened bean, but differs in that graduation is done over the entire surface, and not on separate strands. Elongated milled temples can cover wide cheekbones.

Asymmetric haircuts

Types of bangs for medium hair

Choose the type of haircut, taking into account the shape of the face. This will help draw attention to the merits, hide the flaws. Face shape selection:

Face shape

Recommended Bang Type



A circle


  • square with side parting;
  • elongated fluffy cascade;
  • tail side.
  • bean;
  • smooth pixie.


Oblique, elongated

  • graduated bean with parting;
  • pixies;
  • bob with graduation;
  • cascades;
  • curls.
  • ponytail.


Semicircular, milled, asymmetric

  • ladder;
  • cascade;
  • garzon.
  • bean.


Arched, flat

  • bean;
  • bob
  • pixies;
  • cascade;
  • Garcon;
  • ladder;
  • curls.
  • straightening with an iron;
  • fleece;
  • top bunches.


A bang of this type just above the eyebrows is done to girls with an oval and triangular face. Chubby people need to find other models. Covering eyebrows and milled will suit those with a high forehead. She helps to give eyes more expressiveness. Owners of a square-shaped face will have a thick bang at the level of the eyebrows, smoothly turning into side strands. The latter should be laid in the direction of the face.

Straight bang


Very popular option. Thanks to the long bangs, the forehead can be opened or closed, creating different images. Features:

  1. Well suited to girls with a large forehead and wide cheekbones. It can be milled and laid on two sides with mousse.
  2. The even cut option emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes..
  3. Features of a triangular face – a small mouth and angular cheekbones. To balance proportions, haircuts with a long bang with a semicircular edge will help. It is better to choose a graduated stacking, with a thinning.

Long bangs


An extravagant option for girls who are not afraid of experiments. Features:

  1. A great choice for a round face. She will visually pull it.
  2. It goes well with graduated haircuts.

Short bangs


A universal choice for women of any age. The length and shape are selected taking into account the contours of the face:




Elongated, smoothly passing into the side strand. She will reduce round cheeks.


Any haircut with a slanting bang.


Milled elongated soften angular features, make the face narrower.

Rectangular with a high forehead

With a slight bevel, slightly opening only one eyebrow.


Asymmetric, completely opening one eyebrow and closing the second.


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