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An overweight person can fight even his whole life: for men, this is the abdomen, and for women, hips are also added. If the waist is easily framed with a hoop, then what about a big booty? Ways to effectively lose weight in the hips are based on a combination of diet and exercise. What do you know about such a system? The instructions below will help to apply it on yourself to effectively get rid of volumes.

Weight loss methods for legs and hips

The ideal line of the hips is the goal of every girl, because this is a sign of femininity and health. To fulfill the desired, you need to adhere to only 2 simple principles:

  • balanced diet;
  • regular exercise.

Using diet

Food is the first step towards reducing volumes in general. The diet for losing legs and hips is based on the following principles:

The girl measures the volume of hips after losing weight.

  1. Do not starve. The body stores even more fat. Better switch to five meals a day in small portions..
  2. Make a menu so that your diet contains different products for weight loss of the abdomen and hips with protein, carbohydrates and fats.
  3. Use carbohydrates such as cereals or granola in the morning. They will fill with energy for the whole day, while they will not be deposited anywhere.
  4. Lunch time is a time of fat, but not fat and cakes. A bowl of soup, for example, from chicken – ideal for losing weight.
  5. In the evening, the time of meat comes. The body is already preparing for rest, and the eaten portion of protein will satisfy the need for it tomorrow.
  6. Water. For the normal functioning of the body and weight loss, it is very necessary. The amount of water drunk per day should be at least 2 liters.

Diet Products

Here is what you need to lose weight in your hips and beyond:

  1. Breakfast – 1 boiled egg, a portion of oatmeal with honey or fruit, a glass of orange juice.
  2. Snack – 1 apple, low fat yogurt.
  3. Lunch – steak, side dish of a mixture of corn, peas and carrots.
  4. Snack – cottage cheese, any fruit.
  5. Dinner – chicken, green salad, orange or apple.

Using exercises

How to lose weight in the hips quickly? Add exercise. They are necessary not just for weight loss, but to improve the overall muscle tone. They recommend doing hip exercises in the evening, 2 hours after eating. All you need is:

  • the surface of the floor is even;
  • gymnastic rug or other soft bedding;
  • comfortable clothes for classes.

For hips and buttocks

In addition to the usual squats, there is another effective method how to lose weight in the buttocks and hips – this is a lateral leg lift:

Hip Slimming Exercise - Lying Leg Lift

  • lying on the right side with the same hand rest your head;
  • put your left hand next to your stomach;
  • when you inhale, raise your leg; as you exhale, slowly lower it;
  • repeat 5 to 10 times.

Helps you lose weight in your thighs taking your legs to the side:

Hip Slimming Exercise - Raising Your Leg

  • sit on the floor, place your hands near your hips so that your palms are straight;
  • tear off the ass from the floor so that the body is stretched like a string;
  • holding in this position, lift the right leg, while taking it a little to the side;
  • pull the sock and as you exhale, take the starting position;
  • after 3 times change your leg, repeat the complex again.

For the inner thigh

Effective exercise to lose weight in the legs – lateral leg lift in a supine position:

Lateral leg lift in supine position for slimming hips

  • take the starting position – lying on your side;
  • put your upper leg bent at the knee directly in front of you;
  • as you exhale, raise your lower leg as high as possible, observing the evenness of your position;
  • repeat 8 times on each leg.

Try stretching the inside of the legs, because it is more effective for removing volumes than exercises to lose weight on the hips and buttocks:

Stretching exercise on the inside of the hips

  • put your feet shoulder width apart;
  • on the exhale, sit down to the right angle in the knees;
  • pull your hands towards the floor, straighten any of the legs;
  • keeping your back straight and not taking your buttocks back, stay in this position for 10 accounts;
  • having a little rest, change your leg, repeat the complex 3 times for each.

On simulators

Going to the gym, you can find for yourself “allies” in reducing the volume of the hips. Pay attention to such simulators:

The girl is engaged on a simulator

  • bike;
  • simulator for walking or running;
  • a simulator for bending legs while standing, sitting or lying down;
  • simulator for mixing / breeding legs;
  • jump rope.

Video Tips for Slimming Your Hips and Buttocks

To look beautiful and attract men’s views is the dream of any girl. Here, the figure, the line of the hips with the waist, plays an important role. Increased volumes along with excess weight are often the cause of diseases, so losing weight carries not only aesthetic, but also a protective function, relieving the body of unnecessary stress. If you’re still wondering how to lose weight in your hips, check out the helpful videos below. They will teach you everything.

How to do hips massage

Exercises for weight loss legs and hips at home

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