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A modern person can not do without cosmetics, which helps to keep the body in order, eliminate unpleasant odors. The market offers a large selection of deodorants to help solve these problems. Not always they bring benefits, causing allergies, irritations. A review of salt remedies will help deal with natural sweat preparations..

What is alunite

It is known that this substance was known in ancient Egypt. Healers used it to treat hygiene. Alunite – aluminum alum – natural rock salts of potassium alum or ammonium alum with the chemical formula KAl (SO4) 2). Crystals are mined in the Philippines, in Thailand, in many Asian countries. Alum is used as a salt deodorant due to its qualities:

  • eliminate unpleasant odors;
  • prevent the development of bacteria;
  • do not cause allergies;
  • to be an antiseptic.

Alunite salt crystalline deodorant helps:

  • eliminate sweat odor;
  • prevent irritation after shaving;
  • heal small wounds;
  • create a feeling of freshness;
  • relieve itching with insect bites;
  • treat problem skin in cosmetology;
  • eliminate body odors of products – garlic, fish;
  • care for newborns;
  • disinfect after depilation;
  • observe hygiene during pregnancy – does not harm the mother, fetus.

Aluminum Alum

One-piece Crystal Deodorant

Alum from volcanic rocks is mined, and subsequently processed manually or by machine grinding. With this technology, sharp edges are smoothed out, the base is given a rounded shape. Alunite Solid Crystal:

  • has heterogeneity of structure;
  • characterized by the presence of small natural defects that do not affect the quality;
  • translucent or transparent, may be a color from slightly yellow to red;
  • has a strong effect – ideal for men – retains properties for several days;
  • has high hardness;
  • slightly soluble in water.

Whole crystalline stones are packed in boxes, they are comfortable to hold in your hands, they do not melt from body temperature. Using salt deodorant, you need to know:

  • although the drug has a high cost, the drug is economical – enough for several years;
  • doctors do not recommend the use of deodorant in violation of thermoregulation;
  • the drug is ineffective with increased sweating, including that caused by diseases.

Fused crystal

Another method of manufacturing salt deodorant is melting crystals. Such a product is different:

  • uniformity of structure;
  • matte surface;
  • lack of defects;
  • mild action – suitable for women;
  • the presence of natural additives in the composition – it is necessary to pay attention to this when buying, so as not to cause allergies;
  • the possibility of the existence of two forms – deodorant-stick crystal, deodorant-crystal spray.

Salt remedies against the smell of Thai and Filipino production have excellent reviews. It is necessary to choose a more convenient form for use:

  • Spray – available in finished form or made independently – the crystal is poured with water. It leaves no residue on clothes, creates a thin film on the skin, and is well preserved..
  • Stick – is made by grinding stones from aluminum alum to powder, subsequent melting and crystallization. Natural components are added to the composition – essential oils, herbal extracts.

Mineral deodorant in the hand

Properties of Natural Deodorant

A feature of the salt substance – alunite only eliminates odors, prevents the growth of bacteria. In this case, sweating does not decrease – pore narrowing does not occur. Salt deodorant is ineffective in case of:

  • sweating caused by diseases, hormonal disorders, pregnancy;
  • active sports training;
  • work associated with physical activity.

Natural deodorant has good reviews due to its properties:

  • no side effects – no preservatives, natural product;
  • safety – the substance does not penetrate deep into the skin, does not cause inflammation;
  • profitability – the crystal can last for several years;
  • does not leave marks on clothes;
  • kills bacteria;
  • stops inflammation, bleeding;
  • does not violate the body’s thermoregulation.

How to use crystalline deodorant

In order for a natural remedy for the smell of sweat to retain its effect for a long time, you need to know how to use salt deodorant. A solid mineral begins to work only in the presence of water, so according to the instructions it is necessary:

  • moisten the skin of the armpits before application – you can take a shower;
  • from moisture, the solid surface of the crystal will be moistened;
  • apply a thin layer to the skin of the armpits;
  • bacteria will stop multiplying;
  • bad smell will be eliminated.

This application technology relates to a class of solid salt crystals. You can use deodorants in another form:

  • preparations in the form of a liquid roller composition or pencil are applied to clean, dry skin of the armpits;
  • a spray is sprayed onto the washed body, which can be prepared independently, pouring crystal fragments with water in a ratio of 1:10 or purchase a finished product.

Crystal Mineral Deodorant

Where to buy salt deodorant

Those who wish to purchase mineral deodorant can do this in various ways. It is important to know what form of release is necessary, and consider the manufacturer of the product. It is easy to buy salt deodorant in a pharmacy, there are other ways:

  • book with friends who went to Thailand;
  • buy in the online store according to the catalog, after reading the annotation, looking at the photo;
  • bring from a trip to Asia, the Philippines;
  • purchase at Magnit cosmetics stores, malls;
  • buy online pharmacy.

How to choose a deodorant

Having decided to purchase crystalline deodorants, it is advisable to be guided when choosing such criteria:

  • the popularity of the manufacturer, the period of its presence in the market;
  • release form, convenient for use by a specific person;
  • features of use – for what purposes is it planned to use;
  • the presence of fragrances;
  • reviews of those who have already used.


Manufacturers of salt deodorants from the Philippines and Thailand have long been known in the cosmetics market, producing natural products that are harmless to health. Means of brands are popular:

  • Crystal, USA – sprays, sticks;
  • Tawas Crystal, Philippines – all types of goods;
  • Deonat, Thailand – crystals, sticks;
  • Eo laboratorie, Russia – roller form;
  • Hemani, UAE – crystal stone, pencil.

Deonat line of salt deodorants

Release form

It is advisable to choose a convenient form of deodorant release for use. Salt preparations produced by different companies have their own characteristics:

  • crystal stone – convenient for men, retains functions for a long time – Grace, Deoise;
  • spray, leaves a feeling of freshness longer, enters the pores of the skin – spray Crystal;
  • stick – fused composition, with gentle care, convenient for women – Deonat, Mineral deodorant stick;
  • ball, liquid form – DEO Cristal eclab.

Skin type

Due to its hypoallergenic composition, deodorants containing alum-potassium alum have a very soft effect on the delicate skin of the armpits. Regardless of the form of release, salt preparations are suitable for all its types, including the very sensitive one, which the usual deodorants are not suitable for. Excellent drug reviews:

  • Crystal Body Deodorant Spray;
  • Tawas Crystal;
  • stick ISME Rasyan.

Application area

The most important use of crystalline salt products is to eliminate the smell of sweat. Deodorants are also used in other areas:

  • acne removal on the face – lubricate the skin with hard alunite, for example, ISME Rasyan;
  • healing of injuries, a wound obtained by shaving – preferably a liquid solution – Body Deodorant Spray Crystal, which helps stop blood, disinfection, restore cells.

Good results are obtained from the use of alum deodorants in medicine to combat fungal diseases. It is advisable to use them within a month. Salt preparations have antibacterial properties, help eliminate itching, odor:

  • Crystal Deonat is dissolved in water, do baths for legs, hands;
  • Crystal spray disinfect shoes, process nails;
  • stick Deonat lubricate the feet.

Natural Deodorant Spray Body Deodorant Spray Crystal

Natural Deodorants

The components in modern deodorants can cause allergic reactions, serious diseases. The use of natural salt formulations is popular:

  • Tawas Crystal, Philippines. The price is 570 rubles. Features: stick; does not contain chemicals; eliminates odors. Plus – fights irritations, minus – does not help with heavy perspiration.
  • Deonat, manufacturer of Rein & Fresh, Thailand. Price – 460 p. Features: solid antibacterial stick, suitable for any skin. Plus – enough for 3 years, minus – if filled with water, – may fall out of the package.

There are anti-sweat products at affordable prices. Excellent reviews of salt based deodorants:

  • DEO Cristal eclab, Russia, Price – 200 r. Characteristics: ball, liquid, with extracts of lemon, orange, stimulating cell recovery. Plus – adsorbs excess moisture, minus – dries for a long time.
  • Mineral deodorant stick, Philippines. Price – 300 p. Characteristics: increased antibacterial effect, does not clog pores. Plus – can be used for 2 years, minus – does not relieve the moisture of the armpits.

Salt natural antiperspirant, which can be bought in pharmacies, is popular:

  • Crystal Body Deodorant Spray, USA. Price – 600 p. Characteristics: spray, destroys bacteria, heals. Plus – leaves no residue on clothes, minus – no effect with heavy perspiration.
  • ISME Rasyan, Thailand. Price – 340 p. Characteristics: stone-crystal, eliminates bacteria. Plus – economical, compact. Minus – not suitable for physical exertion.
  • Rosa Urtekram, Denmark. Price – 650 p. Characteristics: eliminates unpleasant odors 24 hours. Plus – certified, minus – strong rose aroma.
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