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Disinfection is a procedure that should not be neglected not only by the master who provides the services, but also by the woman performing the manicure on herself. The purity of working tools should always be maintained, but a simple antiseptic is not enough: a special sterilizer is needed. Learn how not to get confused in their diversity and choose the right one..

Varieties of sterilizers

Sterilizer Germi SB-1002

In the salon, processing of tools for manicure consists of several stages: the simple use of a disinfector, then the elimination of fat and protein deposits. Only then sterilization is carried out. The first two stages are often combined – the disinfectant solution, where the tools are placed, copes with both tasks. After everything that was used for manicure, rinse in a sink, dry, transfer to a sterilizer. It can be either a special dry heat cabinet, or a machine similar to a waxclaw. Understand their differences.

Ball sterilizer

A compact device with a bowl inside, in which sand is poured: because of this, he was given an alternative name – “quartz”. Features:

  1. Tool processing occurs at high temperature (250 degrees).
  2. Heated quartz balls during processing affect only the working parts: manicure devices do not completely immerse.
  3. Due to the low cost and dimensions, the device is convenient for use in any conditions.
  4. A significant drawback of the quartz sterilizer is the abrasiveness of the sand, which dulls the cutting surface. After several procedures, the tool requires sharpening.

Ball sterilizer Sterilizer


Belongs to the group of ball sterilizers for manicure tools. It differs from quartz devices in the use of glass balls, the diameter of which is selected according to the size of the processed tool. According to the SES, the glasperlenic sterilizers, unlike others, ideally meet all the requirements and standards. Masters also make a choice in their favor. pros:

  • fast disinfection (20 seconds) regardless of volume;
  • complete destruction of all bacteria due to high temperature;
  • the ability to use the device by several masters.

UV sterilizer for manicure tools

The effectiveness of the device is actively disputed: some experts argue that this method of cleaning does not kill all microorganisms, so you cannot vouch for the safety of working with tools. It is well established that hepatitis viruses and HIV have UV resistance. This cabinet is recommended for storage of sterilized and dried instruments..


Ultrasonic sterilizer

Versatile, safe, requires the use of a special solution, which, when vibrated, flows around the tool, filling each cavity. Microbubbles come together and burst, due to which pathogens, rust are “removed” from the surface. An ultrasonic sterilizer for manicure tools can be used both for small parts (milling cutters) and for larger ones (tweezers). The disadvantage is the high price of the device.

Other species

The simplest and most reliable is a dry-heat cabinet for manicure tools, which works with a high temperature in the range of 200-260 degrees. A significant drawback is the long processing time of 1-2 hours, and the high cost: the price even for basic dry heat models starts at 11,000 r. It may pay off in the cabin, but is not always beneficial for home use..

An alternative to a dry heat cabinet is an autoclave for manicure tools. The device is a chamber, inside of which high pressure is created with a temperature of up to 134 degrees. Such installations are used not only for cosmetic purposes, they have long earned trust in medicine. An autoclave sterilizes the instruments in 15-20 minutes, but you can only place them inside with a thin layer, limited to a portion. The cost of the device also does not add to its attractiveness – budget models are cheaper than 9000 r. can not found.

Which sterilizer is best for manicure tools

Sterilizer for manicure tools

Disinfection equipment is selected according to the following criteria: where it will be used, what material the tools loaded into it are made of. The effectiveness of beauty and health products on the market, their advantages and disadvantages, are described above. Devices have different goals, so they can not be compared with each other. When buying, pay attention to the nuances:

  • A ball sterilizer is suitable for processing a large number of instruments, but they must be made of medical steel, otherwise they will corrode.
  • Sukhozhar and an autoclave are the best choice for a beauty salon, and the UV cabinet does not sterilize, but keeps the devices clean.
  • If you have a large flow of customers, pay attention to glasperlenny devices or the autoclave – they will allow to work continuously.
  • Wooden and glass instruments (orange sticks, nail files, etc.) can be sterilized in a UV chamber, while iron ones are necessarily treated with a more “harsh” environment.
  • The balls for the sterilizer vary in diameter, are selected depending on the size of the tool that is being processed. They require quarterly replacement.
  • For even the most budget model to work correctly, carefully read the instructions. Most sterilizers have a simple operating principle and are effective regardless of price..

Overview of the most popular models

ruNail Professional

The greatest demand among masters and ordinary consumers is enjoyed by the Irisk brand sterilizers:

  • Glasperlenovy Irisk 9010 Tango has a maximum temperature of 250 degrees, heats up 20 minutes, sterilizes a manicure / pedicure tool in 35 seconds. When the maximum temperature is reached, the light on the body goes out. Balls are supplied with the device. Price – 2500 r.
  • The dry heat cabinet at Irisk GP-10 has a high cost (within 18,000 rubles), but fully justifies it if purchased by cosmetologists or manicure masters. Dimensions in each parameter do not exceed 45 cm, the duration of heating up to 180 degrees is half an hour.
  • The Irisk ultrasonic sterilizer is equipped with a timer and a display, processes placed instruments in 15 minutes. The model has compact dimensions, two color variations. Cleans not only manicure devices, but also jewelry. The cost of the device ranges from 4500 to 5000 r.

Budget counterparts can be found in the brands RuNail and Jessnail, where they deserve special attention:

  • Ultrasonic RuNail, which is a complete replacement for the same device from Irisk, but at a cost of 2500 r.
  • Ball Jessnail 9008B heats up to 200 degrees, can be filled with quartz or glasperlen, processes tools 30 seconds. Price – from 2000 to 2400 r.

Where to buy and how much is a sterilizer for manicure

The cost of the device depends on the type of work. The price of cabinets / chambers for sterilization is in the range of 9000-12000 r. (lower limit), and small ball containers can be purchased for 2000-3000 p. There are devices for home use in large stores for professionals, and a dry heat or autoclave often has to be ordered through online stores specializing in the sale of medical equipment.

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