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Every dieter who attends training has noticed that after some time, progress in volume and mass stops. A burning question arises: if the weight stands still – what to do ?. An experienced nutritionist can tell you that not only a slow metabolism prevents the loss of extra pounds, but also other factors. Often your fault is not here.

What is a weight loss plateau?

The dietary plateau, the plateau effect is a process in losing weight, when the weight has stopped, fixed at a certain point and does not move. The reason is simple. Initially, a person loses most of the excess body weight in the first 5-15 days of a new diet, attending training. Most diets are aimed at reducing the intake of salt, sugar, simple carbohydrates. The result of such nutrition is that a person loses excess fluid and recently acquired reserves of fat. After this, the body enters a period of stagnation, and weight fluctuations are not observed..

Why does weight stand still

The reason for the slowdown in weight loss is that your body is simply used to sports, a proper diet. For the entire period of losing weight, you may encounter the effect of the plateau more than once. Much depends on metabolism. If it is initially slowed down, then the process of getting rid of extra pounds will take a longer time. A certified nutritionist will answer why it is worth weight when losing weight in different situations..

The effect of a dietary plateau is necessary. This may indicate that the body is adapting to new conditions, and the metabolism is normalizing. During such a delay in weight, the body gets used to new foods, dishes, and intense physical activity. In no case should one starve oneself during such periods. Remember that maximum results can be achieved only by regularly adhering to the regimen. To do this, you must do sports.

Why weight does not go away with proper nutrition

A sharp transition to a proper diet, excluding light carbohydrates, foods familiar to you, can lead the body into a state of stress. As a result, the weight does not go away. This can happen when you unnecessarily restrict calorie intake. Take a look at the number of snacks during the weight loss period. Sometimes, we do not pay attention to the eaten candy, a piece of chocolate, fruit, but this is reflected in the daily calorie intake. The body can accumulate excess fluid. Weight can increase in women during menstruation and 3 days before it.

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Why the weight does not go away, but the volumes are reduced

If you are intensively engaged in the gym, you may notice that the volumes go away, and the weight stands still. In this case, you should continue to work and build your ideal body. The reason that your mass is unchanged is that fat is burned, but muscles begin to grow. You notice an improved body shape, but the weight is constant. If you do not observe visible changes, pay attention to the drinking regimen, salt intake, and diet. Simple tips will help your body tune in to lose weight:

  • Eat enough protein foods (fish, eggs, meat, buckwheat).
  • Limit salt intake. Please note that it is found in soy sauce, preservation.
  • Observe drinking regimen – this will get rid of edema.

Why weight is not reduced when doing sports

If you do not lose weight during training, you should pay attention to the diet. Perhaps after intense sports you eat tight, especially foods that contain light carbohydrates. The most common mistakes that interfere with burning excess weight:

  • irregular workouts;
  • insufficient physical activity;
  • non-compliance with the diet;
  • training on an empty stomach;
  • you focus only on the same muscle groups.

How long does the plateau effect last?

There is no specific norm for the duration of a dietary plateau. For each person, a crisis can happen at a different period of weight loss. For some, the plateau will last a couple of days, while for others it will stretch for a month. On average, its duration is 2-4 weeks. If the weight has risen, the volumes do not decrease, the process of losing weight has stopped – do not worry, you are doing everything right. The body just needs to adapt to new conditions. You should clearly adhere to a diet, exercise and not give up.

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How to overcome a dietary plateau

You do not need to constantly think why weight is not reduced, to pump unpleasant thoughts. Need to act! There are a couple of proven, effective methods for moving the weight loss process from the place of the dietary plateau. It is necessary to limit the intake of salt, alcohol, high-calorie foods (cakes, rolls), juices, carbonated drinks, increase the intensity of training. Nervous shocks and stress should be avoided.

If you can’t overcome the plateau effect yourself, it makes sense to seek the help of a dietitian. Perhaps the problem is in metabolism, the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, hormonal failure. Pay attention to the lost weight: perhaps the body tells you that you have reached a critical point. Be sure to keep food diaries to record what food was eaten, in what quantity. Weight can be controlled in this way..

How to make the body lose weight

If you are faced with a plateau effect, then you think: what to do if the weight does not go away? Putting these simple recommendations into practice, you will help your body lose extra pounds:

  • A proven remedy is a bath with a subsequent massage. A regular visit to the steam room helps to remove excess fluid, reduce weight. Massage restores microcirculation in the muscles, tightens the skin, removes cellulite. If it is not possible to visit the bath, arrange a contrast shower at home, rub your body with a hard washcloth, use coffee, honey scrubs.
  • Try to eat more often, with an interval of 3-4 hours. Most of the food is better to eat for breakfast: it charges the body with strength and energy. Make low-calorie snacks (boiled egg, 20 g of hard cheese, 200 g of low-fat kefir, apple, grapefruit).
  • Give up alcohol. It retains fluid in the body, resulting in increased weight..
  • Do once a week boot days (cheat). During this period, you slightly increase the calorie content of food by 25%. It helps to stay on a diet. On a busy day, you can afford one wrong meal (fried meat, pasta, a slice of cake). This will help relieve emotional stress, then return to your normal diet..

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Change in diet with low-calorie diets

With a strict diet, the resulting plateau effect causes despair. Weight does not go away, losing even 100 g is not easy, and a woman begins to become depressed, which is not necessary. Any mono-diet, Ducan’s diet and others, are based on the principle of a soft way out of a limited diet. It is necessary to eat not only proteins, but also complex carbohydrates, animal fats.

If the diet, with careful observance of the menu during the day, was used for a very long time, getting out of it is fraught with weight gain. The strategy of overcoming the plateau effect requires the abandonment of strict restrictions. Increase your diet by 150-200 Kcal per day. It is necessary to add a small amount of nuts, dried fruits, honey to the diet. Enrich your menu with valuable protein from fish, lean meat, dairy products

Change workout program

To get out of the diet plateau, focus on aerobic and weight training. Workout should be started with stretching to warm up the muscles, gradually increase the load. Try radical methods of loading, such as Tabata, Body Pump. You need to train in the system. Getting the necessary energy will help you with physical activity in the morning. Jogging in the morning or brisk walking – great cardio workout for weight loss.

A small change in the training program will help you lose weight, give a boost. Do not forget to drink water to protect your body from dehydration. You need to train different muscle groups. Power loads accelerate the metabolism, they must last at least half an hour. Pay attention, perhaps you are too exhausting yourself, or vice versa, not training enough, this does not change the weight.

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