Fun façade or Berlin’s unconventionality: 8-bit design by Brandt + Simon Architekten

A pixelated facade of green shingles

The light tone of the façade tiles transitions smoothly into a shaded one (thanks to the gradient aspect), revealing the unobtrusive silhouette of the structure. It blends beautifully with trees and vegetation without creating too much of a boundary. Anyway, we're not saying it's an invisible structure. But if the curious readers of our interesting forum, look at it from a great distance, it will not be easy to highlight. Behind the pixel as a facade lies the future in frame building construction.

Cheerful facade of an unusual house in Berlin
Spacious and bright rooms
Preparatory work before cladding
Plan - top view
Floor - Front view
Facade plan
Docking with a neighboring structure
Roof layout
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