A unique project to renovate the ancient church of St. John the Baptist in Granada. Church of Saint Paraskeva in Bulgaria

The new materials only touched the original structure and their contact was reduced to a minimum. All interventions into the building structure are reversible, and the original substance of the finish in the engineering composition has been protected from further damage.

St. Paraskeva architectural design in two schemes

There are several scenarios for arranging external artistic lighting in the decor of the facade of the house, which have been established depending on the activities taking place in the structure.

Translucent second floor of the Church of St. Paraskeva
Layout of the Church of St. Paraskeva

The decoration of the sacred structure "St. Joseph's". Paraskeva" in the Bulgarian city of Nessebar is an impressive example of how you can decorate a landmark in an original and amazing way with the use of natural and natural materials, which attracts the eyes of travelers and visitors.

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