Designers recommend: black in the interior

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Psychologists say that if a person wants to use black, then this speaks of mental disorders. Allegedly black color “presses” too hard on the psyche, oppressing it. Designers, on the other hand, are happy if their customers are ready to experiment with black.

Should I use black in interior decoration?

Psychologists are right when they say that the mood in the room is set primarily by the color scheme. Overpowering occurs, as a rule, in connection with the use of black tones in the interior. Nevertheless, these days this color can be very often found in the design of living quarters, as it helps to visually change the dimensions of the room..

For example, a narrow and elongated bedroom can become visually wider by using dark floors and ceilings. An insufficiently lit room will become brighter due to the successful play of textures, moreover, it is black gloss.

The black base is always subconsciously reliable. Black tiles on the floor in combination with a darkened wall in the background, as well as the use of light side walls – will reduce the depth of the room. Designers use this effect in narrow and elongated rooms..

Black is a stylish base for contrast

Stylistically black is a claim to create contrasts. As a rule, these are high-tech styles, Suprematism, Art Deco, where the use of black is a prerequisite, and the floor in this color is an excellent design technique..

Designers recommend: black in the interior

Advice:black color cannot be used in all elements of the room, it is the solid coloring that creates that gloomy atmosphere and the feeling of a basement that everyone fears.

Not infrequently, dark colors are used in the kitchen or in the bathrooms. However, remember that black and purity are incompatible concepts. On a dark floor, every speck of dust, grease prints, traces of feet and hands, stains from water will be visible.

Attention! The originality of design solutions always manifests itself in the use of different textures. Do not risk making a design project in black tones yourself, it is better to contact a specialist.

Furniture in black – fashionable trend, classic solutions

Dark woods have always been considered the best for expensive furniture. This rule continues to this day. The latest kitchen furniture trend is dark countertops. If you mix black with any of the colors according to the principle of marble inclusions, then the working kitchen area will look more refined and neat in comparison with white..

Designers recommend: black in the interior

Advice:use a matte surface – scratches and dirt will be less noticeable.

Using black in accents

If you want to resort to the use of accents in the interior, you need to understand what purpose you are pursuing. Interior accents help solve two problems:

  1. Attract attention and balance the composition.
  2. Divert attention from an unwanted subject in the setting.

If you use black as a conceptual accent, there should be a lot of it in different forms. These can be different textures, colors and even shades. This is the most favorite technique of designers, which is often used in residential interiors..

Designers recommend: black in the interior

If your task is to highlight in the composition what should be an order of magnitude more significant – feel free to use a coal-black background..

For example, in dance studios, some offices, cinemas and restaurants, they simply use a black curtain or upholstery, or simply paint rough walls. In this interior, spotlights, a chic chandelier shimmering in the rays of light, interior frames and mirrors immediately come to the fore..

With the help of this technique, due to the black background, the significance of the listed items is artificially increased..

Designers recommend: black in the interior

So, for example, if you want to visually focus on books standing in bookshelves or just niches, then you can highlight them in black on the inner surface. Then the emphasis will go exactly to the contents of the shelves..

Black on the walls

Indoors, designers use many different ways to decorate walls in black, from the usual painting of wallpaper or old masonry to cladding with natural materials that imitate wood or stone.

All manufacturers have elegant black wallpapers in their collections, with various patterns and textures. If you use a silver color in the wallpaper on the wallpaper, then choose exactly the same decor to emphasize the stunning decorative effect of the walls.

Designers recommend: black in the interior

The latest “squeak of fashion”, which is actively used by decorators – walls lined with natural natural stone of black color.

And, of course, in combination with black walls, there should be enough white, this balances the overall composition of the room, making the necessary contrast. Colors next to black should be used with the same strong sounding, otherwise it will not be interesting and sluggish. It is these monochrome colors that are taken as the basis for creating a modern interior in eclecticism with classic motives..

Advice:do not use a lot of black, use it on one wall on which you want to accent.

The trend is now to use black when painting door slopes, doors and window frames. Black bookshelves and shelving will look great in any interior, not just when your walls are white. At the same time, with the help of a black rack, the problem of black equipment that stands out against a light background is solved: a TV or a music center.

Gold shades look very impressive in interiors of the “color of the night”. Consider the spectacular duo of gold against black. A few accents are enough, but weighty and bold.

Designers recommend: black in the interior

Bedroom framed in black

Sleeping in black is a risky option, so be extra careful. It is best to “lower” the black down or transfer it to an accent wall, which will be behind your back when you fall asleep. And this is the maximum that you can afford.

Designers recommend: black in the interior

As for the details, you can fantasize here: chandeliers, figurines, vases, photo frames. You can have black textiles: a blanket or bedspread, but you don’t need to use black on the windows (curtains, blinds, etc.) – the light will strangely make its way into the room and paint everything in dark colors.

Using black tones in the nursery

In the children’s room, black is definitely not worth using. This is the personal space of children, and since they have a completely different perception of color, pubertal, it is better to use compatibility without contrast and brightness of color solutions.

Tips for using black in the interior

  1. The charcoal finish works well with any clear and vibrant color such as green, yellow, orange, blue, and even reddish pink. Feel free to use these shades.
  2. It is not advisable to use absolutely white elements next to black, it is better to choose cream or blue.
  3. Gray next to black is not desirable. Contrast is a must.
  4. Do not use many dark tones next to black, color will be absorbed and create a gloomy feel from blues, browns, burgundy and purple.
  5. The shades of colors you choose to use should be either warm or cool..
  6. Using the same shade for doors and flooring is not necessary. You can “play” with the plinth: if it is in the color of the floor, then the area of ​​the room will visually expand. If the plinth is identical in color and texture to the doors, then the look will be more stylish and designer.
  7. Be sure to use bright decorative elements. Moreover, the decor should be pretentiously refined in execution, without small details and color nuances..
  8. Metal and gloss look very stylish in combination with black. The use of silver lighter shades is well proven.

Black color in the interior is a style, brightness and personality that should not be denied. Do not be afraid to experiment, perhaps it is the use of black tones that will give your room the sophistication you are striving for..

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