How to choose an air conditioner by performance

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To select the necessary air conditioners, it is necessary to calculate the heat surplus of the premises, which includes the generated heat from solar radiation, lighting, people, office equipment, etc..


We determine for each room:

a) The heat surplus of the room Q1, depending on the volume, is calculated by the formula:

Q1 = V * q
V = S * h

where S is the area of ​​the room (m2), h is the height (m)
q = 30 W (if there is no sun in the room); 35 W (average); 40 W (if large glazing on the sunny side).

b) We calculate the excess heat from the office equipment located in the room – Q2.

On average, 300 W is taken for 1 computer, or approximately 30% of the equipment power consumption.

c) Excessive heat from people in the room – Q3:

1 person – 100 W (for office space); 100-300 W (for restaurants, premises where people are engaged in manual labor).

Qtot. = Q1 + Q2 + Q3

We select one or several air conditioners that add up to the same or somewhat greater cooling capacity.


Initial data: office space – 54 m2; room height – 3 m; number of people – 9 people; 3 – computer:

Q1 = 54 * 3 * 35 = 5670 W
Q2 = 3 * 300 = 900 W
Q3 = 9 * 100 = 900 W

Q total od. = 7470 W

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