Modern ideas for decorating curtains: tips and photos

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A beautifully designed window becomes the focal point of any room’s interior. It is not for nothing that they say that windows are the “eyes of the house”; they not only occupy a significant part of the wall, but are also clearly visible from the street. That is why guests can create an idea of ​​your home without ever entering the apartment – you can appreciate the style and design of your home just by looking at the windows.

Leaving windows “naked”, that is, without curtains, curtains or at least a Roman shade, means leaving the interior design of the room unfinished. And the blinds, despite their undoubted functionality, remain too cold, an office option that can make even a beautifully furnished bedroom uncomfortable. In any case, even if your window offers an amazing view of the sea or mountains, without an elegant curtain “for beauty” and reliable protection from hot sunlight is indispensable.

Window decoration is a real art in which you can show your talent as a designer and demonstrate good taste. In addition, a huge selection of fabrics and so-called trimmings – braids, velvet, tassels and cords – allows you to independently decorate the curtains, turning the window frame into an original masterpiece.

We offer you several ideas for decorating curtains that can be applied both to old curtains and curtains, changing their appearance and giving the room a zest, as well as to new ones. Of course, you can order ready-made “clothes” for the window in the workshop, but if you are friends with threads and needles, like to experiment with details and fabric – why not try to decorate curtains yourself!

Modern ideas for decorating curtains Agree, an amazingly beautiful window frame is luxurious and lush in an oriental way. Of course, such heavy curtains will not fit into every interior.

First idea – side grips

Just vertically hanging curtains or drapes are already boring, the designers say and suggest using side hooks, devices that will help to spread and fix the curtains to the side parts of the window or wall..

Such mounts can look literally anything – from a simple metal vintage hook to an elegant ringlet or openwork forged detail. You can pick up and fix the curtain both at the top and in the middle and even at the bottom. Where exactly to place the grab, and in what place on the wall or window to place the mount for the curtain – it’s up to you. Before you drill into the wall, try a few options just by applying the fabric – this way you can visually appreciate the effect of the new decor.

Modern ideas for decorating curtains A curtain fixed to the wall decorates not just the window, but also a solid part of the room. This decor option is also suitable for a variety of interior styles – from strict classics to rustic country, you just need to choose the right fabric

Modern ideas for decorating curtains The massive side support became the main decorative accent on the smooth wall, painted in a neutral color. By the way, the color of the metal does not necessarily have to be combined with the shade of the curtain – it may be better to play in contrast

Modern ideas for decorating curtains In this case, the holder looks even more massive, but at the same time stylish, contrasting with the delicate curtain fabric.

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Second idea – brushes and twisted cords

To give an elegant shape to heavy curtains and decorate a window with unusual, immediately noticeable details, designers advise using twisted cords and brushes. Such trims are usually quite large in size and become the main detail of window decoration. Remember that there should not be many large brushes – one or two are enough to create a bright decorative accent in the right place..

You can choose cords and brushes not only in the color of the curtain – usually trimmings are made from threads of several shades, so a cord with a colorful brush will serve as a connecting link for all multi-colored textiles in the ensemble you have created. By the way, you can pick up with a cord with a pair of unusual tassels not only curtains on the sides, but also a lambrequin in the middle, attaching it to the cornice.

Another important point is that only heavy curtains and curtains should be picked up with cords with tassels; decorative pins are better for thin fabrics. And by the way, decorating the curtains in this way is incredibly easy – no effort is required, just buy a nice cord or brush and experiment by placing it on your curtain.

Modern ideas for decorating curtains The French company Houles is known as a manufacturer of gorgeous trims, in particular, cords and tassels for catching curtains. Such a rich decoration will turn your curtains into a masterpiece of design art

Modern ideas for decorating curtains In this case, a twisted cord with two large tassels is used not traditionally in the form of grabs, but as an elegant decoration for a lambrequin

Modern ideas for decorating curtains One such massive brush is enough to decorate a heavy curtain. Try to break the canons and use a large brush in the frame of a small window – the effect can be unexpectedly successful

Third idea – fringe

Option for those who love lush window decoration. However, the fringe can be any: plain and variegated, consisting of pompons and tassels of the same or different lengths, twisted and straight – it will not be difficult to choose an option for your curtain..

The color of the fringe can overlap with the shade of the curtain, it can be harmoniously combined – the combination of beige and gold, for example, is already considered a classic, or you can play in contrast by choosing a bright fringe for a neutral curtain.

Of course, you will have to spend time and effort to add fringe to the bottom of the curtain or lambrequin, but the result is worth it – even old curtains will get an original look and sparkle with new colors.

Modern ideas for decorating curtains The classic version of the fringe that runs along the entire side of the heavy curtain. Small tassels matched to the fabric

Modern ideas for decorating curtains Graceful fringe has become the final detail of the decor of these curtains, passing along the edge of the lambrequin and giving the strict classic curtains a special charm

The fourth idea – braid

Another fairly simple and not too expensive way to decorate curtains is a braid that can run along the side or bottom edge of the curtain, decorate the middle, focusing on joining two types of fabric, and also transform the junction of the curtain with the cornice.

Curtain tape is considered an indispensable detail for draping the top of the curtain. With its help, you can form folds and adjust the distance between them..

If the braid is selected for finishing the lower edge of a Roman shade or a short curtain in the kitchen or in the bedroom, you should definitely look at how the trim will look in the light, as well as carefully choose a shape that will emphasize the borders of the curtain and make it more expressive.

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Modern ideas for decorating curtains The huge selection of braids existing today will make even an experienced designer get confused. Pick several options to your liking – then stop at one or use all at once, why not! However, when going for the curtain tape, you should take a piece of fabric with you to the store to attach it on the spot and appreciate the combination of colors and texture

Fifth idea – beads, beads, coins, pompons

In addition to the usual fringe and tassels made of threads, the edge of the curtain can be decorated with all kinds of beads, decorative coins, and also beads. Yes, it will not be so easy to sew all this on the edge of the curtain and it will take a lot of time, but such a decoration will look especially cheerful and bright.

Weightless, transparent beads on organza will make the curtain even more airy and suitable for light fabrics, but pompons made of threads can weigh down the curtains and are more suitable for curtain, dense textiles.

Modern ideas for decorating curtains Beads have become a natural extension of the braid. Such transparent droplets can make even a fairly dense curtain lighter and more airy.

Modern ideas for decorating curtains Decorative coins and simply shiny circles around the edge of the curtain will give it a somewhat oriental look, adding a touch of exotic

Sixth idea – we change the lambrequin

Lambrequin is a French word meaning a type of drapery, decorative finishing of the upper part of the window opening. Most often, a lambrequin is a separate part of the curtain, which is easy to change without replacing all the curtains as a whole. That’s right, a beautifully selected drapery of the upper part of the window opening can radically change the appearance of the curtain, become the main highlight of the ensemble.

The lambrequin drapery can be decorated with braid or fringe, choose a fabric that will differ from the main curtain, but at the same time harmoniously combine with it. The folds are usually immediately sewn, which makes it easier to wash the lambrequin and then makes it easy to hang it in place.

The drapery can be single-layer, but the combination of two or even three fabrics of different texture and shade gives a stunningly beautiful effect. Of course, such a lambrequin turns out to be more magnificent and is not suitable for every interior style..

Modern ideas for decorating curtains Brown and pink fabrics are perfectly combined with each other, and the unusual cut and soft folds of this lambrequin gave the room a special charm

The seventh idea – additional cornice

Usually the curtains hang on one single cornice, which often has two slats – for a light curtain and heavy curtains. It seems that one more cornice is simply not needed, but why not place another one above the main mount, which will perform a decorative function and allow you to decorate the curtain with an unusual lambrequin.

It is not worth using another cornice of the same size as the main one, it is better to choose a fastener for doorways, shorter. The fabric hanging in beautiful folds from such an upper additional cornice will turn the window opening into a masterpiece of design art.

Modern ideas for decorating curtains A short cornice for the doorway made it possible to create an unusual lambrequin with lush drapery. Folds can be sewn, but a deliberately carelessly thrown strip of fabric will also look original

Eighth idea – bows

Again, an option for those who love a rather pretentious and lush decoration of curtains, however, bows can look unusually cute and become the center of the entire composition of the decoration of the window opening. A bow can be created from a satin ribbon – this is already a classic version of such an ornament, as well as from other types of fabric. As in the case of using braid, the choice is limited only by the imagination of the owners..

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One large bow can be a wonderful decoration for a lambrequin, marking the center of the drapery. Bows can also serve as a beautiful attachment for curtains, decorate pleats, frills or curtain edges..

Modern ideas for decorating curtains A bright red bow became the center of this two-layer composition. In addition, it also performs an important function – it serves as an attachment for the folds of the curtain.

Modern ideas for decorating curtains Lovely satin ribbon bows are the main decoration of this simple, light curtain in the kitchen.

Modern ideas for decorating curtains This linen curtain will look great in a Mediterranean or country style interior. And simple bows made of satin ribbon, matched to the tone, serve not only as an ornament, but also as garters on which the curtain is held

Idea nine – fabric flowers

If you can easily and simply make a beautiful bow from a satin ribbon, then from curtain and curtain fabric you will get amazingly beautiful, lush flowers, from which you can make a whole bouquet.

The technology for making flowers cannot be called simple and easy – you will need the ability to work with patterns and painstaking work with a needle and thread. However, as a result, uniquely beautiful flowers are obtained, which will become an original and bright decoration for curtains..

Remember that to decorate heavy curtains and flowers it is better to make of the same dense fabric. But for a light curtain, the bouquet should be the same airy – from tulle or organza.

Modern ideas for decorating curtains A whole bunch of delicate roses has become a beautiful garter for a thick curtain. The shade is perfectly matched, and the flowers themselves have completely replaced the twisted cord with a brush

Idea ten – a strip of fabric

If the curtain or curtain is plain and look boring, you can not change the entire curtain, but “dilute” the ensemble with a strip of fabric with a bright ornament or a large pattern. For example, if the window is decorated with beige curtains, you can pick up a strip of fabric in a brown check, sew and sew to the top, or start along the bottom edge (you can combine both options).

The choice of patterns and colors is huge, so there is a wide scope for creativity. The main thing to remember is that the fabric of the new strip and the main curtain should be approximately the same in density and texture. Although designers believe that, for example, silk and synthetics go well with each other, so you can conduct an experiment and attach a lighter, airy fabric or lace to a heavy satin curtain – it will turn out very unusual and beautiful.

The strip can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. You can create a real rainbow from multi-colored stripes – cheerful and bright, but, of course, this option will not fit into every interior.

Modern ideas for decorating curtains The dark stripe along the top and bottom edges of this lightweight curtain looks very stylish and elegant.

Modern ideas for decorating curtains Roman and Japanese curtains are especially often decorated with strips of fabric, which is quite understandable – it is much easier to sew the fabric onto a flat canvas, and this is how both options look. And the fabric itself will need less

It is impossible to underestimate the effect of decorating a window opening on the overall interior of a room. This is a very visible and large part of the room, moreover, it is well lit. Therefore, any of your experiments with the decor of curtains and curtains will be immediately appreciated by guests and will make the interior more interesting..

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