New Year’s topiary and tabletop compositions: photo selection

We wrote about what a topiary is, mentioning that they can be indoor, artificial. New Year’s topiary is a separate topic that has remained relevant for several years. For a small festive composition in the form of a tree, bonsai, materials such as cones, nuts, twigs of real spruce or pine are perfect.

A topiary made of sweets will be a great gift. The younger family members will simply amaze such a New Year tree. And as a decoration, the candy topiary is likely to last a very short time..

Tangerines in our country are traditionally considered the most New Year’s fruit. Therefore, their use when creating topiary is very logical. And the aroma in the house will appear exactly the same, New Year’s, from childhood.

Table Christmas trees can be made from anything. They can be knitted, cut out of paper, molded from clay or plasticine, made from tulle, foamiran, using the papier-mâché technique – the imagination is truly unlimited.

Again about tangerines. How do you like such cute and at the same time edible snowmen who will definitely decorate the festive table?

When creating desktop New Year’s compositions, real spruce branches are usually used, as well as candles. These are two traditional components, otherwise you can really use anything, literally everything you find at home – from sweets to small figurines.

Christmas trees made of cones and pasta are a vivid example of how beauty can be done with children with their own hands, with practically no cost.

And finally, when decorating your home, don’t forget about the Christmas wreath. The tradition came from Western countries, but it is difficult to find the best option to decorate an entrance or interior door. In addition, the wreath can be made from available materials, for example, as in this case – wine corks.

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